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Please! If a memorial of mine has an obituary in the bio, do not add a picture of their obituary.

I started saving all accepted duplicate merges… So far over 200. Do everyone a favor and check before you add. What's even crazier, is some contributors will add the same picture to duplicate memorials…. Even if they added one of the memorials!????

Duplicates are easy to avoid.... and - please don't add a lot of information with your flower, if it is important, send it in an edit or message to the contributor. Let them add it if they want to.

Just to let you know, when I add a death certificate to a memorial (even though they are wrong on some things- sometimes) it is still a verifiable document. For location of death, burial or cremation and more information.

I follow the guidelines with transfers. I am not being greedy or selfish, but sometimes I will make exceptions...

I am a BANTA descendant - one of the largest families in America. My closest Banta ancestor is Sally Banta (Fulton) Long. She is my 3rd great-grandmother ..

I do this to honor and respect all that are here, and believe we should tell their stories, connecting them to their families and sharing what we know or find about them.
We do this by being kind and courteous of each other, and by being the same to each one of them.
timeanddate.com For complete dates

I spend a very long time researching my memorials, and will admit I make mistakes. There are so many places online to find information and my local library has great resources, but all you find, is not always the whole story. So I am always looking..
Family names: Aitkens and various spellings, Altic/Altick/Altiq, Allison, Arney, Banta, Bagby, Baxter, Blankenship/Blankinship, Brown, Bush, Cohee, Cunningham, Demaree, Fulton, Harden/Hardin, Long, Luster, O'Cain, Perrine, Rasberry/Raspberry, Sears, Shuck, Swift, Vincent and several more.....
I have always liked history and genealogy. For over twenty five years I have researched my family tree, and also have done extensive research on Tipton and surrounding counties in Indiana. If you find a mistake in my memorials, it will be checked out and corrected. Please do not send nasty-grams, if I upset you over a suggestion.

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