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Sadly, Aria - Patched Angel has passed away. Please consider visiting their Find a Grave memorial page and leaving some virtual flowers. Their enthusiasm for cemeteries and willingness to help future generations lives on through their contributions to Find a Grave.


****Aria passed away on 10/10/13

My name is Aria and I live in Indiana. My daughter told me about Find a Grave and I'm thankful that she did.

I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. That is where most of my relatives have lived and died. I'm slowly learning what cemeteries they're buried in and hope some day to go and visit them.

My faith and trust is in Jesus Christ and I try to always put God first in everything that I do. Through my faith I know that some day I'll reunite with those that have passed away before me.

One thing that helps me to get through the grief process when someone dies is that I know they're not "LOST" if they knew Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. When someone says "I LOST my father last year" I try and find a way to explain to them that if their father was a Christian then they're not lost. They are with Jesus Christ and celebrating before God. If they're celebrating before God then we know where they are. If we know where they are then they're not lost. I sure hope you understand what I just said. LOL

If you'd like someone to talk to or just have an email penpal please contact me.

If I have set up a page of one of your loved ones or a friend and you'd like to have the page to do as you like, please let me know. I won't be upset at all and I'd be happy to turn ownership over to you.

I still have hundreds of photos I need to upload and set up pages for and hopefully I'll start on that and do a little bit each day until I get them done and then go into the next towns and start taking more photos.

Through a FAG page i set up for my Great Grandpa I met a distant cousin and was able to get some family information that I wouldn't have known other wise and I was able to give her a lot of information that she didn't have. That was really exciting.

Enjoy your time on FAG and look forward to possibly meeting family you didn't know you had.

Take care,

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