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(Updated July 26, 2018)

FYI: Almost all of the memorials that I created in Atchison Co (KS) were done from cemetery lists already existing. These lists were created by the Atchison Co KS Historical Society back in the 1980's and published in a series of books. Any responsibility for errors in that information is to be put on the Society.

Also, I did not have management of my memorials for a period of time so I do not know what was done about entering in information, and the person who had possession has passed. Any questions about information entered on a memorials that wasn't from the books was either due to that person updating or edits sent in by other users.

I do not do any research or add any information myself other than to correct info (unless it's family), so if there is information on a memorial that is incorrect, 99% of the time it is not due to me. Do not yell at me for this.

NOTE: Effective immediately:

If you wish to have items added to a memorial Bio section, you will need to write exactly what you wish to be added.

Also, if you post a photo of an obituary, I really would prefer it to be transcribed and submitted for the Bio through the EDIT system also.

I apologize but I don't have time to 'edit' what to add or how to write it, nor should I be the one to have to do so.

If you send me something and ask if I can add something to the memorial, I will send back a response to Please write for the Bio and resubmit.

Greetings :)

It's going to be spring soon :)

It looks like there are a few people in Douglas County that help keep up with cemeteries and photo requests, although there are some that need looked at.

For the 2018 Graving season :) I plan on going up to Atchison at least 3 times and also going to Rushville MO (Sugar Creek Cemetery) at least once if not twice. There are a lot of requests in Atchison and not many volunteers in that area to get them.

There are several fairly good-sized cemeteries in and around Atchison and if you would like to have a volunteer photograph one or more headstones, you will need to contact the appropriate cemetery record keeper in order to get the plot locations so someone can look for them.

Please go to the main cemetery page for whichever cemetery you need the request(s) for and get the contact information.

Anyway, take care and have a graving summer :)

If anyone needs to contact me about any of my previous work (or info that was on my profile before), please feel free to email me.

Have a great year :)

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