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I will no longer make edits from people I can not leave messages with or email back with questions.

Some have a problem with this and advised me I can reach them by going to any of their memorials and go to edits tab, and click suggest edits and type away any questions about a submitted edit they sent me. That's fine and dandy, BUT, they too could just as easily email me and give me a heads up about documentation they have to back up their suggested edit. Or I could just as easily ignore edits and let Findagrave do them automatically after a period of time.

I've been doing this for a while now and this is only the second person who has had a snippy comment back to me about how I do my edits. So, if you have an edit for me and NO EMAIL listed (or "receiving messages" is turned off), I suggest you email ME with documentation and I'll take care of your edit. Or we can continue the snipping and I'll just automatically transfer the memorials to you.

Rant over.

Pet Peave - I use the Findagrave app a LOT when roaming cemeteries. AND, if I filter it to only show me people who do not have a tombstone photo up I miss taking photos people may like to have because whomever posted a photo, posted it as a tombstone. PLEASE post as "Person", "Family" or "Other". It will help those of us trying to take photos.
Thank you.
I am also in process of changing all the "Markers" I've posted to "other" as when I use app those do not show up either if listed as "grave". I believe this too, shall help those of us who use the app while in cemeteries.

I noticed that when Findagrave did their change over a lot of my photos that I had edited correctly got turned sideways. I have been trying to fix as I find them and some people let me know. BUT, just for FYI, if you find one, you can click on the photo and at the bottom there are arrows in shape of a circle almost. Click one of those until photo is in correct position. Walla it's right side up. Thanks.

Please contact me at if you have any questions or requests. Thank you.

My family names are: Chavers, Wall, Jackson, Gay, Turner, Stills, Harrison, Koon and Sapp to name some.

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