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It's Find A Grave – not Find An Obituary.
Contributors are moving their Burial Unknown to the correct cemetery based upon my finding the correct burial location, consequently giving the appearance that I'm creating duplicate memorials. When a person is entering memorials in a specific cemetery they aren't required to search the entire site. For example, there are over 45,000 records if searching for James Smith; and from past experience, memorials (such as Jim Smith) will be missing from the search results. A duplicate memorial with a correct known burial location will always be preferred over an unknown burial location. If a member doesn't update a memorial to the correct burial location within 30 days, then that memorial will be the one deleted, even if it was created first:
• The first memorial in the correct cemetery will be kept.
• A marked cenotaph in a cemetery is kept over alternate dispositions.

A cenotaph is a marker within a cemetery placed in honor of a person whose remains are elsewhere. It is possible for a deceased person to have multiple memorials due to having cenotaphs. Each headstone or marker (in different cemetery locations) should have its own memorial.

Obits, links, and information on many memorials have been submitted by others – accuracy is not guaranteed. If there is an error, it's likely from an edit sent to me to post (or from the default automatically-accepted edit). Allow several weeks for edits to be processed – longer for messages by email – when time permits. I receive a large quantity of messages so it's highly unlikely that I'll reply. Repeated messages for the same edit only adds to my backlog. Note: Even though I added a photo to a memorial, I may not manage that memorial and therefore I cannot edit information on that memorial.

Do not copy my photos and use them on other memorials (you are attributing the photos as your own when you use them). The "Memorials with no grave photo" search feature is ineffective when an outdated photo from an older memorial is copied to a new memorial (usually the departed spouse). I do report copied photos and they are removed.

Determine if you really need the memorial transferred to you for management. Only request a transfer if you have extensive changes to make to a memorial. You can add photos and suggest corrections without the need to manage a memorial. Simply having someone in your family tree is not sufficient to request a transfer. With millions of members, there will be many overlapping family trees and it would be impossible for all members to manage their entire tree. I've had distant relatives of the departed compete for the same memorial; I cannot please everyone. Typically, when I do transfer a memorial, nothing is added to the memorial by the new manager.

The 'last name' on the memorial must match the name that is on the headstone (however, the powers that be often flout this guideline/rule). I will include any other married names as part of the biography section.

I add rank only for armed services personnel that either died in service or retired from a military career. When entering civilian life after a brief time in service, most people do not carry the rank with them. A post from the forum: "The military headstone will say something like 'John Doe PFC US Army' but that does not mean I should enter it as 'PFC John Doe' (who died aged 80)."

The memorial GPS burial coordinates help anyone to visit the grave by walking directly to it; it's not for entering the general coordinates of the cemetery.

With the photo enlargement feature on the memorials, I usually don't take close-up photos of a stone. To enlarge a photograph on a memorial page, click on the photo once to get a slightly larger photo. Click on "View original" and this will enlarge it more. Then, clicking on this picture will increase it to full size.

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