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Overseeing the following cemeteries:

Tippecanoe Memory Gardens (West Lafayette, IN)
Rest Haven Memorial Park (Lafayette, IN)
Masonic Cemetery (Delphi, IN)
IOOF Riverview Cemetery (Monticello, IN)
Elmwood Cemetery (Romney, IN)
Meadow View Cemetery (Lafayette, IN)
Wyandotte Cemetery (rural Tippecanoe County, IN)

My paternal family is originally from Kentucky (the counties of Hardin, Larue and Powell), having settled in Lafayette, IN and surrounding areas in the late 1950s. My maternal family is originally from northeastern Indiana (the counties of Allen, Noble, Whitley and Kosciusko) and settled in Lafayette, IN in the 1980s.

I have been into genealogy and grave finding for many years. Every day, I use Find A Grave to create new memorials, link relatives, add and/or correct information, etc. Please ask me first if you need physical documentation before handling edits. My sources are from:

-Birth/death certificates
-Marriage licenses
-Military records
-Social security applications
-Public records
-Knowledgeable descendants

I will also add, remove or change information within reason when definitive proof is given. As for transfers, I will only transfer memorials to those who give their relation to the decedent and when I can verify such. Mass transfers will not be done. I DO NOT link to unknown burials and guess dispositions. Please research first as to one's disposition before creating a individual's memorial and linking them to family.

Before using Find A Grave, please remember that this site has Terms of Service and rules/guidelines just like any other site and must be followed. Any questions about the site and its usage can be found in the Help section, located at the bottom of the main screen. Regardless if the memorial is of your relative, friend or "ancestor", the way their memorial is made must match the guidelines to prevent further problems with naming, linking, etc. Find A Grave will be notified if necessary corrections are not made.

When creating a memorial, please use the Search option to make sure that the person you are making a memorial for doesn't already have one. If they do not have one and you have knowledge of their final disposition, add them. If you do not know the final disposition, please do not add them until more information can be gathered.

- Cenotaphs. In instances where a person has two burial locations, both are acceptable. Only family links are to be attached to the memorial where the person is actually buried. The cenotaph (former burial location) can be linked through the Bio section of a memorial as a means of "linking".

- Linking. When using a memorial's ID number to link a person to their spouse(s), only one of the spouses need to be linked in order for both to show up as linked to each other. To have a person's siblings linked to them, simply link the father and mother to each child and they will all show as being linked to one another.

- Naming conventions. Each part of a person's name must go into the corresponding fields on a memorial (Prefix, First, Middle, Last, Maiden, Nickname, Suffix). If the full name is known, this is to be added to the proper naming fields. If a woman was single or divorced, her birth surname goes in the Last Name field and not the Maiden Name field. Please do not add multiple parts of a name in a field it does not belong in (this is wordy, grammatically incorrect and problematic). Punctuations marks are not allowed in any name field, unless it was part of their name (apostrophes and hyphens ONLY). Nicknames are automatically wrapped with quotation marks when added and maiden names are automatically Italicized when added. Unnamed infants are to be named by gender if known (ex. Infant Son Smith, Infant Daughter Smith), as multiple listings with the same surname may arise in a cemetery and this cuts back on confusion.

- Duplicates. If there is more than one memorial of the same person listed in a cemetery (or one in a cemetery and the other listed as "burial unknown"), please use the ID number on the correct memorial and use the Report Duplicate option within the Edit option to request a merge. The two memorials will be merged within a reasonable amount of time and the memorial listed correctly will more than likely be kept, regardless of when it was made. If a person is incorrectly listed as being in two different cemeteries, and you have proof of such, please provide this information in a message attached to the merge option. Cenotaphs do not need to be merged with the actual burial location unless more than one or two of the same person are incorrectly listed.

To ensure that matters run smoothly, please DO NOT:

- Add unknown burials and cremations as matter of course. The point of Find A Grave is to log burials, not adding an entire family tree or scanning obituaries with no service details listed.
- Knowingly add someone who already has a memorial. They will be merged with a memorial created prior and/or one that was/is in the correct disposition first. If you are adding an existing person because they are a relative or friend, ask the contributor for a transfer instead of making a duplicate. However, some may not transfer beyond the guidelines that state that only the first four generations may be transferred.
-Gather mass amounts of memorials as means of gaining a "higher memorial number count" with no intention of updating them. Such neediness will be reported to Find A Grave.
- Add factual data (birth/death dates, parts of a name, relative links) to the bio field. Each goes in their corresponding field, as that is what they are there for. The bio field is only to list a person's "life story" and discrepancies on the person's headstone (spelling of a name, errors in dates, etc).
- Post in all CAPS. Not only is this not grammatically correct, but is against Find A Grave guidelines and will be noted if not corrected.
- Callously disregard and ignore a contributor's suggestions, corrections and additions, with or without explanation. Please remember that several people are working to make memorials up-to-date, error-free and walking through cemeteries to add those who are not listed on Find A Grave. Such behavior will be reported and handled promptly.
- Add grim details and/or photos to a memorial, as this violates Find A Grave's guidelines. These will be reported and removed.
- Remove data that is already in place or was suggested, unless it is in error. Desecration of one's memorial will be reported.
- Leave inflammatory/derogatory messages, virtual flowers, biographical information and suggestions. Such conduct will be reported.

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