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Greetings from Rutland County, Vermont! As of March 22, 2022, graving season 2022 is ON!

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs/Help).

As of 2019, my health precludes me from being "in the field" as much as I'd really like anymore. I'm still on my own two feet, but my mobility is pretty poor along with my balance. I use two sticks to walk, can't get up on my own or step over a stick on the ground. Clearly I really love doing this, because it would be easier to just give it up but you know what? I'll rest when I'm dead! That said, if I have helped you in the past in the field, I may no longer be able to, and for that I apologize. However, I'm still perfectly capable of working on the site, so if there is anything I can do for you there, continue to send me what you have.

The vast majority of folks I've "met" here over the years have been great and I can say I've made a few friends along the way but...the last few years there has been an influx of folks who are not very nice. In the past few years I've been called a "moron" and "you rotten person", told to "work harder", told I am "very caustic", "gratuitously nasty", "obnoxious", "a coward", and "the Master of All Cemetery Memorials", told that I am "unable to read and process information" and to take an "adult education course", informed my "memorials are quite boring", etc. etc. That is but a very small sampling. And you wonder why I have my messages turned off and keep my email private. Would you like if someone talked to your parent, spouse or child the way you talk to me? And probably other contributors? We aren't in middle school anymore. Respect is a two way street.

Use the edit tab on the upper right hand corner of the memorial in question. Know what you are talking about, please. I get my fair share of guesswork and impossible/incestuous family links. Vermont and New England have a lot of vital records online for free. Please use them.

I shouldn't have to explain this, but...
A BIRTH record is a record of a BIRTH
A MARRIAGE record is a record of a MARRIAGE
A DEATH record is a record of a DEATH
And in Vermont, a cemetery transcription card circa 1919 is NOT a death record. It is a cemetery transcription only. They have been mixed in with death records for some reason.

Please know the definition of ANCESTOR and DESCENDANT (hint: they aren't your 3rd cousin 5 times removed) and learn what a CENOTAPH is and how to deal with it. Do not ever merge them! I am more than a little alarmed by people who call themselves genealogists or researchers who do not know basic definitions.

I will decline links to BURIAL UNKNOWNS. Please don't waste your time or mine. This site is not called Find A Dead Person. Ditto birth date calculations.

I am not one of those contributors who just blindly hits accept or lets edits go for 21 days. If I decline something, let me know why it is right. If you chose instead to get nasty and ask what my source is in a not very polite manner well... I do QUICK research in multiple sources, but ultimately you are the one asking for something. It is your responsibility to be able to back it up. I am always more than willing and able to let you know my source(s) when asked.

Not everyone can afford pay sites. I'm one of them.

Within guidelines, yes! Always! Please state your exact relationship in your request. Outside guidelines - usually no, due to some dishonest contributors who claimed to be descendants of a family friend and a family member, and they definitely were not. In the past I have been more than generous, but it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the whole bunch. Be honest.

Once a memorial leaves my hands, I am not responsible for what people do to it. I have run across some crazy stuff.

Please feel free to use my photos for your research! No need to ask. However, DO NOT post my photos to other memorials on this site. I do ask is that if it is going elsewhere on the web, just provide a photo credit stating my name as the photographer. No use of my photos in any money making ventures, unless you intend to send the money my way!

Those adding memorials based on Vermont death certificates...under final disposition please makes sure it specifies "burial". If it says "vault", "storage", "entombment", you can not know for sure if that is the cemetery where the person ultimately ends up. Many cemeteries do not have any or adequate storage for the winter and people are temporarily stored until spring.

-Caleb Houghton Gravesite, Pittsford
-Center Rutland Cemetery, Center Rutland
-Cheney Hill Cemetery, Rutland*
-Church of Our Saviour Cemetery, Killington
-East Poultney Jewish Cemetery, East Poultney*
-Grace Congregational Church Memorial Garden, Rutland*
-House of Corrections Cemetery, Rutland
-Middlebury Cemetery, Middlebury*
-North Main Street Cemetery, Rutland
-Old Charley Proctor Gravesite, Proctor
-Old John Ripley Gravesite, Mendon
-Riverside Cemetery, Proctor*
-Rutland Poor Farm Cemetery, Rutland
-Sacred Heart Cemetery, West Rutland*
-Saint Alphonsus Cemetery, Pittsford*
-Saint Bridgets Cemetery, West Rutland*
-Saint Dominic Cemetery, Proctor*
-Saint Josephs Cemetery, Rutland*
-Saint Stanislaus Kostka Cemetery, West Rutland*
-South Street Cemetery, Proctor*
-Tenney Cemetery, Mendon*
-Trinity Episcopal Church Memorial Garden, Rutland*
-West Street Catholic Cemetery, Rutland
-West Street Cemetery, Rutland
-Whipple Hollow Cemetery, West Rutland
* = still in use, periodically updated

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