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Update - 6/19/2019
Please add the memorial number to any messages you leave on my profile. It is getting hard to find individuals as there are many people with the same names. It would make it easier to locate the correct memorial. And make sure I’m not sending requests to the wrong contributors. Thank you for helping me avoid any confusion.

Please read my transfer policy before requesting any transfers. Please Note - I will not contact you if I decline a transfer request outside of the guidelines. I am no longer adding any obituaries to memorials unless you are a direct relative. It doesn't matter if you are a friend, don’t ask due to copyright issues. I will only add Obituaries for my family and friend's memorials, which I put on, find a grave. Thank you in advance for your understanding on this issue.

Update on 2-10-2018 Please note I have had to add a new email account due to all the Spam I have been getting. If I have not made the changes you have requested please send them to me again. Thank you for your patients.

PLEASE READ Find A Grave FAQ Transfer requests should be for direct relatives within four generations, this would be your siblings, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Bulk surname requests should not be made. If you are a direct relative of one of my find a grave memorial, I will be more than happy to transfer that memorial over two you. Simply contact me through the edit button on the memorial and give me your find a grave member number. Explain your relationship in the request! Any non-direct relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) are not required to be transferred. Keep in mind that the original contributor may also be related to the memorial and may not make the transfer. Bulk surname requests should not be made. Thank you I will not make bulk cemetery or name transfer request those will be denied. For transfers please explain how you are related. On a case-by-case bases I will make transfers outside of the find a grave guideline.

Note - If you do not explain how you are related the transfer request will be denied.

Note - I will not transfer to anyone using the name Anonymous.

I will not contact you if I decline a transfer request outside of the guidelines. I am having to be more selective on who I transfer to outside of the guideline’s, as the memorials I transfer are not being updated with any new information past what I have already added. Please do not request any transfers from my contributor page, go to the memorial in question and send your transfer request from there. For those members who will not make transfers outside of the guidelines to extended family, I will not be making any out of guidelines transfers to you. Tombstone Photos If you want to use one of my tombstone photos for family Genealogy purposes you may. If you want a tombstone photo for family genealogy purposes, I can email you the original unedited copy.

Duplicate memorials Thank you to T.V.F.T.H. for allowing me to use the Duplicates wording on my contributor homepage. Duplicates: It's never my intention to create a duplicate on purpose. If you come across a duplicate I have made, please use the SAC and let me know. If you're rude, you will be ignored. I promise I won't make you prove your relationship to the deceased! If I enter a memorial on March 1st for Colby Smith and then someone else enters another memorial for the same Colby Smith on March 15Th, the one entered on March 15Th is the dupe, not mine, regardless of how much info is or isn't on the memorial. If you would like any information added or removed from a memorial please let me know. I would be more than happy to add or remove any information upon request. Please read Thank you

Find A Graves primary Purpose Please be respectful if you send me additions such as bios or obituary's for memorials. If you're rude, I will ignore your request to add information to a memorial. Just be respectful when sending information and ask that I update the memorial. I will be glad to do so within 24 hours. If I make any mistakes on a memorial please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to fix any mistakes. You may add Tombstone and family Pictures to any memorials I have added or add any flower or token you would like.

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