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If you have more details, corrections or relationship links about/for a person that you would like me to add to their memorial, please use the new Edit feature. If you are a "Direct Lineal Descendant" (please review the F.A.G. guidelines) to a person I created a memorial for, send an Edit request and be sure to indicate "YOUR" relationship to the person whose memorial you are requesting a transfer of. Please be as direct and simple with your corrections so I can understand clearly what it is you want added/changed.

Please make yourself aware of the Frequently Asked Questions - Site Rules - especially, the part about Duplicates for any reason are not allowed. With the new Edit system there is no reason a memorial can not be updated. Also note the naming section with instructions to use for memorials. (Prefixes & Suffixes in the name fields are not allowed and mess up the search engine from working properly.) This site covers World Wide cemetery and burial information, some choices offered for Prefixes and Suffixes (Prefixes/Suffixes/Military Information) might not match exactly your countries customs. The last name field should not be left empty as the search engine requires an query by last name. Other characters like *, --, (), ___, {}, ~, ..., ?, "" or numerals, are not allowed in the name fields as they are not recognized by the search engine making the name un-searchable. Maiden names are automatically italicized. (NOTE: The maidenname field is not for Initials or the person's mother's maiden name! Men do not have maiden names! Neither does an infant or child.)The naming rules (not Guidelines) exist for good reasons. LOTS of good reasons. Titles of any kind are not allowed in any name field. Last names should match the marker/tombstone. Any other information may be added to the bio area. (For a woman married more than once the Last Name should match the marker even if that was not her name at time of death due to a new marriage etc.) FYI: Within the new Edit system if you get a request with "Unknown" in RED within a field, then that field would be empty. (It will not put the word Unknown in that field.) Any information placed in the first line of the bio section will be searchable through search engines such as Google. (Great for multiple marriages or alternative name spellings.)

If you can not read the marker or the engravings are worn off the accepted naming on the memorial would be with the last name of: Unknown. Any other notation about the marker or grave location/description should be in the Bio, Note or Plot area of the memorial. (If a headstone is not readable at all and you have plot information and a photo for the marker, please add the memorial as first name Unknown, last name Unknown. This is the standard. Please do not use other terms unless they identify the person such as Child, Twin, Infant, Adult, Male, Female, put this in the first name field.)

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