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Sadly, Patricia Mallory has passed away. Please consider visiting their Find a Grave memorial page and leaving some virtual flowers. Their enthusiasm for cemeteries and willingness to help future generations lives on through their contributions to Find a Grave.


July 17,2013 Today was one of the hardest day of my life My husband passed away, he got up and sat in his recliner and laid back I was doing something with one of the grand kids and was talking to him when he didn't respond to me a feeling came over me that something was wrong, I went to him and he was gone. He had been a heart patient for several years. He just went to sleep, no suffering, for that I am glad, besides me he left 3 sons and 8 grand kids and 2 great grand kids, 2 brothers 1 sister many nieces and nephews, many good friends and a wonderful church family, all of the was much loved by him and they all loved "PAP", I have asked a friend to manage his account.

His name was Calvin Mallory and was buried in Paradise Cemetery in Livingston Co. Ky, Please visit his memorial.

I live in Mayfield, Ky. was born in Livingston
County KY,, My husband is from Paducah, ky After we married in 1968 we lived in Louisville, Ky South Carolina and in Florida,spent time in Michigan, Indiana, Texas,South Carolina,As a child I lived 7 years in Ypsilanti Michigan with my parents, but the best Place in the world was home in Western Ky. There are very few people in Livingston County that I am not related too.

I enjoy find a grave very much, my main goal is to put flowers on as many memorials as possible, because I believe every body should have a flower, I just finished a cemetery with 38 grave that had been posted since 2008 and there was not one flower on any of them, that's why I think if you create a memorial take a extra minute and give them a flower, I would rather have the numbers for flowers then memorials posted. No one should be forgotten, I don't want any one I know to go without a flower.

I also like to post as much info. as possible.If I post from a cemetery or from other finds I will run on ancestry and try to find information, because everybody has a history and if I can find anything for family members looking for information, I have a lot that someone else had posted for my family and I appreciated it very much. I want more the name n birth, and death date
I want the families who see my memorial, and know that someone cared enough to do a little research to find out who their families really are, those who don"t look for additional info. to me are just out for the numbers for names posted.

I have traced 37 generations of my maternal grandfather.,They are the Day's from England, to the hills of Tennessee, Virginia to Livingston County Ky. I have 9 generations of my mothers mother, they are the Heltons, and the Ringstaff as the main ones. The Heltons are of Cherokee Indian background. My faternal grandparents are Driskills, Southern, and Ringstaff as the main ones.

I have two sons, 8 grandchildren 5 boys 3 girls .
I had a granddaughter born April 12,2012 day before my birthday, what a great present, She sure is beautiful and sweet.

9/10/2012 healthy baby girl born today 6lb 3oz 18 inches long My first great grand daughter.
9/17/2012 2nd great granddaughter born today 7 lb 1oz 18 1/2 inches long both are very beautiful little babies.

I an now fully retired, so I could have more time to enjoy things I like to do, one is doing find a grave and doing the genealogy research which I enjoyed very much , I love seeing all the names falling in line with each other. I have tried to make visits to a lot of older members of my family, before they are all passed away.Some of them still have a lot of knowledge about the family, they have enjoyed seeing the information I have gathered, because they have forgotten or else never knew about it, I found a picture of my grandfather at the age of 14 that my aunt had never seen, and it made her cry, also had pictures of grandparents she never knew. I have found a lot of pictures of my deceased grandparents and great, and great great grand parents, we spend a lot of time wondering who they look like, it has been a great joy to me to find so many old pictures, The oldest is my 5th great grandfather who was in the Revoluntary war > I also have a picture of a grandfather in the War of 1812 .

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