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As a Presley, I do not perform research to "prove" I am related to Elvis. It is very sad to see so many people trying to make a connection to Elvis.

Be happy being who you are! I am who I am.

As a Presley, I am very conservative with sharing Presley family information. There is too much incorrect information about my family and my ancestors on the internet and other various electronic sources, that have been a copy and paste of incorrect information.

Therefore, I do not collaborate on Presley family information with anyone. Please do not be offended by this. I have tried to preserve correct history of our name, of the ancestors and their offspring.

If you see that someone states they are assisting me or collaborating with me on the Presley family, it is not true.

If you see my Find A Grave Presley Memorials information elsewhere without proper source documentation, please feel free to report it.

If you see my name in a family tree on any site, I did not place it there. There are too many trees with the wrong family members attached. I would never attach myself to a person's tree without proof of my relation to them. I have declined all requests to be attached to "trees".

Please feel free to contact me through the memorials to verify any information that you feel has been tampered with, edited or changed, and not by a Presley.

My overall family information based on family documentation, including Presley family documentation, is as follows:

My maternal grandparents and legal guardians to me as a minor are:
Trannie Eackford "Eack" Presley (E. Tupelo, MS)
Sarah "Ethel" Presley, nee McCoy (Cherry Creek, MS)

My maternal great-grandparents:
"Noah" Edward Purcell Presley (E. Tupelo, MS)
"Susan" Izora Presley, nee Griffin (E. Tupelo, MS)
"John" Teague McCoy Sr. (Cherry Creek, MS)
Sarah "Sallie" Elizabeth McCoy, nee McCord (Cherry Creek, MS)

My maternal great-great grandparents:
"Rosella" Elizebeth Presley (E. Tupelo, MS)
William Lafeyette Griffin (Itawamba Co MS)
Jane Griffin (Itawamba Co MS)
"William" McCoy (Cherry Creek, MS)
Emily Caroline McCoy, nee Spruell (Cherry Creek, MS)
Joseph "Joe" Andrew McCord, Jr. (Endville, MS)
Malvina "Mallie" McCord, nee Hubbard (Endville, MS)

Maternal Great Great Great Grandparents:
Nathaniel McCoy (MS)
Dicey McCoy, nee Goggans (SC)
Joseph Andrew McCord, Sr. (Caldwell County, TX)
Elizabeth High McCord, nee Bomar (Caldwell County, TX)
Joseph Griffin (MS)
Jane Griffin (MS)
Dunning John Presley, Jr. (MS)
Martha Jane Presley Steel, nee Wesson (MS)

Maternal Great Great Great Great Grandparents:
William Presley^ McCord (MS, then TX) ^a different line of Presley
Lucinda McCord, nee Miller (MS, then TX)
Thomas Bailey Goggans (SC) 134434994
Rebecca Goggans, nee Teague (SC) 107973848
Dunning John Presley, Sr. (MS)
Emily "Millie" Wesson (MS)
Edward Canton Wesson (MS) *not Edward Marion Wesson

Maternal G'g'g'g'g' Grandparents:
James Goggans (VA)
Mary Goggans, nee Johnston (SC) 216108368
James Johnson Wesson (VA)
Nancy Ann Wesson, nee Clary (VA)
Joshua Teague (SC) 125514174 note: The Dalrymple family was very close to the Joshua Teague family, so much so, that Thomas Dalrymple Jr. was a witness to Joshua Teague's will dated 2 MAY 1808

Maternal G'g'g'g'g'g' grandparents:
Thomas "BIG" Johnston, Jr. (Laurens Co., SC) 89604746
Elizabeth Jane Johnston, nee Dalrymple (Laurens Co., SC) 85646460
Isabella Elizabeth Loftin Teague (MD) 122852087
William Able Teague (MD) 109776879

Maternal G'g'g'g'g'g'g' grandparents:
Thomas Johnston, Sr. (NC) 108899281
Ann Johnston, nee Lewis (VA)
Dalrymple (NC)
William Loftin (MD)
Elizabeth Loftin (nee Innes) (MD)
Edward Teague (NC) 109777081
Susannah Teague (nee Welch) 122813448

Maternal G'g'g'g'g'g'g'g' grandparents:
Leonard Ludwick Loftin
Elizabeth Loftin

Paternal grandparents:
"Thomas" Nathaniel Pounders (Eudora, MS)
Clara "Louise" (nee Sing) Pounders (Ripley, MS)

Paternal Great Grandparents:
"David" Franklin Pounders (Eudora, MS)
"Cora" W. Pounders, nee Wilson (Eudora, MS)
James Ance "Jim" Sing (Ripley, MS)
"Jessie" Bama Sing, nee Jones (Ripley, MS)

Paternal Great Great Grandparents:
Simon P. Jones (Ripley, MS)
Cordelia "Delia" Jones, nee Criswell (Ripley, MS)
James Ance Sing (MS)
Lettie Jane Sing, nee Stewart Box Dees (MS)

Paternal Great Great Great Grandparents:
John T. Criswell (Ripley, MS)
Sarah A. Criswell, nee Morgan (Ripley, MS)

McCoy is Scottish and is descended/derived from the Clan MacKay, Scotland.

McCord is also Scottish and is from Clan McCord, possibly Clan MacKorda, Isle of Islay and/or Ayrshire, Scotland.

Clan Bruce, Clan Burns, Clan Dalrymple, Clan Innes, Clan Johnston, Clan Morgan, Clan Stewart and Clan MacTavish (Teague) originate from Scotland.

Johnston is from Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Johnston is from the Earls of Annandale and Hartfell, Peerage of Scotland.

Dalrymple is from the Viscount of Stair, East Ayrshire, Parish of Dalrymple; Earl of Stair since 1703. Stair Castle. Lochinch Castle. Oxenfoord Castle. Dumfries House. Baldoon Castle. Castle Kennedy.

In the Colonial US, my Dalrymple ancestor married my Johnston ancestor.

Criswell, Griffin, Jones, Loftin, Pounders, Sing and Welch are believed to be Welsh, Wales, definitely UK.

Lineage also contains Bogen, Goggans, and through the SING family - Box.

Presley is from Bavarian descent and Breslau, Poland, now known as Wroclaw, Poland. Borders and country boundaries may have changed over many years and centuries. Country histories take many twists and turns. The record of country that the Presley family departs for London, to travel to the colonies, was the German Palatinate region.

The Presley family name has changed over time from Braslau, Breslau, Bressler, Bresler, Presslar, Pressler, Presler, Pressly, Pressley and finally Presley. This is documented and proven.

Rosella Presley was married and widowed during her lifetime, during her child bearing years. The eight of the nine living children were legitimate by marriage. The rumor/story about her never marrying and having illegitimate children makes a good story but it is NOT REALITY.

The 1910 US Census, Clay, Itawamba, MS states Rosella was living with Noah, and her status was "W". "W" represents the term "widow". Noah was listed as head of household and this would make perfect sense that he take care of his widowed mother.

John Wallace and/or John Henry Wallace is NOT related to Jesse Dee McDowell Presley, nor any Presley's that I am aware of. Rosella lived in the same county as John Wallace and/or John Henry Wallace, but Rosella never married John or John Henry Wallace. According to the research of the Wallace family, John Henry Wallace, was a black male. Rosella did not have any black children.

Rosella's last child's middle name is "Warren", not Wallace. There is no relation of any of Rosella's children to John Wallace or John Henry Wallace.

Rosella Presley never divulged the name of the father of her children; you could assume they belonged to her spouse that died prior to 1910.

Rosella kept her maiden name. In Scottish tradition, a woman has the right to keep her maiden name or take her husband's name. There is no hyphenation or using a maiden name as the middle name.

Rosella was not a step mother to any children.

Rosella was the daughter of Dunning John Presley JR and Martha Jane Wesson Presley Steel. Dunning and Martha Jane had three children together: Rosella, John and Rosalinda. Dunning was married multiple times and all the other offspring are HALF siblings only to Rosella; same father, different mother. Martha Jane had her fourth child with William Steel and died in childbirth 1868 with baby Josephine Steel. The baby lived.

There is a plaque in MS, in the town of Vernon's birth. The plaques have incorrect information. i.e. - Elvis died in 1979.

The only blood relation to the Presley family through the Steel family is through the child, Josephine, born to William Steel and Martha Jane Wesson Presley Steel.

Per the Roots of Elvis Presley, author Julian Riley was never able to confirm ANY records that match the rumors that exist regarding John Henry Wallace/John Wallace. Mackey Hargett is not a descendant of the Rosella Presley line, nor related to the Presley family by blood.

The children of Rosella are listed in the memorials I manage, with the exception of Joseph Warren Presley and of Noah's children, the exception is Vona Mae Presley Brown, who are under other contributors. I cannot attest to the content of those two memorials. I have asked for their transfer and also asked for corrections, but do not receive a response.

My great-grandfather, Noah, was a brother to Jesse Dee McClowell Presley, or Dee Presley, Elvis' grandfather. Elvis' father is Vernon.

To see the memorial for Elvis Presley, the contributor is Find A Grave. His mother and close relatives are under the contributor, Graceland Mansion Estates, the burial site at Graceland in Memphis, TN.

On several occasions, I visited Graceland with my grandfather Eack, Noah's son. On these visits, I met Vernon, Vester, and Minnie. Uncle Vester was usually in the pink Jeep. Uncle Vester signed my Presley cookbook, which I still have and cherish.

While Elvis lay in repose at Graceland in August 1977, I was escorted through the back door with my grandfather Eack Presley, Uncle Cal Presley, Aunt Mildred McCoy Powell, cousin Ed Presley and Aunt Donna Presley. Paparazzi yelled at me to uncover my face as I was blocking the sun from my eyes, which was a new experience, prior to crossing E.P. Blvd. across from Graceland where we had parked. As we were led through the backdoor by special staff, the general public was in a line up the front drive and upon noticing our escort, became very interested in who we were. Once inside, I met Priscilla, Lisa Marie and Elvis' staff in the kitchen.

We traveled to Memphis that day in Uncle Cal's maroon and white Cadillac, which broke down en route. We all visited the local dairy bar sitting at the lunch bar on red vinyl barstools, eating vanilla ice cream, in Covington, TN while the Cadillac was being repaired.


To see a snapshot of the Presley family as they lived on Kelly Street, review the 1940 Census, East Tupelo, Lee Co. MS taken 5 APR 1940. 16th US Census, SD No.1, E.D. No. 41-17, Sheet 5B, Lucille E Henderson Enumerator.

The Presley's lived on both sides of Kelly Street in the following order, in side by side housing: Jesse, Vester, Vona Mae, Sales, Doc, Noah, and Eack and Ethel; and across the street was Goble and Ruble.


Who am I?
Born to a decorated US Army pilot at Fort Rucker, Alabama
Raised by Presley grandparents in Arkansas, moved to Tennessee
Lived most of my youth within 25 miles to 80 miles from Memphis, Tennessee
University education in College Station, Texas
Army daughter
Army wife
Army mother
Army mother in law
Former USMA West Point Army recruiter

I am most proud of my daughter. To mention, memories that are of significance; the time she sat with and beside HRH Prince Jean d'Orleans Dauphin of France, the Duke de Vendome and HRH the Duchess de Vendome at The Versailles Foundation Benefit dinner at The Pierre, NYC in 2010; attending the annual charity Veuve Clicquot Polo Match on Governor's Island in NYC, 27 June 2010, and the introduction of her to HRH Prince Harry of Wales in 2011. To add to this, I was at USMA West Point on the Friday, 25 June 2010 before the Polo match, when HRH Prince Harry stepped out of his helicopter about 100 yards from where I stood. My daughter and I stood near Nacho Figueras on the ferry over to Governor's Island. Nacho is a close friend of HRH and RL model.

I am a family researcher, not a professional researcher, however I am making an attempt to locate family members and memorialize.
If you have anything helpful to say, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for any positive input.
Suzanne E Presley


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