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Currently adding photographs to Cook-Walden Capital Parks Cemetery and Mausoleum Memorials and Memorial Hill Cemetery in Texas. A very charming 80 year old US Marine Veteran is out there taking these photographs so if you cross paths do say hello and tell him what an amazing job he's doing!

We are aware that in a recent upgrade, FindAGrave turned a good 5000+ pictures on their sides or upside down. This seems to be focused on images taken and uploaded from 2013. Because we only have a listing of memorials we own - Not the 35k images we've uploaded - Going through and finding these images is an extremely time consuming effort.
We're hoping they're going to fix this matter on their own, however that has not been the case.
We are aware, thank you for your messages. If you send us notices personally because you need something fixed immediately, please feel free to post or e-mail.

The Closet Skeleton Genealogical Society is a group of intermediary genealogists that publicly post their research and blog about their historical discoveries and personal experiences.
We take photos of grave sites from Barrie to the Toronto area of Ontario, Canada, or beyond if we're out and about.

We are willing to transfer familial memorials to their loved ones assuming they are of closer relation than any of our members and a polite request is made. We reserve the right to deny any transfer request outside of FindAGrave guidelines.

We give permission for our images to be reposted but request that we are notified where the image is being used and that the tag "Courtesy of Closet Skeleton Genealogical Society. Copyrighted Image. Used with Permission." is added to every image. If this tag is not included, we will file complaint with sites other than over unfair usage of our work.

Surname List for Researched Families:
Adams, Agner, Allen, Baker, Barnett, Bates, Bedard, Bentley, Berry, Blood, Brisebois, Brew, Brown, Brush, Buckler, Bush, Butler, Calvert, Campbell, Canuel, Clement, Cochrane, Cox, Daoust, Daunais, Davidson, Dean, Delaunay, Diceman, Doney, Dorng, Dube, Durnell, Eng, Finucane, Gauthier, Given, Graham, Grant, Hamilton, Harris, Heath, Hedgecoe, Henry, Hitchcock, Hulett, Hume, Jones, Julian, Keffer, Knight, Lalonde, Larson, Lecuyer, Lee, Lepard, Letendre dit Batoche, Levack, Line, Lyonnais, McDiarmaid, McGillen, McKenna, McLaren, McLean, Metz, Miller, Morris, Moynaugh, Mulholland, Murphy, Murray, Nickle, O'Kane, O'Neill, Oster, Page, Pearson, Plott, Pool, Quantz, Rehnberg, Ross, Ruby, Ryder, Sappington, Scott, Siders, Skaggs, Smith, Snider, Stelfox, Stone, St. Vrain, Sutherland, Tillery, VanWinkle, Walker, Watson, Wyatt, Yoast, Youngs and more.

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