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Thank You To Everyone Leaving Flowers And Notes On My Memorials.

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27th ~ Ethel McNutt ~ My Mom's Mother

7-1-2021 ~ 12-31-2021
MIAMI CONDO COLLAPSE (95 Dead, 14 Missing), Matiss
Kivienieks (Blue Jackets), RICHARD DONNER, Terry Donohue, SANFORD CLARK, Raffaella Carra, Jovenal Moise, Ayesha K. Faines, Robert Downey, Senior, Suzzane Douglas, Chick Vennera, Dolores Avery, Henry Parham, WILLIAM SMITH (Falconetti, Jack Wilson), Edwin Edwards, Charlie Robinson, Paul Mr. Wonderful Orndorff, JEFF LaBAR, Shirley Fry Irvin, GERMAN AND BELGIAN FLOOD VICTIMS (48), Biz Markie, Mat George, William F. Nolan, Gloria Richardson, ROBBIE STEINHARDT (Kansas), Jerry Lewis, Jerry Granelli, GARY CORBETT, Greg Knapp, JACKIE MASON, Mike Enzi, Joey Jordison, Bob Moses, Steven Weinberg, Phyllis Gould, Mike Howe, Rick Aiello, Johnny Ventura, RON POPEIL,Carl Levin, DUSTY HILL, Jay Pickett, Saginaw Grant, AL RAPPA ( The Comets), AUGUST * PAUL COTTON (Poco), Angela Bailey, Willie Winfield, Joan Ullyot, Alvin Ing, Patricia Kennealy ~ Morrison, Razzy Bailey, Arthur French, Richard Trumka, Kelli Hand, Paul Johnson, Bobby Bowden, Markie Post, Trevor Moore, DENNIS THOMAS, JANE WITHERS, BOB JENKINS, Bob Ringwald, Chucky Thompson, Neil Conan, ALEX CORD ,TONY ESPOSITO, Una Stubs, Pat Hitchcock, NANCI GRIFFITH, HAITI EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS (1,941+), Fez Whatley, James Hormel, Kaki Kaji, Dick Schafrath, Joe Walton, Sean Lock, Eloise Greenfield, Sonny Chiba, BILL FREEHAN, Chuck Close, DON EVERLY, TOM T. HALL, Rod Gilbert, Jimmy Hayes, CHARLIE WATTS, TENNESSEE FLOOD VICTIMS (18), Brian Travers, Lucille Times, MICHAEL NADER, Lucille Times, BILL EMERSON, KABUL AIRPORT ATTACK VICTIMS ( 13, 90), Jacques Rogge, Jeanne Robertson, Vivian Milligan, Lee Scratch Perry, ED ASNER, Kenny Malone, RON BUSHY,, Lee Wiliams, RUTH MARX, Gregg Leakes, HURRICANE IDA VICTIMS (25), Carol Fran, SEPTEMBER * Keith McCants, Daffney Unger, Carolyn Shoemaker, David Patten, WILLARD SCOTT, Michael K. Williams, NAVY HELICOPTER CRASH (5), Sarah Harding, Irma Kalish, ERIK COWIE, MIICHAEL CONSTANTINE, Carl Bean, Yolanda Fernandez de Cofino, Art Metrano, Sam Cunningham, Terry Brennan, Mike Tingelhoff, Maria Mendiola, Ben Best, DON COLLIER, GEORGE WEIN, Ruth Olay, Parvis Harrison, NORM MacDONALD, Reuben Klamer, JANE POWELL, Joan Washington, Roger Brown, Anthony Johnson, Ftrd Dakota, Clive Sinclair, SARAH DASH, Leaonard Gibbs, Tim Donelly, Willie Garson, Peter Palmer, AL HARRINGTON, Melvin Van Peebles, PEE WEE ELLIS, Penny Harrington, Roberto Roena, Montana Train Wreck Victims (3), Walter Scott, Jr., Jean Hale, GEORGE FRAYNE IV (Commander Cody), Andrea Martin, Freddy Fu, SUE THOMPSON (Sad Movies, Norman), Mel Thompson, Dr. Lonnie Smith, TOMMY KIRK, Michael Tylo, Marilyn Golden, Armando Gallella, Eilchi Mamamoto, October *Sidney Walton, Myron Dewey, Tom Carroll, ALAN KALTER, Marc Pilcher, Eddie Robinson, Cynthia Harris, Judi Reding, Fuller Goldsmith,

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