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On 10/12/2017 my wife was declared cancer free once again. This time beating stage IV colon cancer. Beforehand, she had suffered from a liver resection with the removal of two solid tumors. The surgery was considered a success which was goods news. However, treatments are not over as we had hoped. Her ocologist has evaluated for her to continue with one pouch of Avastin every three weeks for two years. Also, she will be on chemo pills all her life. This can help eliminate cancer cells that were not seen or ones that may start bubbling up. It has definitly been a rollor coaster for the last 9 or 10 months. We had just moved from Colorado to Nebraska and have been having to travel back and forth from Brule to Denver (3 hour drive). It sad to say we are getting use to it. What it all comes down to is its worth it if its going to make my wife well again. It going to take sometime but Lori but is going to win this. Thanks to all who continue to pray for her. I believe in the power of prayer because she was only given a 20% chance of living. Also thank you so much Rosie Kagarise for all your support on all your up dates informing Lori's contition.


Hello I'm Robert, being a proud Colorado native my wife and I now reside in a small town in Nebraska. However, we are still very close to the Colorado border. It is a blessing to finally live a peaceful life away from the big city. In losing my Daughter Deanna Duran at a very young age, I'm very heart stricken over this. Its something I will never get over for the rest of my life. In our relationship I wasn't able to be by her side through her life like I wanted to. I'm so sorry my baby girl that I didnt put my heart in you like I should of. I hope God will give me another chance with her when we meet again. I love you Deanna and miss you more than you will ever know. Deanna was a suicide victim as well as my brother Tony Duran who also took his own life one year earlier than my daughter. This sight has helped me to stay close to them. I have also been encouraged by others who have gone through the same losses I have. Thank you for everyone's love.

When we look in the mirror, we see physical traits our parents passed on to us. When we look in our hearts, we see traces of all the people who have touched our lives. A friend's sense of humor, our father's tenderness, our brother's carefree charm. These become part of us, and then we pass them on. This is our legacy-the marvelous gift of our soul. :Your soul, you know, will live on. Your souls is you in others:....-Boris Pasternak~

Loved ones are precious
I know this for a fact
And when you lose one
It's like an attack

I've lost some loved ones
To many different things
I hate losing loved ones
But it's a bell that has to ring

Loved ones are special
I have many I should know
But it just seems
I couldn't let them go

You try so hard
To hold on
But in one small second
Loved ones are gone

Sometimes at night
I pray for lost loved ones
Even though they won't come back
This poem is for them the loved ones

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