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I am currently dealing with some health issues. Please be understanding if I don't get back with you right away. -JENN

RUDENESS WILL BE IGNORED! Any messages that are sent to us that contain rude or condescending content will be instantly deleted. I work on this with my teenage daughter, Jade, and she is 16 years of age so naturally, please keep this in mind before you send hateful messages.

"Those we love remain with us for love itself lives on.
Cherished memories will never fade, because one loved is gone.
Those we love can never be, more than a thought apart,
For as long as there is a memory, they live within our heart."

My name is Jennifer and I am so happy to be a part of the Find a Grave community. I have been a cemetery transcriber for many years but have only recently hopped online to record my findings.
I love to research old obituaries (a project I am currently working on) and I plan on visiting all of the gravesites to photograph them as time allows. My daughter, Jade, walks the cemeteries with me and has been helping me transcribe obits on here as well. She is a great girl!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or comments. I won't bite!

Obituaries from 1800-early 1900's were formatted a lot differently than they are today. Some were written similarly, but often times they are written like a story and they sometimes contain rather graphic material. It is ultimately your choice on whether to add these to the memorial, but I would rather not be scolded on what the obits contain or if you think they are not obits at all. The material I send comes directly from a book of obituaries, so it is safe to assume that is what they are. I am merely getting the info out there.

Everyone makes mistakes and that includes me. Please know that a lot of time and research has gone into finding final disposition for the folks I have made memorials for. I am NOT here for numbers or "tallies", I am here to help others with their family lines. With that being said, sometimes the cemetery records, funeral homes and even obits will make a mistake when it comes to the final burial place. Please, please do not be rude when I make a mistake. You can go a long way with kindness, and normally, people (especially us) will respond better to it. I want to make sure that this is a POSITIVE experience for my daughter, so that she can continue to help others when she is older. Believe me, there are some contributors on here that believe that they are somehow superior to new contributors on this site, and that is pretty upsetting and disturbing.

I believe that EVERYONE deserves to be remembered, long after their relatives that were around them in life have passed away and their memory kind of, just gets lost. That is why I love and respect this site, because we can make a record of someone that may have been forgotten, or their burial site was unknown, their ashes lost or their stone is broke, deteriorated or unreadable. Wouldn't YOU want to be remembered? I know I would.

This project is very important to me. I have nothing to gain in return other than a great feeling that someone that may have been lost, has been found again. And that is a great feeling!!

I will never ask for a transfer, but will welcome transfers if you do not want to keep up with the addition of information. I will also be happy to transfer any memorials that you ask for. :)

Thank you and many, MANY blessings to all of you!

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