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Thanks to everyone who visits my memorials. I really appreciate being able to share my loved ones. Almost all the memorials that I have entered are connected up to my family.

I wish nothing but respect, love, and happiness for all users on this site. I don't appreciate being bullied and will IGNORE such emails, NO matter how many times you write. Emails of this nature Have been and will continue to be forwarded to Find a Grave - ADMIN. (Including harassing emails about FLOWERS).

I think the best part of this site is that people can do what they want to contribute on it and it all works together. Some people like data entry, some people like walking the cemeteries and taking photos, some people like sending biographical info, some people only enter a few family memorials. No contribution is less significant than another when it helps that one person find their family or more information on an ancestor. We are all working together on a bigger puzzle.

Please feel free to add to any memorial that I create. I welcome any edits and updates. I took my contact me off due to the number of edit requests that were being left this page instead of through the edit requests system and SPAM, and Spam, and Spam.... Seriously, you can contact me through ANY one of the memorials that I have created and it is way easier than sending me an email and it sends a handy dandy link to find a grave.

Feel free to contact me through any one of the memorials that I have created accessible on the right hand side of this page.

On the memorials that I have entered, I try to add as much information as I find on each person. That means pretty much everything that I find about the person is entered on the memorial. I do not keep files on each person that I have created a memorial for. I put it all on the memorial. I use all sources that I find available, birth and death records, census, family history's, town history books, library files, online, etc...

FYI - I am a human being, if I made a mistake, please know - that is how you can tell I am Human! I am happy to fix any errors. This human responds better when being spoken nice to. :-) and doesn't respond at all if not.

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I try to leave a flower whenever I visit a page. I usually leave a red flower if I know there is a family connection, however distant. I leave a pink flower if I am just visiting. I leave a yellow flower if it is the relative of a friend.

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RECENT UPDATES from the website FAQ's, I am assuming it is for name search purposes:

How do I enter all married names for a woman's memorial when she was married more than once?
Include the last name on the headstone. Other married names can be included in the last name field as all surnames are searchable. The 'maiden name' is only for the maiden name.

When a person is buried with one spouse and other married surnames are not on the headstone, can I add the other married surnames to the last name field?
Our search will search all surnames in the last name field. Yes, you can add all married surnames in the surname field.

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