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From Find A Grave: Submitting a large numbers of edits at one time to a single manager may be overwhelming. Please be considerate. I have been trying to keep up with all the updates but some members are bombarding me with info that they want added to a memorial. Since I research before adding material, it is VERY time consuming. I have tried to locate info myself but if the trend continues, you will definitely need to provide documentation before I look into your changes. That being said, if you have a family connection, for example, husband and wife and parents or children, I would appreciate it that they are submitted at the same time. This is because, if I am researching a family where I make notes, etc and when I make your change, I throw all notes away because there is ALOT of paperwork involved. I don't want to have to start over on the same family after I have just finished with it. So, what I am asking is, if you have corrections/additions for the same immediate family, submit at the same time. If it is a different family, hold off a bit before submitting. If you have a lot of corrections/additions at one time, you might go to the bottom of the list so other people can have their updates done and not have to wait for you. Also, as Find A grave stated, BE CONSIDERATE, that includes not sending nasty messages if I ask for documentation. This is for the good of all the people that are using this site as a research tool for their family history. I do not want to add incorrect info just because someone saw it on a tree on a website . If that tree has documentation, then it is fine but most do not. Update: I have been receiving requests to add info to some memorials. Before adding the info, I will try to verify that info is correct. If you are sending a correction, other than obvious one, provide documentation. This is not just, I got off Family search website. I am speaking about the particular document, ex.. 1880 census, death certificate of ...., family bible, or if this is a family member and you know the info to be correct. I will then try to determine if it is an actual fact or something else. If the info is possibly correct but not sure, I MIGHT add the info to the biography section but not add to the info that there is "boxes" for. ALSO: I WILL NOT ADD INFO FOUND ON FAMILY TREES WITHOUT DOCUMENTATION. TOO MANY MISTAKES ON THOSE, NO MATTER WHAT SITE YOU GOT THEM FROM. ALSO, DON'T SEND "CORRECTIONS" FOR COMMON KNOWLEDGE CHANGES. FOR EXAMPLE: NICKNAME OF BOB FOR ROBERT, TOM FOR THOMAS, ETC. ALSO...I WILL NOT DO A CORRECTION TO ADD A PERIOD AFTER A MIDDLE INITIAL. I CHECKED WITH FIND A GRAVE AND IT IS UNNECESARY. I HAVE BEEN SPENDING ALOT OF TIME TRYING TO REASEARCH INFO THAT SOMEONE SAW THE INFO SOMEWHERE ON A FAMILY TREE OR TREES. I Really do appreciate the additions but do not send your own personal opinion on how the memorials should be handled. I will check with family tree if it is a valid concern.

Note: Update: Since I have started adding the memorials of people that are newly deceased, I wanted to let people know how I have been handling this. This is taken from my own personal experience. When you have a loved one that has died, it is kind of shocking to "run across" their memorial on find a grave and find a picture and their whole life story. It is very painful especially if it is a recent death. You do not need to send me corrections to tell me their middle initial or maiden name or items you read in the obit, or even cut and paste obit from the paper. I also have access to this info from the obit. I make a list and revisit the memorial and add info after a little time has passed. I use info from obit and ancestry also, so there is no need to inform me of these things, I will do them when I think it is appropriate. I am NOT one of those people on here that enters a name and date and forgets about the person. I do try to make this a memorial. IT ISN'T A NUMBER TO ME AS IT IS TO SOME PEOPLE WHO JUST WANT (for their ego??) TO SEE HOW MANY MEMORIALS/PEOPLE THEY CAN ADD TO THEIR PROFILE. I welcome info for some people that have passed away years ago or any info not available in the obit. So, please, if I haven't added the info in a couple months, then by all means, let me know. I do keep a list of the memorials I need to revisit and I do revisit them. I try to give everyone a fitting memorial, as if they were my own family, if I can.
Hi folks! I have been doing genealogical research for my husbands and my family for over 25 years. I really enjoy the mystery and it is so satisfying when you can confirm a family member. When I started with genealogy, it was so much more difficult. It was the days of microfilm at the public library. I took a break from genealogy for awhile, while my kids were growing up. When I started back again.....WOW!!! How times have changed. One tool that I used was FIND A GRAVE. I couldn't believe my luck. Of course, I used it and confirmed the info elsewhere also. The only thing that was lacking was I always wished there was more info available.
I've decided to branch out a bit and help contribute with FIND A GRAVE. I have just started with management of my own family. I am still learning but eventually want to add a lot more to help others, to the pages. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL THE MANAGERS OF THE MEMORIALS HAVE DONE FOR MY FAMILY AND OTHERS SINCE THIS SITE HAS STARTED.
When getting started with genealogy my oldest child was just a baby and I would take him with me to the cemetery, to "find" our relatives. It is so nice to not even have to leave home to find this information.
I am hoping and praying that when I ask the current managers of my families memorial to take over that they are not offended. I really appreciate all they have done. I just feel that I owe it to my family to take care of them myself. My family members that have passed in the last 25 years know how much I was involved in the collecting of family history and I want to continue to do that and eventually branch out and help others.
I am so excited to do this and can't wait to add some great things to these memorials.
You are welcome to use any photographs or images that I have included, just be sure to attribute to myself or whoever those images belong to.

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