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GENEALOGY is only a best guess on any ones part. Records are only as good as the person providing the info. and most of that is provided after a person has died. You will find errors in every source including FAMILY RECORDS, death certificates, obituaries (Please do not add obits. as photos! Send them to me typed up in an edit since they belong in the bio. area.) and cemetery records including the names & dates engraved on a persons stone. You will also find errors on Find a Grave as well as other websites, including Ancestry, Family Search, Rootsweb, etc. Nothing is 100 percent accurate.

We had an especially hard year a couple of years ago loosing some very loyal and lovable animals. May they all be together in a better place. We lost our Australian Cattle dog, Blue Too (see memorial #160608617), on April 6th, 2016. She was the best house dog, watch dog, varmint dog and cattle dog. I still miss her so much since she kept me company when she wasn't needed elsewhere on the farm. She was my best buddy and the greatest THERAPY DOG. We also lost a very special Gelbvieh cow, Buttermilk (see memorial #161154702), on April 16, 2016. She was so gentle that anyone could pet her. Our whole family will miss Blue Too and "Butters". We also had to let one of our best coon dogs, George (see memorial #172899879), go on November 18, 2016. He was getting up there in years and had many health problems.

I love to receive edits especially those that link memorials together or add info. but there are a few memorials that I prefer to use HTML coding in the bio. area to do links to parents/spouse. Please do not ask me to use the family link option on these memorials.

FAG's Memorial Naming Conventions: Non-famous Memorials
1) If a hyphen or an apostrophe is part of the name, use the punctuation.
2) Use a PERIOD after names where only an initial is known. If the full name is known, use the full name and not the initial.
3) Do not use any other punctuation within any Name Field.
4) Do not use Full capitalization (ALL-CAPS) of names in any Name Field.
5) Suffixes and Prefixes do not belong in any Name Field.
How do I enter all married names for a woman's memorial when she was married more than once?
The last name is the name that is on the headstone. Include other married names as part of the biography section. The maiden name is only for her maiden name.
Nickname: A familiar name of the deceased, if known; the nickname is automatically placed in quotes. A nickname is "different" from the real name (first or middle).

A really good photo taking website is "Food For Worms". Please check out the many helpful suggestions for taking Great Photos for FAG. It suggests that you get down to eye level; stoop on one knee or sit on the ground. The difference is astounding. If you stand to take the photo and have to look downward toward the stone, when you get the photo on your computer screen it will look as if it is falling forward. Looking at the stone, imagine yourself in front of your computer screen and take the shot from that angle. I prefer photos of the whole stone and one or two really good quality photos are preferred over several pour quality ones. If you cannot read the names and dates on a stone after taking the photo then please try and retake it. I do not care for photos that show half the cemetery and the stone is way off in the distance but if you insist on taking one then please take an additional photo of the whole stone & if necessary and closeup photo as well. so it clearly shows the names & dates. And please take photos when the grass is GREEN if possible!

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