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There seem to be a few of you on here that believe you can be as rude, sarcastic, catty, mean, degrading, resort to name-calling, and bullies on here. I AM NOT YOUR DOORMAT! Yes, I understand grief, but some of you are nothing but glorified keyboard bullies and FAG may tolerate it, but I do not. When a memorial is entered on FAG, please tell me how we KNOW that person's family are members of FAG and want to enter their memorial? YOU DON'T, and then you're all offended because someone else does enter it, so the person is remembered and not forgotten. You're taking a wonderful tool for others to be remembered and family connected and ruining it. There are no rules on when a memorial can be entered. If YOU can't handle that, then that's on you, NOT ME.

Just a quick reminder -

Submitting Edits and Suggestions:
If you send an edit/suggestion or a request with information that is NOT included in the obit without source/proof of your information, your edit/suggestion will be ignored, declined, or deleted. I am not playing and I will not continue to ask you for source/proof, I will just decline the request or delete it. If you've submitted an edit, you obviously have access to the source, so send it with the edit. In other words, show your work! I do not use Family Search. I do occasionally use Ancestry when I can afford a subscription.

I will not try to tell you how to create, edit, or manage your memorials and I expect the same respect. I will not debate the issues with you. It's a waste of time and I will let FAG Admins deal with it. Again, I will stay in my lane and I expect the same from you.

As of May 19, 2021, I will no longer transfer a memorial outside of the guidelines, and requests will be ignored and deleted.

Memorials are transferred for direct relatives within four generations. This includes your spouse, siblings, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Any non-direct relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) are not required to be transferred.

Death Certificates:
PLEASE do not attach death certificates to any of my memorials! If I find them, I will ask FAG to remove them.

Unknown Burials:
Again, I do not link to unknown burials. If you send me an edit to link to them, it will be denied or deleted. No exceptions. I have found this leads to duplicates. This site is called Find A Grave for a reason.

Submitting Edits and Suggestions:
If you send an edit/suggestion or a request with information that is NOT included in the obit without proof of your information, your edit/suggestion will be ignored, declined or deleted. This includes but not limited to, DOB, DOD, where the person was born and died, marriage year, nicknames (if more than one listed, I will leave all of them listed in the bio section only) and ANY other info NOT included in the obituary. Regarding the place of birth and death - please remember that being listed "from" or "of" does not mean that is actually where they were born or died. Example: A obituary stated someone was "of Ridgeway, Virginia" and that is where his death location was listed. However, he actually died in a hospital in Eden, North Carolina. I've been burned too many times with incorrect edits. I don't do guesswork. There won't be any arguing or debating on who's right on either part. Your edit will be ignored/declined/deleted without the proof or source where the information was obtained. I do not claim to be perfect and if I missed the information that is included in the obit, please let me know and I will gladly correct it.

Memorial Bio's:
I do not post an entire obit. If you want to read the entire obituary, you can go to the funeral home website and read it. I put the essentials under the bio only and please do not ask for me to do otherwise.

Messages and Suggestions:
I ignore all rude, snarky, and mean messages. I will simply forward them to FAG and let them deal with it. It's a waste of time to argue with others.

You can contact me by clicking on any edit I created and select "Suggest Edits" and then "Suggest Other Corrections

Family names: Compton, Hutchens, Pickurel/Pickerel/Pickeral, Minter, Morton, Throckmorton, Curry, Manuel, Key, Shelor, and Haynes.

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