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Researching family which includes family names such as: Johnson, Lien, Neely, Politiski, Iverson, Qualley, Qualey, Aase,Ause, Ulgagn, Patterson, Kvale, Knight, Martin, Hukee, Hoyne, Gunhus, Barksdale and others.

Genetically,I am an American & "Heinz 57".

The Lien Lineage (unpublished) which incorporates the work of Amanda Marie Lien Rachie and her husband Elias Rachie (who was a Representative in the Minnesota State Legislature) and put together by a Great Granddaughter Bertha Comaford and her husband Ralph and many others. This, now, 114 page book covers the 4 Norwegian siblings who came to America in
1852 (Nils Lien),
1854 (Anders; Dorothea) and
1861 (Gunnar or Gunder) with spouse and their offspring.
Nephews of Ole Gunnardson (Gunderson), named Qualley (and variations of this) came around the 1880s to Fargo, ND.
Book is dated 3 May 1980, documents the first 5 generations and is in serious need of updating as we now have additional generations making their appearance. Currently, it costs about $25 to reproduce in paper. Original Lien lineage will be available soon in a multiple file format meaning I will be able to e-mail you a copy (probably 5 or 6 files).
Also associated is
* The Holien Family History (published) and the
* Anderson Family History (unpublished - 1980)
I now have this in digital format of 11 files which can be e-mailed

For my other side,
*The Barksdale Family (1940) Capt John B. USA (ret) and the
* Barksdale Chronicles (2010) are both rich histories of which I am also a descendant. (Major R. Groves, USAF (ret)
* The Neely Narrative by Grace P. Renshaw 1976 unpublished.
* Genealogy of Part of the Barksdale Family in America by Sarah Donelson Hubert printed in 1895.
* The Martins of Martin's Mill put together by Ms. Hortense Woodson, 1980
* A History of the Neellys by Charles J. Neelly, Mullinvillie, KS 1985

For those Gravers who have gone out and taken images and provided the basic details of the initial memorial, I THANK YOU!

Find-A-Grave is one of my best resources and many of you have contributed to those memorials, while others, fearing retribution or some sort of retaliation have decided to delete several bits of information. Find-A-Grave has contributors, often called Gravers of which I am but one.

There is nothing more disappointing in finding a memorial with no links to parents, spouse, children, images of deceased and no obituary or nothing about the individual the memorial is dedicated to.

Often the information is submitted by someone like myself - a newbie or just a descendent randomly looking around who actually has information one the deceased. Memorial keeper's - please understand the new contributor may not know everything but may have something they can contribute which may end up as a flower post.

As one might imagine from my photo, genealogy is not my usual hobby ~ and it isn't!

If interested in what I am doing, you feel we are related, feel free to contact me. FYI: Let me know how you found me. Like many of you, I not only get phone calls, but also e-mails from someone trying to sell me something!

My mother sought out information on my father's side and ended up wasting money on books that promised the information but fell short of specifics and long on generalities. Above sources are very enlightening, IF you can find them.

God Bless you all with good health and happiness for this and future years to come.

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