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Mississippi Native!

Everybody be safe,healthy and wise in these trying times!

These Hardworking People that are not only essential workers but are My new Heroes! They are Grocery Store Clerks, Delivery Drivers, Mail Carriers/Postal Workers, Truck Drivers, Farmers, Bus Drivers, Food Workers, Stockers, Pharmacy Technicians, Security Guards, Janitors/Maids, Housekeepers, Waste Collectors, Funeral Attendees, Food Manufacturer Workers, Healthcare Providers and Caregivers, Electricity Industry. Thank You All!

We need to treat our children,elders, veterans, The homeless, The mentally Ill...And the millions of People who lives are shattered by bullying better!

Although nothing can take a person's grief away...My hope is to make a deceased loved one's family,friend,co-worker or classmate feel a little better so they can have a easier and better day than yesterday,just by letting them know their loved one is still remembered and will never be forgotten by leaving them a flower at their virtual grave.I know in my heart it is what God want.God want us to come together,be their for each other,and care for each other.If we all can have more humanity toward each other,can you imagined what kind of world this would be.Peace,Hope and Blessings To You All!

You Guys Are My Heroes

Prayer Warriors,American Soldiers,Social Workers,Firefighters,Power Linemen,Pro-Life Activists,Civil Rights Leaders For Racial Equality,Teachers,Emergency medical technicians (EMT s)and Paramedics,Nurses,Life-Saving Doctors,you all are my Heroes and I will try to pay respect to as many as I can.

Missionaries Like The Beautiful Mother Teresa...You All Are Saints!

Babies and small kids memorials really break my heart.They are the ones that really get me,especially if they had been murdered.You have to be a demon to take a innocent life that way.They haven't even gotten the chance to even make it to their teens,go to prom,learn to drive,work with a charity,have a summer job,graduate high school,choose to go to college or join the workforce and buy their first home.I think babies and small kids are the ones that go directly to heaven to be with the Angels!

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