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Thoughts of my loved ones are my reminders that they too think of and watch over me.

My passion at find-a-grave is reconnecting the memorials of children with their parents and siblings. For so many years and miles their names have been separated.

I appreciate every photo taken for me and will do the same for anyone that I can.

My permission is hereby granted to anyone who wants to download, copy, or use any photos that I have posted on the Find-A-Grave website. However, I am not and can not be responsible for photos posted by anyone else on a memorial that I am the manager of.

I do not normally post complete published obituaries in "biographies" because I do not consider the time of the burial services, etc. to be a part of a person's biography. I do, however, include family member names (preceded/survivors) because they have already previously been documented in a publicized obituary.

I sincerely hope that I have helped others make discoveries and the connections that they have been trying to make.

Virtual flowers are appreciated.

A pall is a heavy cloth that is draped over a coffin. Thus the term pallbearer is used to signify someone who "bears" the coffin which the pall covers. Christians would use a pall to cover their loved ones when burying them.

A pallbearer is one of several participants who help carry the casket at a funeral. They may wear white gloves in order to prevent damaging the casket and to show respect to the deceased person.

Some traditions distinguish between the roles of pallbearers and casket bearer. The former is a ceremonial position, carrying a tip of the pall or a cord attached to it. The latter do the actual heavy lifting and carrying. There may otherwise be pallbearers only in the symbolic sense if the casket is on an animal or vehicle.

In Western cultures, the pallbearers are usually male family members, close friends, or colleagues of the deceased. The first duty of a pallbearer is to appear at least thirty minutes before the funeral begins as the funeral director can then provide directions. Secondly, they will also be notified on where they are able to sit during the funeral service and during then the casket would be carried. Thirdly, pallbearers are carrying the casket to one's final resting area after the funeral. Depending on the tradition, pallbearers would either carry the coffin on their shoulders or by their waist.

At times additional pallbearers, known as honorary pallbearers, walk either behind or directly in front of the casket in a showcase of supplemental distinction towards the deceased. This type of pallbearer is most often a gentleman in the profession of the deceased who has achieved significant merit within their position.

I will gladly document in the biography any suggested information that seems to me to be appropriate, such as it relates to the memorials that I manage. This includes things such as their assumed, and most likely, family link relationships. Please use the appropriate suggestion links on memorials as recommended by Find-A-Grave.

Because Find-A-Grave is a burial site registration website I do NOT intentionally link to "burials" whose location is "unknown". My interpretation is that It is NOT the purpose of Find-A-Grave to be a Family Tree or Ancestry linkage website - there are a number of "Family Tree" websites. Find-A-Grave is likely not in most situations the appropriate site for unknown burial locations just for the sake of linking family members AKA a family tree.

History is not there for you to like or dislike. It is there for you to learn about it. And if it offends you, even better. Because then you are less likely to repeat it. It's not yours to erase or destroy.

Genealogy, begins as an interest, becomes a hobby, continues as an avocation, and in the last stages, is an incurable disease. Author Unknown

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