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I will still be here, as long as you hold me in your memory. Remember me. ~~Josh Groban~~

**I will not link to UNKNOWN BURIALS over 30 days old**
**Use the MEMORIAL EDIT/SUGGESTION OPTION ON THE MEMORIAL** for memorial updates requests, transfer requests or inquiries for ANY memorial. I DELETE messages left here.

My tree was done generations ago, thanks to my ancestors. My time is spent on research, linking memorials, merging duplicates and connecting the dots. My virtual flowers now represent linking and edits.

I take my heritage, 'graving' and documentation very seriously and most respectfully. Accuracy is of the most utmost importance to me, not who 'owns' a memorial. If I have made an error, please, please, let me know, politely. If you are rude, I will ignore you.
This was a wondrous site where the upcoming generations can easily find their history and ancestors. Even after we are gone, our work will remain. Thank you, Findagrave.
We are all simply the guardians of those we have kindly added until their family comes along. I am eager to transfer anyone who is not family to family. BUT, request through the system, not here, not email! Demands will be ignored, "please" is simply common courtesy.
** I spend over half my time on Findagrave JUST sending edits to admin for duplicates. PLEASE double check before you add a historical person from the 1600's or back. Most likely, they have already been added.
** PLEASE read the FAQ concerning BURIALS UNKNOWN. They are to be used for RECENT deaths only, not your 176th great grandfather whose burial is 'not located yet.' I adhered to the rules, please do the same. I will not link to an unknown burial.
** If your pictures are crooked, of poor quality, out of focus, too dark to read, taken at night, shadowed, or the stone is covered in dirt or weeds, or your finger was in front of the lens, I will add my photo on the memorial. I apologize, I do not intend to offend. It is not out of disrespect for the other photographer, it is out of respect for the deceased and the family who might appreciate a good photo of the stone. Please have the gumption and consideration to post only decent, well thought out photos.

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