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I think the only real cure to cope with a loss of a loved one is to continue to be good to people. Be kind, be caring, be passionate, be thoughtful. Know the value of the people around you and spread good vibes. But most importantly, don't limit your boundaries. Share love and consider everyone around you. . I feel enough people have experienced pain to understand that life is far more measurable in joy and in good memories.
Loved ones are precious. I know this for a fact. And when you lose one Its like an attack. I've lost some loved ones . To many different things I hate losing loved ones, but its a bell that has to ring. Loved ones are special. I have many I should know, but it just seems I couldn't let them go. You try so hard to hold on, but in one small second loved ones are gone. Sometimes at night I pray for lost loved ones. Even though they won't come back, this poem is for them, the loved ones.

When we look in the mirror, we see physical traits our parents passed on to us. When we look in our hearts, we see traces of all the people who have touched our lives. A friends sense of humor, our fathers tenderness, our brothers carefree charm. These become part of us, and then we pass them on. This is our legacy-the marvelous gift of our soul. :Your soul, you know, will live on. Your souls is you in others

Boris Pasternak

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