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Much research has been done on Covington Branick(sic) Cribbs. Many unrelated researchers have incorrectly decided that he came from Orange, Co. SC, but recent Cribbs family related descendants have discovered that he was born in Orange Co. NC not SC.

The "Branick" family surname was from Covington, Cambridgeshire, England where "Covington Branick" got his given name. Covington's clan came to America from England thru South Carolina to North Carolina to Georgia to Florida. The Federal census consistently shows that Covington's son's stated their father was born in NC and their mother born in GA. Covington being born in Orangeburg SC has been disproved.

The "Cribb/Cribbs" clans that were in TN, and states North and West of NC, were originally of the German descent who changed the original spelling of "Krebbs" to "Cribbs" because of the war. Covington and ALL his ANCESTORS were never in Tennessee. They are not blood related to our Cribbs.

The Cribbs name comes from the old English given name "Crispin" which was a nickname meaning "curly-haired". The Cribbs that immigrated to the US all had RED curly-hair. As does many of the Cribbs today. The curly-hair has been a trade mark of the Cribbs Clan sense time began. Still today Cribbs descendants have been shocked when their children are born with red curly hair to parents with dark or blonde straight hair. It is in the gene's. One trait that remains true, be it brown, black, blonde or red, is the naturally curly or very wavy hair. My maternal Cribbs grandmother had black very curly hair. She had 16 siblings, of which two had red hair and two were strawberry blonde and the rest were dark haired, but they all had the curly-hair. My mother's hair was black-curly until it turned premature grey in her 30's. As it got greyer it got straighter. I was born with the straight raven black hair that she had. But by the time I started school it became lighter and curly. I hated it because mother would spend hours sometimes just trying to get the tangles out. Now I wear it long with about a foot of its natural white roots and another foot of its naturally wavy grey to dark ends. It's called salt & pepper.

You can read more about the Cribbs name here: https://www.houseofnames.com/cribbs-family-crest

Who am I to say if it is true or not. I use it as a guide when researching. But rest assured the Covington Branick Cribbs Clan was not German.

If it wasn't for my mother going to the National Archives in DC and sitting there for 2 weeks searching through microfilm, I would not have the info I do. I fished the book she wrote the info in out of the trash when she passed. Her husband wasn't interested in ancestry so he threw it out. He had good reason. I found a few skeleton's here and there. Who would ever have dreamed that one day all you had to do is sit in your living room, connect to the internet, and you would find all the family secrets. Our ancestors thought their secrets would die with them.

I have two son's and I do not keep any secrets from them. Their favorite expression to me is "MOMMA! TMI!" (to much information). One thing they will never say is "why didn't you tell me?"

If it weren't for the Death Certificates being added to the memorials I would not have known about the family history of Breast Cancer. Five Generation of the women on my mother's side ALL died from Metastasic Breast Cancer.


So to the contributors that complain that I add TMI to my memorials - "Just because YOU think it is TMI doesn't mean generation after you shouldn't know."

In my many years here I am following only one Contributor: SHELIA - please read her BIO - the lady is RIGHT ON!

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