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Thank you for your partnership as we honor and cherish our departed loved ones together! Since childhood, I sat with and listened to family members' stories and experiences throughout their lives. It fascinated me! I am continually amazed by the the similarities different family members share across miles and time. From generation to generation, we are not all so different from one another away from our technology and conveniences of the times. We just need the time to appreciate our own history and where we came from to be better prepared for the future.

I am grateful that I spent as much time as I did with my Mom's NC family in VA and MD growing up as a military kid. My They offered a stability of weekend family hobbies and stories that included bonding over books, music, coins, stamps, and fishing over the years. Those hobbies stayed with me to this day. My Dad's large NC family felt like an amazing celebration each time we gathered with them in NC for camping, hiking, biking, swimming, and big family reunions. The kind where the BEST old stories and sleepovers were shared on my grandparents' Maple St front porch or in Pisgah or by Lake Strauss under the pavilions.

The rythm of my childhood revolved around our Dad's military career and our extended family ties that kept my Mom, sister, and me all grounded and secure. I am incredibly grateful for my entire family's influence throughout my life and I find great joy and satisfaction in helping others to follow their own clues and solve family questions that keep folks connected.

Though I have only signed up this week on Findagrave, I have faithfully researched on this site over the past four years in rechecking and locating family connections and gravesites locations around the country that I was previously unaware of. In the age of COVID and distancing, it felt like now was the time to jump in all the way and forge those touchstone family connections where needed that we all can use to anchor ourselves in a positive way!

I give full credit to Findagrave for helping me finally locate my Great Grandfather Babb who died when my Grandfather Babb was a teen. I share his last name and it troubled me over the years to not to know where he was buried or his own extended family details. My own AHA moment of urgency came to me with my Great Grandfather's search after several close members of my family died, including my Dad and my 1st Cousin Chris. It reaffirmed that while our time on earth is short, family love and connections never die. Finding the generations that came before us throughout our family felt very comforting and empowering. It gives me pause to consider how they shaped our present lives and the knowledge gained by their choices that we can use today and share with future generations.

Since my Great Grandfather's first name was recorded with numerous spellings over the years, it made my Eureka Moment on Findagrave feel that much sweeter when it led me straight up our family line to our 10th Great Grandparents in a matter of days. As it turns out, my 8th Great Grandparents were in the same town in as me in VA 170 years before I arrived. I'm sure I'm not alone in experiencing wonder and surprise while's a very cool moment when it all comes together!

Despite my brief time registered on Findagrave, I have been working genealogy charts and trees with written family history in books, letters, and Bibles over the past 30 years. In my professional life, I worked fraud and card fraud cases for two large financial institutions and in logistics and sales management for several retailers. Both my professional and genealogy research pushes me to uncover details, something I feel passionate about. The best part of genealogy for me is how uncovering family connections and history can bring greater joy and closure to a family.

I am currently working on trees for Babbs, Meltons, Bangs, McCalls, Kirtlands, and Bennedicts from NC to Maine. Two of these lines lead directly to New England settlements in the 1600's, to include DAR research. I am also looking into extended family ties to Cherokee and Wampanoag Indian Tribes that are a part of oral family history. Our families emigrated to the US from England, Holland, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, France, and Italy.

If there is a question about a profile or shared family member, please include their full name and their ID number with your request through Findagrave. We're all in this together, so happy hunting as we continue to uncover amazing facts about our families with one another!

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