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**--** Please do not leave--messages for edits on my the page, please use the Suggest a correction/Edit. This will provide an exact link to the memorial in question
*I also do not do links or edits that can be done via the edit function - that are emailed to me.
*If you want to link spouses/parents, or add a DOB or DOD or a maiden name, then submit it as such.
*Please use the Suggest Edit- Other for transfer requests.
**Click on Memorial photo to READ THE CAPTION If I posted a picture for a photo request, Please check the Caption on the photograph for more information. **Don't you ever turn a photo over to see if anything is written on the back?
--DO Please Read the Cemetery Main Page. Maybe they have an online burial search.
*Please do not post Death Cert to memorial that I manage. I will going through and taking down the ones that I have posted.
*****Please do not attached SSDI Info as Photos*****
**I do not link to burial unknowns
I Really try hard not to include the names of the Living in the Bio per the f/g guidelines.
If you send me an edit to add info to the bio, odds are really good that I will include your name and F/G#, siting my source, let others know where I got the info.
I am blunt and to the point. I am apparently not a people person.

On July 8, 2017 I did a spread sheet upload that was added 4-6 times... not my fault, working on it. - I think that i have deleted all the excess, over 1400, yeah fun.

I will not add cut and paste Obituary's to anyone's page, see the Find a Graves rules. Be original. But I will posted the Newspaper, Date and page location. Nor will I add surviving family, per FaG guidelines.

I am still new to the whole genealogy thing. I have only been doing for about 20+ years. I am hoping that my children will continue the search.

If you want one of my photos - for Personal use ONLY, that is fine, but I Do Want Credit. - Site the Source.

Thank you.
Just another twig in the tree.

Helpful Missouri Websites:
Somehow all my html links have deleted Again... so if you want them you have to copy and paste them, or you can just google for them.
. . .
That are Free!

Missouri Death Cert Advance search (had to shorten it)

St. Louis Genealogical Society

St. Louis County Library Genealogy Dept

St. Louis Archdiocese Burial Search

St. Louis Public Library Obit search for Select Years (1880-1930, 1942-1945, 1960-1970, and 1992-8/2020.)

Illinois Death Cert Index

and more Bellefontaine Cemetery

St. Peter's Cemetery Burial Search

St Louis Archdiocese website IS STILL HAVING ISSUES!!!!! June 2018 - CURRENTLY (Dec 2020)
If your loved ones in not in the database and you are SURE they are buried there, and/or the memorial was created by TVFTH, Sharon, Kathie, Katie, Susan or Momstore--- Call the office, 314-792-7738. There is a good possibility that, they were moved from one lot to another, they have been removed from the online display (computer glitch). They are STILL in the system, just not displayed. They (the office) can easily fix it, just bring it to their attention.

General Calvary Map

St. Louis Archdiocese Burial Search

Myself and several others, including Sharon, do most of the Photo requests for the St. Louis Calvary Cemetery. We share a google document to do this. We will typically look at every request. Which means - we will check to see if is duplicate, see if they are really buried there (see the archdiocese website) and then enter it onto the spreadsheet. Which is sorted usually by sections. It is a Very large cemetery (470 Acres 450,000+ burials, and 27 miles of roads), so we do sometime wait until there are more than one request in that section.

Most, but not all, have already been added into Find a grave by TVFTH, Katie, Sharon, Tom or myself. BTW, they (not us, the ones that created the online database) are terrible spellers/ transcribers, so be creative. For the most part they are/were added originally, according to how the Archdioceses spelled their name. Death dates that are just Month and year are based off of the persons burial date.--

Sections 5 & 16, and all their lots, do not have maps, so those have to be walked, but they were VERY sparsely marked. And none of us like them because so few are marked, so it actually makes it very difficult.
-Section 10 is done, there are only maybe 20 stones. ---Section 37 are re-internments from Washington Park Cemetery, so all there "death" dates are actually there re-interment dates, as we get photo request we adjust their death dates to their true death dates.

Interment numbers don't mean anything. They were added with a computer update, and they are working on another one, which could change those numbers. The original records don't use them, they are in date/alphabetical order.

Then we each have our favorite sections to do. If you have any questions about St Louis Calvary I will be happy to try to answer it. If I don't know, I will try to find the answer for you.

Happy Hunting :)

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