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OCTOBER 2020 NOTE - Found my first case of 3 memorials for the same person. She was married twice and had a memorial under each married name, plus one under her maiden name. Put the 1st 2 in to be merged. The system wouldn't let me put in the 3rd memorial to be merged with the one that should remain from the 1st merge. I guess I wait for that to be completed. The Blatt family memorials are all straightened out now. Had to wait for auto edits to go through.
SEPTEMBER 2020 NOTE - Some time ago I tried to get Genevieve Blatt designated as famous. No luck. FAG needs more memorials for women who were famous for something other than being an entertainer. Judge Blatt is well known in both Democratic Party and Roman Catholic circles. Recently I decided to work on tidying up her memorial in other ways. One of her sisters was listed as a half-sister. Her brother Joseph was not linked to the family at all. I took over management of the memorial for Judge Blatt's brother George from FAG. He was killed in WW II. Body never found. I sent that in to be marked as a Cenotaph. FAG did it in a little over 24 hours. Great!
AUGUST 2020 NOTE - I was posting flowers for recently died babies when I found several people in their 80s whose death dates were entered as their birth dates. Made it look like they were only a few months old at death. In one case, it resulted in a duplicate memorial. Sent in the edits to the memorial managers. Seems to be just sloppy data entry. Not done by new members either. To post the obituary showing DOD in the bio and then enter death dates that don't match suggests a lack of attention.
JUNE 2020 NOTE - Duplicate removal process still seems to be working well. I sent in 2 pairs about 4 days ago and they were both merged as suggested when I checked today. I wasn't on FAG yesterday, so they may have been done sooner. I was wondering if these would go through since both of them involved memorials in 2 different cemeteries. In one case the duplication probably arose when someone mis-transcribed the cemetery name in a posted obituary. Paxtang was given as Paxton. Both are Harrisburg place names with cemeteries. This is where local knowledge can be critical. FAG accepted my analysis and explanation.
MAY 2020 NOTE - Picked up management of another 4 or 5 memorials from FAG so far this month. Some are interesting relatives. Also went through my Virtual Cemetery of memorials needing better bios and found quite a few now have them. Thank you unknown FAG volunteers with more time than I seem to have!
FEB 2020 NOTE - I requested and rec'd management of about a dozen memorials previously managed by FAG a few days ago. Some distant relatives, some friends and some just people I care about. For example, the school van driver who always took good care of my special needs son. A woman I went to high school with - we walked to the school bus together in the mornings. She was a labor and delivery nurse at a local hospital for many years. I was happy to be able to take charge of these memorials. I went through the Virtual Cemeteries I had created for Friends to find memorials now managed by FAG. Something other contributors might want to consider now that this option to acquire management is available.
OCT 2019 NOTE - FAG fixed the famous duplicate I sent in. Just took a few days longer.
SEP 2019 NOTE - Tried the new duplicate reporting feature for the 1st time. I sent in 10 pairs, including one where the original memorial was designated famous. All of them came back yesterday merged as I requested, except the famous one. That duplicate is still there. Maybe they need to do more research for a famous. But I am very pleased with the results so far. Some of these have been hanging out there for years. Our local DAR added a raft of Revolutionary War graves about 10 years ago without checking for duplicates. I thought a couple of these were a bit unclear, but FAG put them all thru' as I requested. WOO HOO! I will have to look up some other dups I haven't bothered with since I knew the fix would take months.
JUNE 2019 NOTE - I have not been very active since Sept 2018 due to a variety of medical problems. I am still dealing with those, but beginning to make some headway and get back to working on FAG. I need to use the new Duplicate reporting feature to fix some longtime issues.
OCT 2017 NOTE : My GG GF John Hipple's VA grave stone has been placed!!! On October 5th 2017 I visited his grave and took photos. He is memorial FAG# 161455430. The bio recounts his interesting military career. Check out his memorial!
2017 NOTE : Still systematically adding information and, when needed, memorials from the Woodstown (NJ) Friends Burial Ground database. I have completed a first pass adding all the records from the database to FAG. I will continue to work with contacts from the Meeting to resolve discrepancies and clean up the data. I want to create an annotated map showing which graves need to be photographed.
My grave location research is mostly centered on my Kirby and Hipple relatives, although I do some famous graves, too. The logo photo is my paternal grandmother, Alice Richman Kirby Bunting, who lived to be 93 (FAG #110212030). She used to take us to check on her pre-need grave stone when we were kids.
I'm not a genealogist, but I like to visit the graves of people I care about. Most of my activity involves graves in central PA and southern NJ.

Born in Philadelphia. Graduated Wilson College (Biology), Drexel University (Library & Information Science). Mother of Matthew E. Bianchi (1986-2012, FAG#155351725). I have lived in central PA for the last 30+ years. Retired since 2013.

1) I have an electronic copy of the database spreadsheet for the Woodstown Friends Burial Ground (Salem Co, NJ) up through 2015. The Meeting compiled this by transcribing the handwritten ledgers going back to about 1800.
2) I have a DVD of The Cemeteries of Marietta (Lancaster Co, PA) which covers through 2010. The Marietta DVD includes photos of all marked graves. If you need a photo for Marietta Cemetery or any other cemetery in Marietta Borough before 2011, I can get it for your from the DVD.

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