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If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft,
And from thy slender store two loaves alone to thee are left,
Sell one, and with the dole
Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.
Mosleh Eddin Saadi—Gulistan. (Garden of Roses.)

Please read the Help section on the front page of Find A Grave.

We all have our own 'ways' but it's the site's way that matters.

Please use the "Suggest Other Corrections" area (found on every memorial) for citations, notes, etc. Do not use the message board for edits, citations, etc. Those will be deleted, and ignored. It's everyone's responsibility to read and abide by the site guidelines. If you send "so and so is their sister" without citations, that's not an edit. Include your proofs. (NB: The entire biography section is *optional.*)

** Page managers are allowed 21 days for 'menu edits' and 30 days for "Suggest Other Corrections" submissions or proofs. **

Please send documentation using the 'suggest other corrections' space in the edit tab, WHEN sending edits. This saves us both time. This site is meant to be collaborative, yet so many refuse to share their citations. I have typed and sent and shared thousands of obits and citations and articles.

99.9 percent of edits that come in, do so with no citations, sources, hints or help at all. Thank you to the other .1 percent.

"Information, not castigation." Please, if sending edits, be willing to send citations or answer question(s). Collaboration works *both* ways. If I request a citation or ask a question please don't reply with silence, or with a long harangue filled with insults upon my supposed person. I'm trying to verify accuracy as much as is possible. We all get sent incorrect suggestions; people do make mistakes; (that goes both ways too) and I'm always surprised wanting accuracy is a *bad* thing. Be patient, and work *with* the person you send edits to.

Please follow site procedures with edits. Don't make pages which have no disposition whatsoever. (It's a burial index not a memorial site.) Don't send the same menu edits repeatedly while refusing to 'speak to' the manager. There's a procedure please follow it. It's a collaborative site. Sending a person heaps of work, while refusing to answer anything or communicate with them about it *is not collaboration.*

If I cannot verify it on my own and the person refuses to help, I have little option but to decline, until such time as either thing changes. If you do send citations, a statement of opinion is not a factual citation; type or copy and paste something that contains information as well as source of information. Census records are not always a firm citation; they can be a starting point. Many people have the same names, no matter how unusual the name seemed.

NB: It is within a manager's rights to decline without asking for proof; the editor is supposed to know the proper procedure to follow from then on. It's in the FAQ. (I stopped asking for citations first, in most cases when I can't find anything, because the majority of people do not reply at all. Meanwhile more edits are pouring in and there is always more work to do. Many people say they never check their emails here. Many others admit, not just to me but to others etc., that they got the info from an unsourced tree, or from leaf hints. Leaf hints aren't always correct either, or, can mesh different people/same name, together.)

Research is done and biographies typed/compiled/written by myself unless otherwise noted. (I sometimes 'sign' in the note or at bottom; not often, since non-Ancestry sites seem to have mostly stopped data scraping this one.) Remember the biography is entirely optional to begin with. It indicates extra time spent on that page.

The grains of sand in each person's hourglass are limited and finite. If someone spills theirs to your benefit, send them a thank you.

Find A Grave is an index of last dispositions. If all someone does is record an accurate disposition, they've done more than anyone had to do, and they've done what the site asks of volunteers.

Think once, twice, thrice before sending hate mail to or gossiping about volunteers here. We could've been eating a warm meal or sleeping more.

"You never know what someone else is going through, so BE KIND."

Gossip does untold damage; the worst because its fertilizer is falsehood. Its roots are bitter: ego, envy, spite. Those willing to slay a character before anyone can meet it, are participating in a vicious and cruel game. One thing is for certain: The gossip never, ever, tells on *themselves.*

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