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Many of the findagrave pages maintained by AMB are for descendants of Christian HOFFART, who was born in 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany. He came to America in 1729 and died in 1788 in Frederick County, Maryland. The spelling varied: Hoffart, Hoffarth, Hufford, Hufferd, Hoffort, Hofford, and so forth. The greatest number of descendants settled on the spelling HUFFORD.

Christian is considered an Established Patriot by the Daughters of the American Revolution. In DAR records, he is listed as "Christian HOFFERT." His DAR Ancestor Number is A056231. His service was in Frederick County, Maryland. He is credited with having furnished supplies. DAR members have entered from the lines of six of his children: Christina, Philip, Daniel, John, Casper, and Barbara. (AMB's DAR member number is 893094. For any woman closely related to AMB on AMB's father's side, those two numbers would be the easy ticket into DAR. AMB's line down from Christian b. 1716: Christian, to Casper, to Abraham, to Andrew, to Elizabeth, to Sarah Catherine, to George Irvin, to Miles b. 1918.)

On the pages of many born-Huffords, there has been added a "token" of the HOFFART crest, as drawn by descendant Jim Hufferd. The crest is found on a piece of art at the Lutheran church in Schwaigern, Germany. It is clearly labeled the HOFFART crest, and it is inside the church where Christian Hoffart and his family gathered and worshipped before they came to America in 1729. Because Christian's family worshipped at that church, it is presumed (but not proved) that the crest was for one of his HOFFART relatives. It is correct that a family crest was not for every descendant of a person. However, that crest has been used to "flower" Christian's descendants who were born with the HUFFORD name (with any of the various spellings).

To see findagrave pages for born-Huffords, check this: HUFFORD descendants.

Off site:
* resources for Hufford researchers
* database at geneanet

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