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Bio. under reconstruction pardon my mess
We had to say goodbye to Our beloved pet of 17 Yrs. today. We are hart broken. 6/4/2020.

Before sending a message please take a moment to read the directive that comes up on the message as to what and what not to use it for.

COX:On my fraternal side is brick walled at my G Grandfather
on my maternal side it appears about 5 gen.back.

Disclaimer; I am not responsible for misinformation placed by new "editing" system.

Transfer Request must be submitted by the edit tab ,if left on messaging they will be deleted with out consideration. Please read the guidelines before requesting.

Please be considerate and not send me more than 20 edits a week.

I hope you are all safe and staying home if its possible for you and if you are in the medical fount lines we are praying for you daily.

When you use my message board, it puts extra work on me to look it up and I just do not have time to do it. If the edit feature is used it takes me directly to the memorial and there is no confusion. Borrowed from another contributor but its fits.

The message tool was never meant for edits or links other tools are available for such things. After today no response will be given if no memorial number or link is given. Sorry but my time is to valuable to chase after the wind. It is getting really out hand.

I am easy to work with if your NICE.
Sending me overbearing, condescending comments
Will get you nowhere , well maybe it will get you where you don't want to be .
People just do not want to read anymore.

Cemeteries are more than a place for the dead but are storehouse's of memories.

---Parents must be added to children , a fact I have to remind people at least 30 times a week, or to put another way a contributor can only add Spouse and parents.

In order to make edits you must learn how first by reading HELP I am
spending hours a week educating people that's got to stop life is to short .

Folks I need the memorial number in your message and the correct one I/2 don't have them and 1/2 that do are not correct. It is better to send thru the memorial then links are sent or copy and past the link to your message. Or send the link in the URL bar.

Greetings -I enjoy walking my cemeteries, always have and I love to take photos they both came together here. I have made many friends here I hope you will be one to. If you are reasonable I sure we will.
In order to make edits you first need to read
Please remember my photos are embedded with a copyright. Request permission before using any Head stone photos or cemetery photos or person photos . Expressly my family photos are not to be used with out permission.

If sending me a note to back up a edit you have sent please indicate that in note or it wastes a lot time. I spend way to much time on edits. Please do not send both a suggestion and an edit on same thing ,you are gumming up the works.
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Please do not send me a message about John Doe with out a memorial number because there are a lot of John Does or any other name.

I only accept messages thru F.A.G. due to many my relatives having a similar name, it particularly upsets a widow of one. And its not needed and out of line anyway.

To send a private message use any one of my memorials via edit tab & option ; any other suggestions. Remember be respectful in all messages.
I refuse to let bad actors mess with me so the following will occur. All troll and inappropriate messages not read and deleted or sent to F.A.G. First sign of negativity and it is in the trash. Be respectful and polite.

For information about some one in Linn,County,Kansas please contact Linn County Historical Society Pleasanton, Ks. 913-352-8739 and tell them I sent you.

This the way duplicates are handled now, under the edit tab ( on memorial) at the bottom on the left is a report a duplicate tab click that and fill in the questions and F.A.G. will merge them. Thank you

Why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye? Matthew 7:3

In the event I should Pass away my daughter is recorded with F.A.G. as to take over my account.

Please use the edit tab not messaging for changes, transfer requests or questions so I know who what and where.
Sir name changes require documentation.

I now realize I cant please everyone so I will no longer try.

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