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We do not link to burial unknowns .

Edits should be accompanied with documentation unless it is obvious with information that is already on the memorial such as grave stone, obit etc. Please do not use someones family tree as documentation. And a census is not documentation.

The Find a Grave search now will pick up surnames with or without spaces . We will continue to use spaces when indicated on the gravestone, otherwise it will be exactly as on the stone.

Please understand what a grave coordinate is. It can only be achieved by standing at that grave site. You should not send a coordinate that is posted on the cemetery map since it is not from the grave site, only the cemetery itself. It would not help anyone locate the grave site, only the cemetery.

Please do not use the message board to request transfers or to provide documentation. You will do all the managers a favor if you use the Suggest Other Corrections on the edit page of the memorial in question. We will no longer respond to those messages left on the our message board. We do not want to remove our message board because it is a valuable tool when used correctly.
Use of rank/rating is reserved for those who retire or die while enlisted. Officers and enlisted personnel who resign their rank/rating are prohibited from using them as a part of their name after their service.( The Official Guide to Names, Titles, & Forms of Address )

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