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(Updated Aug 19, 2019)

Quick update 2: I am now going to have to back off of any major graving work due to some life issues that have cropped up.

If you send me updates, or use the EDIT system, please be patient as they will get done (or at least a reply to) but may take a while. EDITS will be auto processed.

I'd still like to try to get back to Atchison to start on some of the backlog, but at this point am not sure if it will happen.

Quick update: Well, you know the old saying 'the best laid plans of mice and men'? Well, we've gotten to the point where we say 'squeak!' anytime plans don't go well.

Due to many things, of which the weather and medical issues are the 2 main culprits, may keep me again from being able to get out and grave up in Atchison Co. this summer. I guess we'll just have to see.

Have a great Friday and weekend :)

Greetings all.. just waiting for Spring to get here :)

I am planning on trying to work on some of the backlog of photo requests for Mt Vernon and Oak Hill cemeteries (in Atchison KS) this summer. There aren't many people who work that area so I'm going to try to knock out all of the requests that i can in the coming months... please be patient though :)

NOTE: Effective immediately, please follow the below instructions (if not followed I am not responsible for not doing what you ask... I am a photographer not a researcher):


1) If anyone is requesting photos at either Mt. Vernon Cemetery or Oak Hill Cemeteries in Atchison, KS., you will need to contact the record keepers for those places in order to get a plot location if one is not on the memorial page. Please see the main cemetery pages for the contact info.

If you happen to see a question mark (?) for the Plot location (or I send you an Edit request to place a ? in the plot field), most likely I have not been able to find that person listed in the burial book I have and the ? is there to indicate that I have looked. It helps when looking at the list later.


2) If you wish to have items added to a memorial or corrections made, you will need to submit those requests through the Edit system. I will not do standard updates through messages or email.

3) If it is something for the Bio, please write exactly what you wish to be added. I apologize but I don't have time to 'edit' what to add or how to write it, nor should I be the one to have to do so.

4) Also, if you post (or want to) a photo of an obituary, I really would prefer it to be transcribed and submitted for the Bio through the EDIT system instead. Information in pictures cannot be searched when doing web searches (like Google or Yahoo). Just remember that obituaries are copywrited by someone and that you are assumed to have gotten permission to repost from the owner. This is not my responsibility.

If you send me something and ask if I can add something to the memorial, I will send back a response to Please submit as per my guidelines above which follow the Find A Grave guidelines. Not trying to sound sarcastic but this is a hobby for me and it's not my job to have to edit what you send to me.


If information in any of my memorials doesn't match what you think you know, please read the following and don't send me sarcastic remarks. Thse will be reported to the Admins.

Almost all of the memorials that I created in Atchison Co (KS) were done from cemetery lists already existing. These lists were created by the Atchison Co KS Historical Society (or the Atchison County Kansas Genealogy Society) back in the 1980's. Any responsibility for errors in the basic memorial information is to be put on those Societies.

Also, I did not have management of my memorials for a period of time so I do not know what was done about entering in information, and the person who had possession has passed. Any questions about information entered on a memorials that wasn't from the lists was either due to that person updating or edits sent in by other users.

I do not do any research or add any information myself other than to correct info (unless it's family), so if there is information on a memorial that is incorrect, 99% of the time it is not due to me. Do not yell at me for this.


If anyone needs to contact me about any of my previous work (or info that was on my profile before), please feel free to email me.

Have a safe! and happy holiday season :)

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