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New Style - Names, Links, Dates, etc - I'm anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks behind - probably going to be that way forever.

Transfers & Bios (never obits) - I am anywhere from 1 day to almost 3 weeks behind in emails - if you sent a request, do not send one again until 3 weeks have passed - you're just adding to my behindness.

I do not process the 2 different types of SACs at the same time.

I research every SAC I receive - no matter the type.
Transfer Requests
Please include your relationship to the deceased in your message. I seldom refuse to transfer out of FAG guidelines...I just like to know how you're related (uncle, nephew, childhood friend, student, whatever) -- not just "Relative of mine", they might be my relative too, y'know.

My goal is to have all memorials managed by family or friends.
If you send me a SAC to add a word-for-word obit to a memorial, I will not. If you send it to EDIT and they happen to add it, I will later delete it. You are wasting your time, EDITs time, & mine.

This is mostly directed to the person who is sending me 30-50 obits every week - but it applies to everybody.
I am a no-dispositions-unknown contributor.
I'm only human.

Any mistakes you might find on the memorials I created or manage, only goes to prove that statement.

Please remember, this human responds to nice way better than to rude.

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