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July featured Sewol memorial: Yongjin Kim, age 17


On April 16, 2014, the ferry Sewol, en route from Incheon to Jeju Island in South Korea, capsized. Most of the passengers were high school sophomores on a field trip. As the ship sank, the children were ordered to stay in their cabins, and most of the kids obeyed that order. A small number of people on deck were rescued, but the people inside the ship were abandoned by most of the crew and coast guard. The ship took three hours to sink. During that time, the kids recorded videos, took pictures and called their families before they all eventually drowned or died of hypothermia. In the end, 250 kids were killed. All of the children, plus a few teachers, other passengers and crew, are highlighted here. I also have the kids and teachers listed by classroom number on the right. I ask that you please see the faces of these children. Read their stories. Maybe pick a child you feel compelled to pray for, keep their family in your thoughts. This was a horrible, devastating event that should never have happened, and entire communities are still reeling from this loss. Please, remember the victims of the Sewol Ferry Sinking. Remember April 16, 2014.

July Sewol Birthdays

Sewol Student Victims by Class Number

- Class #1 - Girls - **Fully Sponsored**
- Class #2 - Girls - **Fully Sponsored**
- Class #3 - Girls
- Class #4 - Boys
- Class #5 - Boys
- Class #6 - Boys
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A beautiful, talented human being, loved and missed eternally - Jonghyun

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