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Blessed with awesome parents and exceptional children!

We live as long as we are remembered - old proverb
-16 years a member! My hobbies are: gardening, knitting, crocheting, sewing and reading and of course genealogy. I am forever grateful for the women before me - THAT WOULD BE MY ANCESTORS with the same DNA.
My interest in cemeteries and headstones started many many years ago, when my parents moved us from a little town to the city. The corner of our yard met the corner of a cemetery, so all the neighborhood kids played in the acres and acres of cemetery, complete with a pond for fishing and ice skating........what wonderful memories, thank you Mom and Dad.......the very best parents ever. You both believed in *respect, discipline and training, you were also criticized for those beliefs by mental midgets* I enjoy visiting cemeteries and find them some of the most peaceful places on earth, unless it's in the middle of a cornfield, with absolutely no trees, sad for my maternal family.
It is disturbing to me that so many people go out and collect the information on headstones, add it here, just so they can built up their count, not for the purpose of memorial, but for the numbers. Guess that is human nature though, greedy, fake ....(do gooders) what's better is, it will not get them where they are expecting to go any faster than anyone else! FACT!

I have been working at my own genealogy for the past 40 plus years! Thank you cousin Pam Mikels Nason for helping me to lay down that first piece of my family's puzzle so many years ago,still laughing about the LDS thing...........anyone can add whatever, it still makes me laugh to tears. You would be so excited over the research that has brought us new information, laughing and having a wonderful time, love you always! Thank you aunt Laura Mikels Schnepp for the wonderful photos and the awesome stories, very happy I have them documented today. Always love doing my own research, meeting all the wonderful people along the way, meeting new family members and fellow researchers!

For my parents, how thankful I am to have had you! For my father, thank you for your guidance and moral support, you were so right, he did it all on his own, no Tudors, no one paying his way........he is successful just like you said he would be, he is so like you Dad! Thank god - he believes in RESPECT,DISCIPLINE & TRAINING!
Mom and Dad, you were so right about whom NOT TO TRUST! Mom you would love the research done, and what DNA has brought forward.

One thing that humbles me deeply is that genius has limits, when human stupidity has no *...
A. Dumas

Death is a heartache no one can heal, Love is a memory No one can STEAL!!


Consort and relic refer to a spouse, usually to women. A consort is a husband or wife of a living spouse. A relic is a widow.

Eyes that see............
look who is watching.................KARMA

Grateful for intelligent family, that see through phony, they know.

Oh ye mental midgets
for someone must always carry ye. Aye no sissies, F.O.C.U.S.

fact: black widows kill*************
about those nasty brown recluse!

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