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AKA - Joyce Summerville
July 2020 Update: I have created three 225 page and growing documents documenting the Summmerville's of north Georgia-Alabama, the Roberts of Virginia-North Carolina and the Cribbs of southeast Georgia-Florida. I have added the PROLOGUE to those documents at the end of my profile. Please scan to the bottom of this profile for important information for future researchers.

I remember meeting an Aunt Pearl from back in 1953 or 54 in Calhoun Ga. but I don't know if she was a Summerville or maybe a Roberson visiting from Alabama. I think she had a sister Jewel. There were many Aunts and Uncle that were actually great Aunts/Uncles or even just friends of the Summerville's. It was a "respect" thing that a child not call an adult by just their first name. Of course if your relative had a girlfriend or boyfriend, they were Aunt's and Uncle's too. Children back then were "to be seen and not heard" so you did't ask who someone was.

If it wasn't for my mother going to the National Archives in DC and sitting there for 2 weeks searching through microfilm, I would not have the info I do. I fished the book she wrote the info in out of the trash when she passed. Daddy wasn't interested in ancestry so he threw it out. He had good reason. I found a few skeleton's here and there. Who would ever have dreamed that one day all you had to do is sit in your living room, connect to the internet, and you would find all the family secrets. Our ancestors thought their secrets would die with them.

I grew up believing my parents where married before their 1st child was born and they were married to the same person their entire life. I now know they were never "legally" married and that Mother was married twice and I had a sibling I never met, and my brother was her 1st husband's son. "Daddy" had two other wives and one of my two "half-sisters" was born 3 years and the other a year and a half BEFORE Daddy married their mother. They didn't even know he wasn't their father. I didn't even know THEY and their two brothers existed until I was 13. They are all gone now.

I have two son's and I do not keep any secrets from them. Their favorite expression to me is "MOMMA! TMI!" (to much information). One thing they will never say is "why didn't you tell me?"

If it weren't for the Death Certificates being added to the memorials I would not have known about the family history of Breast Cancer. Five Generation of the women on my mother's side ALL died from Metastasic Breast Cancer.


So to the contributors that complain that I add TMI to my memorials - "Just because YOU think it is TMI doesn't mean generation after you shouldn't know."

PROLOGUE: Notice: When I started this document I was using the internet website FindAGrave.com where memorials were being created from "found" headstones in "actual" cemeteries. I was excited to know that finally there was a place I could find my TRUE family history that had concrete proof of where and when they were born and when and where they were buried. I have since discovered that the same people who were entering speculative and uninformed information into family trees on other websites were also creating memorials for none existent gravesites and cemeteries on FindAGrave. Some of those same people were ordering new and replacing old headstones in cemeteries with names, birth and death data and cemetery interment based on newspaper clippings, or worse yet, on the census. No research was being done to assure that the deceased they were trying to honor was actually for the same person that the data they were entering was for. I am so disillusioned that I must state here that even though I have linked most of the names in this document to memorials on that website, that the data entered in those memorials may change at anytime from actual facts to unbelievable nonsense. I have found women linked to children who were only 3 to 10 yrs old when the child that they were supposed to have mothered was born. Because the woman had the same name it was assumed she must be the mother. And links to fathers that died "years" before the child was conceived. I spent the first two years as a member of FindAGrave trying to correct all the names, dates and links to the families shown in this document. No guarantee is offered as to whether the corrections I managed to make will continue on after my passing. I have noticed with great dismay that after a member passes their memorials are scattered among the other Contributors, whether they are related or not, and so much of the correct data is being deleted or changed to match the census, again. I am sure that many of the contributors that I have had to battle with, to correct their errors, will acquire my memorials and change the info back to what they originally had. Many of the memorials I created have different dates from what is shown on the headstones. Those are headstones that were created decades after the person was buried. By well meaning, but unrelated or uninformed "wealthy people", with nothing better to do than destroy the history of families they never even met. A headstone is a lasting monument and testimony to a persons existence. When the information on the headstone is not correct, that persons identity is lost forever. Forgive them, for they know not, or don't care, what they have done!


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