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MY DAD- Louis Howard White

PLEASE don't ask me to link to memorials with Unknown burial place. Such memorials are against the Guidelines. That is the reason those memorials weren't already created by others.

PLEASE do not ask me to add redundant info you copied from somewhere to Bio's I have researched and written myself. I will add NEW facts if you provide the statement and a record source. If any details are in dispute, I will mention this in the Bio. But I probably won't change dates, names, or relationships I have simply because you saw something on another family tree or in a book.

INTERESTING NEW POLICY- Apparently Findagrave is testing a new practice of instant transfer to contributors who request a specific memorial currently managed by administrators. I suspect that Edits and Bio submissions are overwhelming them. Must agree to Terms.

THANK YOU to the many thoughtful and generous contributors who help each other and willingly transfer memorials as I do. There are so many kind and dedicated folks working tirelessly on this all volunteer project. This was my hobby for almost four years. However, I do not like the pettiness of some people on here and administrators who cater to certain bulk producers instead of appreciating each of us who made Findagrave what it is today. For various reasons I question whether our memorials will remain intact as we created them.

Findagrave is a vastly under utilized resource. Millions and millions of abandoned memorials and too difficult to get Bio's added to empty memorials of our relatives (submissions are sometimes ignored by active contributors as well). For years this was an ineffective site for new users searching for ancestors. The memorials for my relatives often used name variations or misspelled surnames and misread tombstone dates, so it was difficult to find them until they were linked to other family members. Also, the search feature cannot locate non-cemetery burials - which is how many family graveyards are listed on here. Fortunately, many of us spent the time to add full dates, correct the typo's, and link parents, spouses, and children so others could easily navigate this site in the future. I add memorial entries for my relatives and also family friends and veterans. Much of the work I have done involves editing existing memorials, linking memorials, and adding general information such as occupation or military service. If an ancestor is missing in the chain, I try to find information to create a new memorial.

My purpose was both genealogy and memorializing. The original Findagrave tribute was the best online format for photos, biographical information, and family links. It allowed memorials to become a virtual cemetery for relatives that will never be able to visit the place of burial. I do not like the new style that seems to have replaced these pages. Viewers cannot even see the entire memorial or print it out now. And lastly, I appreciate the contributors that added memorials because they believe in historic preservation of cemeteries, but there is more to this website now. And yes, the creator of Findagrave encourages memorials to our pets. It will hopefully be a place for permanent tributes to people and companion animals.

*I gladly TRANSFER memorials by guidelines and more (sibling, parent, grandparent, great-grandparent are mandatory). If you want someone because you have a connection to them (and I don't) or, if you have written a long bio- just ask. Some of us spend many hours working on a small family group just because we stumbled onto their records while researching our own family. I hope to transfer those memorials to related contributors who will continue to maintain and expand them. My goal is to manage just my own ancestors and perhaps family friends. Regarding contributors who don't feel like adding biographical data submitted by relatives, why don't you just transfer those memorials when politely asked?

*Interesting FAQ from Findagrave: Our Terms of Service allow photos posted to Find A Grave to be shared amongst the Ancestry Community. As a result, you can post photos you found on Find A Grave to your Find A Grave memorials or on other Ancestry Community websites.

*The majority of my burial locations come from death certificates, but a few come from published genealogies at historical societies as well as cemetery transcriptions. It is odd that famous individuals are allowed to have a memorial with no burial location, but not our own ancestors! You will find some contributors who won't acknowledge a memorial and link it to family if they haven't personally observed the marker in a historic cemetery (even though stones were visible a century ago when transcribed). I simply think to myself, how sad that a fellow contributor endeavors to block memorials which someone's own family research or cemetery hunting has indicated are correctly placed. Yet there are still millions of inappropriate 'unknown burial' memorials and millions of duplicates!

*If you like to leave flower tokens, please visit the beloved children of my great Aunt Mary Hershey- Arden and Alta. And my paternal grandma's baby sister Annie who died in Liverpool at Christmastime 1899 on the way to America.

*This kind man, Pete Aymen, served in two world wars and is deserving of remembrance as a veteran. He was my 'step' grandfather and never had any children of his own.

FYI-When composing my memorials, I never copy and paste anything written by someone else. I use multiple sources and write my own 'bio', or I put selected extracts in quotes (and credit the source). People on other sites are copying my Findagrave biographies and family histories, not the other way around. Much of this information was researched by me almost 20 years ago and I shared it with several individuals on Ancestry. AMAZING to see how so many people have based their ENTIRE Ancestry tree on just the information copied from my memorials without even mentioning this source or sharing so much as a photo on here. Then they copy each other's trees verbatim without doing any original research to add to the genealogy!

NOTE-UNFORTUNATELY, many links within my memorials have been disrupted by the new Findagrave format and I will be unable to go back and fix all of them.

I appreciate everyone who visits these memorials! I usually leave an angel or a veteran token at memorials I am searching through, although I am not a regular flowerer.

I still enjoy friendly messages from related individuals! Do EDITS directly from the memorial and please, NEW INFO ONLY (as detailed at top). But I can longer reply to genealogical queries or "where did you get this info." Most folks don't even acknowledge my often detailed responses, or reciprocate by answering questions I have. [10/2021]

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