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Sadly, Liz Olmstead has passed away. Please consider visiting their Find a Grave memorial page and leaving some virtual flowers. Their enthusiasm for cemeteries and willingness to help future generations lives on through their contributions to Find a Grave.


Please be aware I will NOT accept any edits to Burial Unknown memorials. This is Find a Grave, NOT Create your tree.

IF you send me edits, please send DOCUMENTED proof. Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Obituaries

Do your own research, it is the only way to have your family correct

Living survivors are removed from all obituaries due to GUIDELINES, in other words rules of the site which we are all obliged to follow.

Best practice that death certificates are only added to the pages that you manage. Many contributors ask they not be added. IF you really need those photo credits so badly that you add DC's where they are asked not to be added, PLEASE take the time to edit them to standards which requires all space around be removed and that they are readable.

PLEASE do not send any edit that you cannot document. From now on any edit in question will have YOUR contributor# added.

I can not over emphasize the fact that EVERYONE does not have a "nickname". My name is Elizabeth, I have never been called Betty in my life. And no, Liz is not my nickname, but I like it. I have a son as well as an Uncle who, yes, are really named Billy. My son will set you straight in a second that his name is NOT William. I had an Uncle Jimmy as well as a cousin, Jimmy, neither was named James, my Daddy, he was James, never Jimmy. Sarah is not always Sallie. Some get highly offended at having a nickname attached to their family. Unless you have documentation, PLEASE defer from sending these nicknames.

I basically mind my own business. You will NOT get an edit from me unless it is family or a close person.

Envy is not an admirable trait and often very obvious.

I am not a hard person, just getting tired of getting cut down by family members over incorrect edits.

Do not understand why others insist on acceptance of edits when they are not family. I enjoyed the 7 year search that it took me to unravel my family, why 7 years, because people who are not kin insisted on adding info about a family they knew nothing about, info they took from books and online trees, info which said my mom was a male named Clyde and my grandfather was the son of a woman over 65 whose husband had been dead 15 years.

Also getting tired of being the best thing since loaf bread as long as you get that transfer, then being called names simply because I FOLLOW THE RULES. People can be so shallow, want take and NEVER give.

March 26, 2020: Beginning today, I will no longer accept edits which are not done the correct way, which is through the edit tab. This way it will be certain the correct memorial is updated plus will save time for me having to look up the memorials and HOPE I have the right one. PLEASE be considerate, most of us have life outside of the computer.

As hard as it is for some to understand, children can NOT be added to parents. PLEASE send those edits to the manager of the child.

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