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New ones.
Flowers are no indication of relationship 99% of the time.

If you create a non cemetery memorial you have only 30 days to move it into a cemetetry,many are creating duplicates by breaking this guide line.

My bio. some how became couruped Iv worked out some errorrs but some remain.
All photos submitted by me are copyrighted. No use of photos for personal use is given without prior consent. No use of photos for any other website is given W.O.P.C. None of my family photos are to be used in any way. Altering my photos in any way revokes and nulifies your permission rights if they have been granted, as does useing photos with out credit.

Quote from Jim Tipton Founder after Ancestry acquisition."It will still be wrong for someone to 'steal' a photo from Find A Grave and post it other websites as if it were their own".

Please remember my photos are embedded with a copyright. Request permission befor using any Head stone photos or cemetery photos. If I find them on another web site I will take action. None of my family portrait photo's are available for use at all.

Sorry - I again have to disable public messages because of misuse by a few. Again for me to respond to you must be respectful not trying to start trouble. Many private ways to contact me are provided below.

Friends way to many edits are being submitted that are not correct, please be sure of your information is correct before submitting it.
If you need to contact me personally or just want to chat use my friend and mentors memorial use the edit tab and scroll down to Suggest any other correction or addition.
Leave memorial #. if referring to a memorial please.

Click on this link to send me a message.
sorry link keeps breaking use any.

ahref="http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=71410062"Paul Jerome Lake/a

Or use any of my Memorials.
Do not forget use the edit tab and scroll down to Suggest any other correction.

If you have me add info to a memorial, I may put a note including your find a grave ID. This allows people to go to the proper source if they have a question about the information you provide.
If you are not willing to stand behind your provided information, don't ask me to post it. Just to many incorrect edits being made.

That which you share, multiplies and divides. That which you withhold, diminishes and dies. W. Clement Stone

Memories last only if you share them.
Blowing out someones candle does not make yours burn brighter.

I hear ethereal whispers, persuasive, soft and still, "Son", if you don't remember us, who will?" -Author unknown

Duplicates: I am stepping up my efforts to assure I do not create duplicates , checking and checking ,checking however I am only human if you do see a duplicate please let me know and I will remove it.Guide lines state inform contributor first. And there are several ways that dups. are created after the fact that I have no control over.

It is poor genealogical practice to allow others to use your information and photos with out credit why because they lose there source ,future researchers are robbed of that valuable resource and connection. Lifting photo is out right theft.

All sir name and first name edits sent by edit and not documented will be rejected.

Please do not leave transfer request on my public messaging, they will simply be deleted. Its your responsibility to do it through the memorial.

I'm getting a great amount of conflicting edits every week major changes require a source.( other than Ancestry.com) I will reject conflicting edits. Head stone markers take priority. I'm getting nasty emails for adding incorrect info. but actually its the edits changing info. I am not respnsible for additions added to my memorials by the new edit system.

Requests and Transfers Please see below in my bio:

I have been a genealogist for 49 years and feel we owe it to those who have passed to preserve there memory and tell there story. For most of my entry's here Iv walked the cemeteries rolls and have more photos then I will ever be able to add. I have a collection of 100,000 + obituaries in eastern Ks. and western Mo contained in binders and now put them on flash drives of witch number about 10000 + . Many have wondered were my source is so there you are. I am the author of several books on my family and I and my cousin are the keepers of the family archive directors of the family reunion and am passing it down to my daughter. Iv been to cemeteries in at least 35 states tracking down my ancestors
Fed up with the drama and hate on this site.
Everyone deserves respect.

Rude/demanding request will be reported and automatically rejected.
Sorry I have to sound so strict but the atmosphere on here now demands it.
On the other hand kindness and politeness will get pomp and priority attention.

A great big thank you to the many hard working contributors & photographers we all owe you a great deal you are very much appreciated by me.
Please do not leave transfer request on my public messaging they will simply be deleted.

It is your responsibility to read transfer guide lines and to use the edit tab on memorial and state relationship if not stated request will not be considered.This is not a refusal it is your failure to follow Find A Grave guide lines.

Please include your member number. Also the public messages below are not intended to request suggestions or changes to a memorial because no link is generated to memorial when the edit tab on the memorial is used a link is sent so I know who you are talking about. Many new features are there also to actually add links and changes to a memorial with contributor approval.

It is not necessary to manage a memorial to add to it I am willing to add any information that is allowed & correct. The ultimate goal should be to have meaningful, accurate memorials that honor those who have passed away, regardless of who created the memorial or who maintains it. Virtual cemetery was created so family indveigles can be placed in them.

As many of my friends and I have noticed lately attacking and toxicity is now alarmingly on the increase dealing with this is not only stressful but time consuming and emotional & physically draining causing the following to be necessary.

If your message or email is rude,accusatory, bulling or harassing in any way it will be sent to find a grave. If it continues other steps will be taken.People attacking someone and hate mailing making false claims is unacceptable.
My advice is just troll along down the line,because one way or the other its going to stop life is to short to be harassed.

I've worked hard on this project for many long years as has many others members, I'm proud of my efforts ,any one says I'm in for the numbers is just sick or jealous or simply has a mean spirit.
Demeaning someone has no place anywhere.This does not mean you can not correct me, I make many mistakes and as long as your nice about it we will work together to fix them and move on.

As in the past most of you kind folks have done an exultant job.

The memorial pages I create are done so with the utmost respect as I try to always leave flowers and establish links.

Upon my death I have set up who will take over my account F,A.G. has that person on file.

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