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For questions msg. me and include a contact e-mail separate from this site for reply.
!Family photographs have NO permission being from various collections. Photos I add courtesy of others also DO NOT have use permission. I will not transfer my family entries.
Should you find anything of interest e-mail me separate from this site. Information received for posts will be credited and dated, updated as needed.
If I missed any THANK YOUS for those helping me with my southern search please know it is unintentional and very much appreciated!!!
1. BICKEL'S/REED'S, Private, some land POSTED, little, no maintenance, preserved, current, Ashland*
2. CITIZEN, Ashland*, maintenance yearly to preserve, 1/20/2017, new owner information, current. Access with respect.
4. NEW ST. MAURITIUS AKA GERMAN CATHOLIC, Ashland* Updated 7/2021 complete.
5. GREEN'S FARM, Private POSTED Enforced by owner, maintained to preserve, within hunting area, current, Lavelle*
6. IOOF, Centralia, Columbia Co.*, current, use caution outside cemetery surroundings, dirt roads, no lighting.
7. KLASE, Private POSTED Enforced by owner, unsafe conditions, not maintained yearly, current, Ashland*
8. McINTYRE, Catawissa, Columbia Co.
9. NEW ST. JOSEPH, Ashland* Updated 7/2021, complete.
10. SCHEUREN'S FIELD, Private POSTED Enforced by owner, maintained to preserve, lies within Hunting, farming areas, unsafe conditions, current, Lavelle*
11. WEIKEL'S, Private, POSTED Enforced by owner, lies within Hunting area, not maintained, heavily overgrown, unsafe conditions, current, Cameron, Northumberland Co.*
12. YARNELL'S, semi private, Weishample*, current, Access with respect.
13. ZION LUTHERAN AKA LUTHERAN, (Altamont section) Frackville*, current
14. OLD ST. MAURITIUS, Ashland, All transcriptions by Schuylkill Vital Records [SVR] to 1989 completed.
NOTE: Check NEW St. Mauritius, Ashland before making posts for St. Mauritius Cemetery. Many already up, most likely to be in newer cemetery. Try to determine this if possible first.
15. OLD ST. JOSEPH, Ashland, SVR transcriptions to 1989 completed. NOTE: Same applies, Please check your entries to make sure they are correct to avoid duplicates.
16. IOOF AKA WILDCAT, Girardville*, SVR transcriptions, photos completed.
17. (OLD) ST. JOSEPH, Girardville, POSTED, Enter at own risk, very unsafe conditions throughout. Highly overgrown on a hillside in bad overall condition due to age, neglect, ground subsidence, weather, vandalism, etc. Photos up document its current state. Possible duplicates due to described conditions. Plots w/out markers are put up as such with repeated efforts made to identify. It can only be accessed a few times a year and may be the ONLY thing left as nature has taken it back. ABANDONED. Burial locations listed from visual ID, recent clearings and or using hand drawn map. Burial transcripts were taken from original legible records of over 3,700 burials and the help of Girardville Historical Society, F/G Contributor edit information, Volunteers during clearing opportunities. !!Some records have indicated only BURIAL dates instead of death dates and are subject to change.
!!Under ongoing organized voluntary sectional clean up stages as seasons and help permits, 2017-2021 and beyond anticipated. See St. Joseph Community Church, Girardville (Pa.) FB for updates and clean up information or the Girardville Historical Society. Volunteers, supplies needed and appreciated.
18. ST. IGNATIUS, Centralia, Columbia Co. Newer section (north). Subsidence, very unsafe conditions around the OUTSIDE areas due to mine fire that may not be visible.
19. CHURCH OF GOD, Weishample, !Check entries, some have shown up in SALEM UNITED BRETHREN cemetery up the road that belong here. There is about a mile between them located on the same side of Deep Creek Road.
21. (NEW) HOLY ROSARY, (Englewood section) Frackville, western new section only.
22. ANNUNCIATION B.V.M., (Englewood Section) Frackville !Burials MAY also show in New H.R., St. Vincent De Paul, St. Louis/Our Lady of Siluva of Maizeville, others in Englewood being all are Catholic. A.B.V.M. didn't originally have its own land with burials permitted in these other cemeteries. It is mostly Lithuanian Catholic.
23. Ss. PETER and PAUL'S POLISH [of St. Clair], at Port Carbon. All photos courtesy of Joanne Gross Vaughn.
24. ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN, Middleport - partial, randomly photographed.
NEXT PROJECT 2021: Realignment of rows, photographing, updating both New St. Mauritius and New St. Joseph Cemeteries in Ashland, Schuylkill, Pa. as an addendum to Schuylkill Vital Records [SVR] with transcripts done with help from Ashland Area Historical Preservation Society. !-July/Aug. 2021, Both New St. Mauritius and New St. Joseph Cemeteries photographed, initial transcripts completed, readying for print by end of 2021.
My photos are TRUE to locations. If I can help someone I will try my best, just ask.
NOTE: Check entries before posting for following CEMETERIES in the ENGLEWOOD section of FRACKVILLE, these include:
1. St. Vincent DePaul of Girardville
2. St. Louis/Our Lady of Siluva of Maizeville. [St. Louis Church was destroyed several times by fires between 1915-1967 when it was finally rebuilt and renamed Our Lady of Siluva].
3. New Holy Rosary/Holy Rosary, Maizeville/Frackville
Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Maizeville was closed due to a mine shaft collapse under it as of 6/30/1988 making the structure unsafe. Records transferred as of that date to St. Joseph Church, Girardville. May now be with Girardville Historical Society, St. Charles Borromeo [formerly St. Joseph], Ashland, or Allentown Dioceses, undetermined.
4. Old and New St. Joseph of Frackville
Many may be associated with the Foot patches, towns, sections of Girardville to Mahanoy Plane, Gilberton, Maizeville. Also those along Girardville to Shenandoah a possibility such as Cork[town] Connerton/Conners Patch, Lost Creek 1 & 2, Raven Run, Colorado, Brownsville, Upper or Lower William Penn/Shaft, others. SOME PATCHES NO LONGER EXIST DUE TO EXTENSIVE MINING. Best to check the ALTAMONT section, Frackville of OLD H.R. and OLD St. Joseph FIRST for BURIALS from THESE CHURCHES, then the Englewood section. There are other CEMETERIES located in the ENGLEWOOD section, these get the most attention, as does Annunciation B.V.M. due to prior land issues mentioned above. !2014: Information for Old and New St. Joseph Cemeteries of Frackville from parish office- BOTH are located in the ENGLEWOOD section, as is NEW Holy Rosary Cemetery. Only OLD Holy Rosary is located in the Altamont section, BUT:
BOTH O.H.R. and Old St. Joseph are TRANSCRIBED as located in Altamont by SVR. Burial locations for memorials listed by me in the Altamont section are taken from SVR and photos are true to location. [St. Joseph Church was a satellite of Old H. R. originally]. Other older sections of several cemeteries located in ENGLEWOOD do not have burial records per caretaker information.
Finally a HUGE THANK YOU to those who supply the info and get me out when I can. All things Schuylkill: Schuylkill Vital Records [SVR]-Phil Rice (RIP)/Dellock, Joanne Gross Vaughn, Peggy Scully (RIP), L. Merritt, contributors, CARETAKERS, local residents, friends, Historical Societies, libraries, churches, F/G, anyone willing to share info or tag along with me. Beth (esp. Citizens, Ashland), Carrie, Wendy, Robert David Miller with Columbia and Northumberland Co's. Terry, Laura and Emily for their INVALUABLE help with southern searches! Joan, Mike, Lorraine, southern cemeteries, photos. Others who have helped you are NOT forgotten - GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!
All other kindnesses regarding transfers of family members, friends and information supplied - THANK YOU!!!
AS OF JULY 1, 2015: The following churches of ST. JOSEPH and ST. MAURITIUS of ASHLAND, ST. JOSEPH and ST. VINCENT DE PAUL of GIRARDVILLE, OUR LADY OF GOOD COUNCIL of GORDON, have consolidated into the new ST. CHARLES BORROMEO PARISH located at ST. JOSEPH, ASHLAND. THIS CONCLUDES ACTION BY THE ALLENTOWN DIOCESE SINCE 2008 AFFECTING 32 SCHUYLKILL CO. CHURCHES. [St. Mauritius and Our Lady of Good Council were demolished, St. Vincent still open for some use. St. Joseph of Girardville is now St. Joseph Community Church]. -Per Allentown Diocese newsletter, local newspapers, parishes.
EFFECTIVE 7/1/2020, ST. MATTHEW THE EVANGELIST and ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL PARISHES of MINERSVILLE have merged to create the new HOLY FAMILY PARISH OF MINERSVILLE. Both bldgs. will remain open for worship. The underutilized St. Francis of Assisi Church bldg. will close per St. Mathew the Evangelist Finance Advisory committees. -Per Allentown Diocese newsletter.
EFFECTIVE 7/1/2020, The former IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Church bldg. in St. Clair, Schuylkill, maintained by St. Clare of Assisi Parish has closed. It was last used by Immaculate Conception parishioners. -Per Allentown Diocese newsletter.
EFFECTIVE 7/1/2020, in Jim Thorpe, Carbon Co., ST. JOSEPH PARISH CONSOLIDATED INTO IMMACULATE CONCEPTION PARISH. Both bldgs. remain open for use. -Per Allentown Diocese newsletter.
NOTE: Any Birth, Death listings for the Miner's Hosp., State Hosp. or Fountain Springs Hosp. Butler Twp., Ashland Hospital, Ashland State or General, Ashland Regional Medical Center, St. Catherine's R.M.C. are all the SAME hospital, now closed IS a Fountain Springs, Schuylkill, Pa. listing.
Aug. 2008: Pottsville Hospital and Warne Clinic [formerly Pottsville Hospital] and Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center [formerly Good Samaritan Hospital] became known as E. Norwegian St. campus and Pottsville Hospital renamed S. Jackson St. campus of Schuylkill Health System (SHS).
!Sept. 2016: SHS became Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) as SMC-E. Norwegian St., LVH-Schuylkill E. Norwegian St. and Schuylkill Medical Center became LVH-Schuylkill S. Jackson St. !12/2019: LVHN operates with Coordinated Health under LVHN management in 22 locations in Eastern Pa. and northern New Jersey. Please see their website for information.
Geisinger Medical Center also has satellite systems within Schuylkill, surrounding counties and throughout N.E. Pa.
Former Locust Mountain [State] Hospital in Shenandoah Heights, Schuylkill, is now Ridgeview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is NOT to be confused with the Shenandoah Manor Nursing Care located in the town of Shenandoah, Schuylkill. [They are about a mile apart]. A list of all former Pa. State Hospital histories can be found online prior to the state divestiture.
Geisinger-Shamokin Hospital, formerly Shamokin [State] Hospital, is located in Coal Twp., which surrounds the town of Shamokin in Northumberland Co., Pa., and should be listed as Coal Twp.
Geisinger Medical Center was formerly known as G. F. Geisinger Memorial Hospital or Memorial Hospital, located in Danville, [Mahoning Twp.] Montour Co., Pa.
Mary M. Packer Hospital, Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa. opened in a Victorian mansion-1895. Renamed Sunbury Community Hospital 1943. By 1951 a new hospital was constructed and opened. Community Health Systems buys nonprofit Sunbury Hospital. 2015-Quorum Health spins off Community Health System. 2017-UPMC Susquehanna buys Sunbury Hospital from Quorum. 2019-UPMC Susquehanna announced Sunbury Hospital to close. March 31, 2020-planned closure of all UPMC Susquehanna Sunbury services.
Coaldale State [General] Hospital, org. known as Panther Creek Valley Hospital, opened in 1910. State takeover, name change 1920. 1911 fire caused patients to be treated in nearby homes, hospital reopened that year. New hospital constructed and opened 1973. Closed as a State General Hospital in 1992. Now known as St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital operating under the St. Luke's University Health Network system.
The town of Northumberland is located in Northumberland Co., Pa.
Pine Grove, Schuylkill Co. is not Pine Grove Mills, Centre Co., Pa. and NO connection to Pine Grove SCI, Indiana Co., Pa.
Butler Twp., Schuylkill Co. is not to be confused with other Butler Townships in Luzerne Co., Butler Co. or Adams Co., Pa.
Fountain (Hegins Twp.) and Fountain Springs (Butler Twp.) also found abbreviated as Ft. Springs or Ft. Sprgs., are two separate communities in Schuylkill Co., Pa.
Fountain Hill is a borough in Lehigh Co., Pa.
Locust Dale is also found as Locustdale, lies mostly within Butler Twp., Schuylkill Co. and a small section in Conyngham Twp., Columbia Co. with residents in each. Both spellings are accepted as accurate. Not to be confused with Locust, Indiana Co., Pa.
New Castle Twp., Schuylkill Co., not to be confused with the town of New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa. located NW of Pittsburg, Pa.
All of Ashland population lies within Schuylkill Co. but some northern sections of the borough boundary lines extend into Columbia Co. with no residents. Not to be confused with Ashland, Clearfield Co. near State College.
I've no problem with added death certificates, they may be only record of a loved one, especially children between censuses. I have no problem helping others with info from birth, death, church, baptismal, etc. certificates. However, access to libraries, historical societies, etc. may be limited at this time due to state/local Covid-19 regulations. SAME FOR MEMORIALS, ANY INFO THAT CAN BE READ OFF OF THEM SHOULD BE ADDED BEFORE IT IS FOREVER LOST. Edits made as received.
Currently having internet issues, if edits or msgs. are not addressed immediately please take this into account. I will get to them as I am able. Thanks for patience and understanding. 02/02/2020
P.S. I'm not shouting in bio, just breaks it up. Thanks for the read, I hope it helps.

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