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Taphophile, local historian and genealogist.

Find A Grave's true beauty is its appeal to a myriad of interests. Some of those interests are actors/actresses, Civil War or other military history, cemetery art, amateur photography, cemeteries themselves, local history, family history, royalty, sports as well as others (and combinations of more than one interest). With these diverse interests comes a myriad of opinions. We're all human so we tend to think "our" interest is most important, failing to see that someone with a differing interest will likewise see their interest as the most important. When interests collide, such as over "out of guidelines" transfers, the parties should remember that Find A Grave welcomes all interests without giving preferential treatment to any and "the goal is not to 'own' every memorial of those to whom you are related. The ultimate goal is to have meaningful, accurate memorials that honor those who have passed away, regardless of who created the memorial or who maintains it."

"Virtual Cemeteries" are a wonderful way to gather relatives who fall outside of the list of required transfers.

Biography means "life story". Rather than copying and pasting a list of facts (also known as 'data dumping'), use the info to write a narrative story in complete sentences, proper capitalization, etc. to honor the individual memorialized. Also, death is but one moment in a person's life. Do you want to be remembered for how you died or how you lived? When submitting "cause of death" to be added to the bio, please include more info about the many other moments of the person's life.

Links to other memorials may be added to either the bio (via HTML coding) or by using the Family Links. Either is acceptable. Links will not be made to illegitimate memorials (i.e. burial unknowns) or those which violate copyright law.

This Help item prohibits including dates in the Inscription field so the date fields are the only place to accurately record what is engraved on the marker. Other dates will be detailed in the bio.

If you need to contact me, use the Edit tab on the memorial in question. If it is not about a specific memorial I manage, you can use the Edit tab on this memorial.

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