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- The FAQ are guidelines and the guidelines are the RULES. Hence the FAQ are the RULES.
Mark, Jan 12, 2016, Official Ask an Admin

- Rules are rules, and in this case, guidelines are rules. Please abide by them. They aren't that difficult.
A J Marik, Apr 13, 2013, Help Forum

- The FAQs are definitely guiderules...or are they rulelines? No matter. The FAQs *absolutely* detail site policy and all members are expected to follow them and abide by them.
A J Marik, Nov 30, 2011, Help Forum

I adhere to the Find A Grave guidelines regarding transfers. No exceptions. Use the EDIT tab to update memorials and use virtual cemeteries to "gather" your ancestors together.

Copy-and-paste census, military and other data is not a "bio". Please don't send these type of bios because they will not be added.

Finally, I will not add a link to a burial unknown memorial - this includes CREMATION when the location of the cremains is not known. This site is named Find a GRAVE for a reason. Not a difficult concept.

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