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Robert was killed by a comercial driver hung over on crack-cocaine. An eighteen wheeler struck them as it jackknifed across the highway. Our little boy & his uncle were killed instantly only 3 miles away from our home. Since the small age of 2 yrs old, Scott knew the decision he would have to make, would be one to benefit only his son. He endured a very bad marriage, however he never left his son's side. He stayed until he knew it was the right time; a judge here in Grimes County granted primary conservatorship custody to Scott. Five months after his ex walked out on both of them, (she signed a waiver & left them both); I met a single father with a beautiful son, sweet as could be! We became very close very fast and I decided not only did I love this man completely, but this small child needed a mother who would love him and never leave him again. At 6 yrs old, he gave me away as he stood between the both of us holding our hands as he was also Scott's best man. That's how special Robert was. Always very happy and very understanding of the concept of "Unconditional Love".
He was our world. Our family, always together under the same roof, laughing, watching our favorite shows. His daddy and Robert always enjoyed playing their video games and our long weekends staying up together watching our favorite shows! Everything we did, we did for our son. Robert was and always will be OUR WORLD!It's very hard having him gone, and we would like to thank this WONDERFUL SUPPORT NETWORK HERE AT FAG. Espcially to Devon Alvarez!! MERE WORDS CAN'T BEGIN TO EXPRESS OUR GRATITUDE & Eventhough we are grieving with pain and sorrow, we all know we are in your endless prayers. WE THANK YOU! IN OUR BEAUTIFUL SON'S MEMORY! Iva & Scott Imhoff.

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