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Retired funeral director.

Please feel free to use any of my headstone photos or information that I have provided on a memorial. I do not need credit. Hopefully it will help someone find their loved ones. If a photos on any of my memorials not added by me, please contact the member who added it for permission to use.

Many thanks goes to my friend Jackie for helping with obituary notices and headstone photos.

Update Find a Grave Policy:
•Can I add a memorial from a newspaper obituary or other 3rd party source?
Find A Grave does not discourage the legitimate indexing of the deceased through obituaries or other 3rd party accounts. Newspapers represent a very good source of information as a public record. We ask that those who index and memorialize the deceased from newspapers and other 3rd party accounts do so with full respect of copyright, refrain from adding information about living people, and respond generously to the family of the deceased. Find A Grave takes no position on the appropriate timing of submitting such indexes.

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Everyone dies. Some leave in great fanfare, while others may not even be mentioned in the obituary section of their local newspaper. Some may not have a stone to mark their grave. However, every death has a life behind it, a story, a history. Somehow, visiting a grave, while not telling a story, produces a feeling. You can feel history. Seeing the grave, the actual resting place of the dead, makes the life real and not just a story.

In the case of cemeteries, they are all different, all with a personality of their own. This may be just a matter of who is buried in a particular cemetery, or how they were buried. What creates a cemetery's personality is uncertain, but it is there.

After the funeral ceremony is over, a headstone or gravestone is typically placed as a marker over the burial site of a loved one.
The inscriptions made on these headstones are considered a long-lasting symbol of remembrance, and an expression of who the person was during his life.

It's really sad and disrespectful for a FAG volunteer to take a headstone photo with their dark shadow cast over the headstone or take a photo with half of the headstone/marker missing and have the nerve to add that photo on a memorial. Only an inconsiderate fool would do something like that.

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How to Take Better Headstone Pictures for Find A Grave

How to Take Great Photos For Find A Grave

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