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My husband and myself were very active in military support. We are former members of the SC Chapter of Rolling Thunder, Greg was VP of the Legion Riders and the Jr. VP of the American Legion. He also held office of Commander at VFW Post 9811, where I held office of Jr. VP Ladies Auxilliary.

My husband served two tours of Vietnam. I am very proud of my honey. We lived a useful and full filling life.

Greg died July 31 from inoperable lung cancer. He was my soulmate and much missed. I will love him forever and a day.

All contributor's can be contacted via the edit tab. That is the much preferred method of contact as it has links to the memorial in question. Saying a contributor is not taking messages simply shows you are a novice, being able to be contacted is a main requirement of membership.

DO NOT CONTACT ME THROUGH FACEBOOK. Facebook is totally different from this site and is my leisure site. I will be your friend on facebook, BUT I do not accept edits except through the Find a Grave system, nor will I discuss find a grave edits.

Any veteran who has served honorably in a time of war may bear the title of the highest grade held during that war. This right is conferred by Congress in law by 10 US Code 772 Section (e)

I recently had a stroke and surgery. I can not nor will not abide pressure. I follow the rules. This is supposed to be a fun past time, not a pressure cooker for unreasonable demands.

PLEASE remember the definition of VOLUNTEER:
Volunteer: by definition means a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

If you are requesting added name changes that are not on the marker, you MUST provide true documentation. PLEASE NOTE: Request for documentation is a copy of the actual documentation. Once again, it is tiresome when family asks where info came from or what gives me the right to create name changes the family didn't desire or are non existant.

I have removed my Family virtual cemetery . Adding to this site only requires the correct cemetery names and dates. The edit tab exists for corrections. Who I am and/or who I am kin to is MY PERSONAL information. Find a grave does NOT require DNA in order to add to the site. I am just tired of the stalking abilities when adding too much personal info.

IF you think perhaps you are kin, it is OK to send an edit and ask. I will help all I can for true family.

PLEASE do NOT send the names of children and expect they be linked. Anyone who has been on this site long enough knows parents can not be linked to children. Edit needs to go to the child's contributor. I was answering every request explaining why this couldn't be done. However these requests continue. I will no longer respond to them as I have explained why it can't be done much too often.

I enjoy making corrections, but I get dozens of edits weekly that I can do nothing about. PLEASE take note, it is not unusual for me to have 50 edits and about 1/2 of them not valid, meaning I can do nothing with them.

Same thing for double edits, to link a couple only one edit is needed, you do not need to also send an edit for the other to be linked as well. NOR do you need to send an email explaining the edit request. ALL edits are researched to ensure they are correct. Please show respect and not cause undue work.

I do try to research every edit, after all it is me who gets scathing messages from "family" over edits sent.

PLEASE REALIZE I get many edits. Have respect not to send double edits and edits that are not possible to make.

PLEASE show respect, this is not a job that I get paid for and I do work full time as well as have a life outside this site.

It is totally amazing how transfer requests have so much info they want to add, but won't send edits without ownership.

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