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11/23/2017 per Admins: If more than one nickname use the most common and explain the others in the Bio
09/15/2015 per Katina: Correcting a name (on the memorial) that is wrong on a stone: If there is direct primary documentation that a name or date is incorrect on the headstone, then add the correct information to the fields provided on the memorial page. An example of direct primary documentation is a birth certificate that proves the birth year on the headstone to be incorrect. Add a note to the memorial page that briefly documents how the stone is known to be incorrect. It is best to research and check multiple resources to verify your findings.

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I love getting information on the memorials that I manage. I try to verify before I honor a request. At times I will ask for sources as to where the information came from so if asked do not be offended. If I declined your request I put an explanation as to the reason(s) why. If you question that decline and have not sent supporting documentation (please no unsourced family trees) or have a way to respond back to you I will ignore your request.

If you sponsor a memorial that I manage, if it is not in my family I will automatically transfer that memorial to you.

Known Burials verses Unknown Burials: Do not move your Unknown Burial or a memorial from an incorrect cemetery into the correct cemetery and then demand that the contributor delete their correctly placed memorial. Read the guidelines. They are simplified and self-explanatory. It states a memorial with a correct known burial location will always be preferred over an unknown burial location and they will merge YOUR memorial(s) into the correctly placed memorial.

Duplicates: I am the caretaker of some of IWPP's memorials. If you find a memorial that has been duplicated let me know and I will get it deleted as soon as possible. Per Find A Grave Guidelines I have to merge those duplicates with the original good record.

Transfers: I have received on the same day contributors asking to have the same memorial transferred to them, one had a closer relationship then the other but the other had asked first. Emails got really ugly between the two and they included me in them so.... since we cannot please everyone I am only adhering to the four generation rule (siblings, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren). Please state your exact relationship or the request will ignored.

For extended family, (great-greats, aunts, uncles, cousins,, etc.) I will gladly make additions, corrections or links just submit your request via the Edit tab. As the guidelines state the goal is not to own every memorial of those to whom you are related. The ultimate goal should be to have meaningful, accurate memorials that honor those who have passed away, regardless of who created the memorial or who maintains it.

A wonderful way to gather all your ancestors together and achieve that goal is by setting up a virtual cemetery.

I would like to thank all contributors and photographers for all that you have done for me and for FindaGrave. You are very much appreciated!

Have Fun and Happy Hunting!

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