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May 11, thank you for stopping by to bring flowers to Charles.

Blessings to you and your loved ones ~
Piccolo Fiore Dove Vai ~ ♥
Little Flower Where Are You Going?
♥ Robert BD 3/17
♥ Timmy, Tim & Tammie's Precious Son
♥ Line Of Duty Dan McCartney AD 1/8
USAF Loss Date Jan 20, 1968 F-4C NVN. With him was
Two Young Soldiers:
♥ PFC Steven Hodges AD 6/1/2019
♥ PFC Kevin James Christian AD 6/29/19

I am surviving cancer, overwhelmed, exhausted.
I see every flower and it means the world to me that you stopped by. I apologize for missing special days. I will be flowering at random.

It's been a long recovery. May 25, 2019 Please Be Safe.
A DRUNK DRIVER! HIT! MY SON and HIS GIRLFRIEND as they were bicycling. They survived with concussion bruises broken bones contusions spinal fracture emotionally traumatized.

Pure Grace aka w.w.w. ~ I'm Creating a Friends List from Charles' Visitors.
Again, Thank You!
♥ My Endless Love Charles
"I would do it all over again just to be with you".
♥ My Dad
♥ Fur Baby Wee Willie
♥ Baby Natalie 4 Mo AD 8/4/19
♥ Baby Girl Sawyer BD/AD Oct 15
♥ Cassandra Age 4 AD 6/28/04
Cassandra was tortured by her mother and the mother's boyfriend. When they later found her dead, they buried her in the woods near Klamath Falls, Oregon. https://www.heraldandnews.com/news/local_news/mom-sentenced-for-child-s-death/article_cd80fab4-8f86-5d35-a5d8-2b9514faae01.html
♥ Line Of Duty Jake Gutierrez AD 11/30/16
♥ Dear Friend and Contributor Delma Dallefeld AD 3/30/19
♥ Samantha and Her Two Children AD 3/13/18

I'm sorry if I have missed flowering your loved ones. Since 2015 hundreds of AD and BD were unchecked from my virtuals on the old site at random, yours and mine. Links and Revising My Memorials Are Works In Progress.

.....and To My Find A Grave Friends.. You have such kind and generous hearts. Every visit, token and written word that you choose for my memorials, I take to heart. May 2017 Emergency, I have not fully returned, I am surviving~
June 3rd Cancer Survivors Day and Repeat Day ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Bless You All For So Graciously Stopping By Throughout The Years. My Heart Aches, Charles Is Not By My Side ; ; His Memorial Would Be The Best Gift.

I became a member because I Lost The Love of My Life Charles. Charles and I lived our lives together and his memorial is being kept from me.
To everyone, thank you for your continued support.
I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Morally simple~ Memorials are people~ Simply request a transfer ~
October Awareness and Always~

Life without him goes beyond a broken heart.

~My Love~
~Now I Know What My Tears Are Worth~

♥I close my eyes to listen to the sentences Charles had said. In these sentences are little excerpts from his love ballads, like messages in bottles. He left these for me to figure out later♥

♥I hear him singing:Truly q3MWaN-8gcY
♥He loved to sing:My Prayer Fb3H4_kITLk
♥Last song I heard him sing:Stuck On You wAmDqtGehEM
♥His song to me:We Belong Together SeCpQ6n5YwU

♥Charles looked at me and said, 'Endless Love' that's it, that's 'Our' duet. I made my mind up, we'll work on it. You can do it Babe♥bAqz0AwLRjk

"The Dr.'s said I had to let you go Babe".
♥I Will Never Let You Know fRneShwd_7Y
♥Lately lNbJJ1ykoXo
♥Still In Love BWS0NKa2VGo
"Thank you Babe for every song from the start ... I didn't even have to ask ... As you sang your love straight to my heart.I'm .. I'm .. I'm .. I'm Still in love with you"August ❤Anniversaries

With Tears Falling From My Heart ⊹
All That Was Left Was To Write Out Precious Memories

⊹ ⊹ I walk with grace ⊹ I want no glory ⊹ ⊹

The Truth is more important than the Facts
⟡ Frank Lloyd Wright ⟡

❀ My Sweet Magnolia ❀ Bloom to Your Hearts Desire ❀
I will always Love You

In Life They Loved
In Death They Are Not Divided

Death Ends A Life Not A Relationship
Jack Lemmon


Navy Seals Ethos, "I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions".

ARMY VALUES: Loyalty Duty Respect Selfless-Service Honor Integrity Personal-Courage

♥MY BELOVED Charles Tripp d.May 11, 2012

How many times did I go through ... and now still go through ... him dying ? Have you ever been a caregiver for your loved one ?

For Charles and I, I've given my heartfelt Thank You's to those that have been loving, supportive and instrumental in our journey.

Those of you who have been 'currently' lovingly caring in this new journey, Thank You for your Comfort as I grieve.

My Endless Love must overpower the pain in my heart. He came into my life, put my hands in his saying you have a new life now with me. Whereas, we became completely committed to one another as a couple. I miss him in every way possible. It is so painful. He showed me Bravery In Life. A RESERVE MARINE 2yrs, 20yrs US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES VNW, GRENADA, PANAMA, PGW Pres. Reagan's assassination attempt 3rd car back, a body guard. He said, he faced the grim reaper many a time. He believed he had a Guardian Angel. His voice, a gift to the world, casting magic singing love ballads. We were passionate about life and family. A Master Mason. He'd say, "Fight for The Oppressed & Adapt and Overcome". That was My Warrior. A short version of my private tribute of our lives together. It is ignominious to not have his memorial in my care to properly honor him. He is more than a memory. I promised him I would always do the right things for him. All my love forever ... puregrace©2014

CAREER US ARMY FATHER, My Hero, My Mentor, A Diplomat, Orphaned Young. He'd be gone on assignment, never knew where. I can still feel how his fatigues felt to my touch. WW II, KOREAN WAR, Vietnam Era (not in country). Too many he was with did not return from VN. Before he passed away he said, get your boots on and be brave~

WEE 'WILLIE' WINKIE my Yorkie rarely left my side. He wore his heart on his furry little arm. I never knew this type of love he was teaching me. This little character emulated me. My little Brave Heart, furry one, I can still hear you Breathe~

GRANDMOTHER KATHERINE My Mentor. She said, don't love something so much that you cannot ever bear to let it go~

My POW/MIA BRACELET I hoped it was a fake. MAJ

It is a Humble Honor continuing the research for our family genealogy book. This keeps everyone alive in my mind & heart.

My memorials were mostly family and works in progress. Unplanned, I took a quaint cemetery named Hope in Florida under my wing to complete the transcribing. I also added some Korean War and WWII Veterans.

Be ethical and don't undercut fellow contributors by creating memorials from their ongoing research, clues from edits and/or photo requests. Filching can result in misinformation.

My loved ones"Though Silent He Speaks" Thornton Arnold Hendrick Hamilton Sullivan Bidestone Wilson Hart Simpson McShaw Johnson Grady McCreevy Osborn Buchenour Herman Keimig Heck Haak ...

None of my Family Photos, Notes, Words, from this site are allowed to be used on or off this site without my consent. Excp: respect personal sweet sentiments as we as members graciously share and exchange flowers.

Our US ARMED FORCES has been a part of me my entire life.

Please Remember The Families♥ Support Our ACTIVE DUTY♥★ VETERANS♥★ WIA♥★ POW♥★ MIA♥★ KIA♥★

Help those with disabilities.. PTSD-------------------------Including the reporting of disability harassment/hate crimes.

Let There Be Love Joy and Peace In Your Lives

Thank You For Your Random Acts Of Kindness

Pure Grace©2014

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