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I have & i Do make mistakes---No One is Perfect ... ღ..
"Remember 'Do Unto Others -Kindness is free. ' we are all doing the same work here! Volunteers of our time to make this site a GREAT site! No need for rude messages/suggestion. Mama always said " Be the better person, be kind-even of it kills ya"!

I also get my edits & suggestions done ASAP.. I do appreciate the same courtesy from active members. A few will send me edits and never Ok the ones they are sent.
I do VERIFy them. and I Research!
My bio states over 5 year member ~ Have been a FAG member for over 13 years ~ different acct~ lost it (X-Husband) ~ New acct & was not a full time contributor until 2017.
I fell in Love with Genealogy in 1980~ haven't stopped. Got info running out my ears! I have kin in 14 States, 7 countries and 365 other locations! I can give ya'll some kin folks ~if Ya need new ones~living of course! ! Just Saying (Smile *~*)
Transfers - Transfer Policy : Polietly Ask!!!
Tell me your exact relationship. We Might be Kin Folks!!
Please Read the Find a Grave guidelines for transferring memorials.
F.A.G. transfer policy: Transfer requests should be for direct relatives within four generations. Parents -Grandparent-Great-Grandparents- or Siblings ..

Not your cousins.. or your fathers cousins or your mothers cousins.
or your grandma's niece.. Other folks are direct relatives of the Same Ancestors, I am getttg Lots of people in Same Families use this site- (so this could be a overflow -of you want and they want--same person-. Help section is great for understanding this is Not intended to be a family tree-per say~
I Do Not Have all my Ancestors .Just saying! .. I got a Virtual family folder for that!
When you ask ; Please also State your exact relationship, please. If you are seeking to have all my family together, use the virtual cemetery option. AND Virtual cemeteries are great for adding all your family members, cousins, aunts, friends, ect. Dogs, cats, next door neighbors. ♡ even an X or 2!
Edits should be thru the edit suggestion Process. Not as a message left on my wall.
Keep in mind, you can send an edit to link parents without asking for Transfers. I send lots of edits to link spouses, parents, children to parents, siblings, ect. If You one day happen to find a family member linked, Thank some one , that took their time to research, hunt, decifer and were kind enought to further the generations. Those edits and links are very valuable resources. It is always a pleasure to me, if just one person, I can help, benefits form my search and time..
IF you have info, info , ect. and it is """" not""" already added to Bio. . Please send thru the edit suggestion or a message.. Please Do Not add it as an other Photo ! I will add to bio-just send it.
When I add memorials , its with Respect and Remberance . most I knew at one time or another and many that of those I do not know, ?.because their family may search for them one day and find them here, and be thankful someone took the time to add them and their info. There are many volunteers, doing this each day! And I add as much info as possible. I extend every resource, they deserve to be remembered. More than just a Name and/or date ! If one person finds a relative, from my work on this site, then it's so rewarding.
When I photograph a cemetery- IF I add a pre-need its Unintentional.
So we do More than just add a name or dates to memorials. We photograph and research, and links as much as possible. That means; a person to their parents and a spouse to their spouse, or spouses. That's is a common courtesy, one does on this site.
Photo Request --we fulfill those when and IF we can Find A headstone With that being said. as of January 1. 2021. this is included in the photo request:"There is no plot information for this memorial. Your photo request is more likely to be fulfilled if you contact the cemetery to get the plot information and include it with your request."....
BUT ......
Only 1 cemetery in the county has an office that plot records are kept. (Which I have plot info and locations for, that particular cemetery. I also have plot info on several other county cemeteries.
Sorry But we can't run over to one of the 376 cemeteries in the county and ask where Great Grand Auntie is buried or Uncle Ted's cousins.
No records of burials are kept by Many smaller back yard/ hill side/ out in the bushes cemeteries ; so plot info is not there!
"Remember 'Do Unto Others -Kindness is free. Think.. '
I Do appreciate those suggestion that send proof, and I also give credit to those who send links and provide suggestions. Before I send anyone an edit I do research .. I do not just -guess !
Just because you found it on Ancestry.Com or Family Search don't make it the True . Too many people change info on Family search.. I found my own grandma married to her brother on one. Found 7 trees and only 1 had the correct linage info.. Hello--research people- research. Cenus , marriage, deaths, cemetery records.. Get out in the graveyard or Library and get off your couch and research!! You know how to use a P C - let your fingers do the walking! But Verify your edits! Do Your OWN FAmily Tree research and you Know it is Correct!
With edits & suggestions_ I appreciate a reliable source.
And when you send me a message here on my wall , Please include the memorial Number for the person you refer to. I Can't Read minds!
Big thank you to all Ya"ll great Folks out There that give us Photo
Credits on adding the photos we take to your family trees... I sure do Apprectiate ya'll! Enjoy !
Do Not Copy or clip or screenshot our Photos that we took and Add back to Find A Grave, as yours . Bad, bad, bad. Photos should not be added from any other source, other than what you took yourdelf.
We have for many years compiled cemeteries. Tromped thru the weeds, grass, ticks, bugs, and gunk, cleaned grass, brushed weeds , wiped leaves , sweated and froze to take those beloved ancestral headstone photos; that very soon will be lost to the elements. This site has become the new visual Cemetery Books. and IT's GREAT! Our county has 2 Cemetery books . which were additions since the first #1) entire county cemetery was compiled before 1989. Total books 3! And 2 marriage books; years of,1848-to 1950 & 1951-1999. * We helped decipher 1850, 60 70 & 80 census books back in the 1990's. We work with the Funeral Home's here & the grave diggers to help each other as much as possible when needed.
We photograph many stones. I usually add 3. one for location , one for
complete headstone, ( just so you know there is a spouse, and lastly but most important, a Readable -close up of Name -birth and death).
No shadows of myself, No ugly animals, no Toes (I cut my toes off) and not 20 feet away!
And we cover as many as we can.
Thank you._**_ღ
God Bless you Allღ every day!
~ Keep on Smiling ~Don't fall in a hole, get tick bite, bug bite, or snake bite.

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