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The FAQ are guidelines and the guidelines are the RULES. Hence the FAQ are the RULES.
Mark, Jan 12, 2016, Official Ask an Admin

Rules are rules, and in this case, guidelines are rules. Please abide by them. They aren't that difficult.
A J Marik, Apr 13, 2013, Help Forum

The FAQs are definitely guiderules...or are they rulelines? No matter. The FAQs *absolutely* detail site policy and all members are expected to follow them and abide by them.
A J Marik, Nov 30, 2011, Help Forum

Having been a beta tester for the EDIT system, have nothing but praise for this feature! It's been a huge leap in getting the name fields clean up per the naming conventions found in the FAQs (these are not optional nor subject to interpretation):

LAST NAME: EXACTLY as it appears on the marker. Variations, name changes, etc, are to be put in the bio.

FIRST NAME: If the FULL name is known, regardless what the marker shows, then that is what goes into the field. So Thos = Thomas, Wm = William, Robt = Robert, etc.

I adhere to the Find A Grave guidelines regarding transfers. No exceptions. Use the EDIT tab to update memorials and use virtual cemeteries to "gather" your ancestors together.

Copy-and-paste census, military and other data is not a "bio". Please don't send these type of bios because they will not be added.

Finally, I will not add a link to a burial unknown memorial. This site is named Find a GRAVE for a reason. Not a difficult concept.

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