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Transfer Request will gladly be granted within the FAG Guidelines which is:

Memorials are transferred for direct relatives within four generations. This includes your spouse, siblings, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Effective immediately - Again, I find it necessary to disable messages because of instead of requesting changes through the proper edit tab, including transfers, I receive a message with no information that includes no profile number to transfer to. If you request a transfer of your loved one, that is fine, but if you send me a request and name your Mother, but give me a bogus name as her daughter such as "lytlebugd" and not a real name, then you need to contact FAG for your transfer.

I will no longer enter a place of death or birth unless the obit specifically states where the person passed away or was born. For example: My Father's obit stated he was from Ridgeway Virginia, but he died in Eden North Carolina. Just because the obit states the person is from somewhere, does NOT mean they died there or was born there.
I need proof of your edits in writing. I now keep written documentation of all edits sent to me. If you personally know where a person was born or deceased, again, send it to me in writing stating this. A simple I know the family and know they were born (fill in the blank) and passed away at (fill in the blank) will suffice. Again, if it is too much for you to do this, please feel free to contact FAG directly for the edit. There is no need to be snarky, rude, demanding or threatening. All those types of emails will be sent directly to FAG. I do not respond to threats or violence, I never have backed down from a bully, even an internet keyboard or phone one, and don't plan on it now.

I no longer link to unknown memorials.

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