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Well...I have to say, and I am not the only one, that after 9 years I am sick and tired of all the BS; IF you are a memorial manager and someone sends you an edit; add it! If you are just too busy to properly manage memorials please transfer them to findagrave #8, or another contributor. PLEASE REMEMBER:

FINDAGRAVE is a COLLABORATIVE website; Collaboration is working with each other to do a task and to achieve shared goals. It is a recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together to realize shared goals.
Family history is not there for you to like or dislike. It is there for you to learn about it. And if it offends you, even better. Because then you are less likely to repeat it. It's not yours to erase or destroy.
It's a fact! There are many memorial managers who refuse to add any info, and they also refuse to transfer so you can add it. In this case, send an email to [email protected], with the memorial manager ID, and ask support to update it for you. I could mention names, but that's not very nice is it?
If you send me a bio, obit, etc., and I have to edit the format and spell check it, remove survivors' names, find the publisher info, etc., you will not be given credit.
Regarding transfers: PLEASE read Find A Grave's policy on transfers before you ask for a memorial to be transferred. We have found several memorials transferred to someone claiming to be a relative only to find nothing done with updating, or adding pertinent information. You can add photos. You can correct/add information. Use the edit button, or add photos button.
from Admin:
The answer is yes, each twin should get their own memorial. It doesn't matter how many individuals are sharing a grave; each should be honored with their own memorial.
EDITS left in the flower sections on memorials will be deleted. If you have an edit, click "EDIT" on Memorial, scroll down a bit, click, "Send Other Edits" type your info in the box and click send.
I do NOT believe in whitewashing any history and I believe that statements by deceased individuals in their lives if cited properly should be shared. I do NOT support racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, or any other hate.

Don't just add a picture, obit, or death cert! Send the edits from them also!
Want to add or correct info?
Want to add family links?
(1st) go to the person's page;
(2nd) click on the "Edit" tab;
(3rd) click on the specific line;
(4th) add your info or make your request
(5th) click submit/send.
* If you have additional information that should be added in the bio field, or if something in the bio field should be changed, use the "Suggest any other correction or addition" line.
On findagrave, we always MERGE duplicate memorials rather than delete them. If you don't merge, there will be broken links everywhere.

If you see someone listed in two different cemeteries and has stones at both locations, please do not merge the memorials. If you feel the need and know the correct burial location, please request cenotaph designation. Quite often a burial location may be at one cemetery but the family has added another stone at the family cemetery. Even if someone only has a headstone, they will be listed in the cemetery records.

I am a strong believer that a memorial ought to be much more than birth date, death date, and place of burial. I am striving to add obits and create biographies of everyone and connect them to their parents.

Unless stated otherwise, I did the research, typing, and/or writing you see in the bios. I have sent out many thousands of typed obits, rewritten obits, and pasted data as well. Many are not used and many are uncredited.

Use the Edit tab (not Messages, E-mail, or worse yet, the flower section!); This will give me a link to the appropriate individual. The flower section is for flowers, not edits.

Please be a contributor to findagrave, not just a memorial manager of someone else's work. When you hide behind "Anonymous" you're just telling others that you don't stand by your work.

No, I still haven't figured out why volunteers add another grave photo when the existing one is up to date, and a much better picture. I sort them accordingly.

Also, please add BOTH parent numbers, if available. Submitting for one parent does not automatically link with the other.
How do I enter all married names for a woman's memorial when she was married more than once?
Include the last name on the headstone. Other married names can be included in the last name field as all surnames are searchable. The 'maiden name' is only for the maiden name.

When a person is buried with one spouse and other married surnames are not on the headstone, can I add the other married surnames to the last name field?
Our search will search all surnames in the last name field. Yes, you can add all married surnames in the surname field.
PARENTS must be added to a child's page - not the other way around!!!
I get so many emails asking to link a child to a parent and I just can't do that - It is much easier to use the edit tab on the child's page to delete or change incorrect parent links.

TRANSFER REQUESTS: Please request if you are really a relative and will do something constructive with the memorial. Transfers for four generations (DIRECT descent) pursuant to FAG guidelines, will be made. Please delineate your relationship with your request.

While it is my nature to be cordial, kind, and helpful, it is equally not my job to educate new users as to how this website operates. Please take some time to familiarize yourself.
Negative Nancy is not welcome.

I would ask that people new to findagrave contribute to the site. There is still so much to be done.

As for ALL of you that use "ANONYMOUS." Quit Hiding! It is very hard to accept edits from you when you can't be responsible for the info you send. Genealogy has always been about sharing. If you can't stand by your work, don't send edits.

And please: don't collect family if you do not intend to be actively involved. This only greatly inhibits the ongoing work.

I recently received a lot of transfers from contributors who were unable to maintain them for various reasons.

All of the work on findagrave is done by volunteers. Keep in mind that info may not be correct, just as death certs, cemetery, family records, and tombstones don't always match. Then again, it's nice to have a date, then none at all. Please be a contributor and not just a memorial manager of other people's hard work.

IT IS about the numbers! It's about documenting the final resting place so family members can be found easier in the future. Someday, the family member who has been in charge of research and family archives will die, and their "stuff" may— or may NOT— be special to the next generation. If that next generation decides to put those boxes on the curb for the garbage man—that's it. It's gone. Forever. But if you can, share, post, and label, it will live on. Forever; It won't matter who found it, who owned it, who had it first. It will matter that it was preserved.

If you have those old pics and records and don't know what to do with them, please donate them to your county historical society. That is what they do.

Please feel free to copy pics I post on either findagrave or ancestry. I post my family photos so that other family members can have pics that they might not have.

When I type up an obit out of an old newspaper, I always include the sourcing. Including that I transcribed it. This is the way I learned genealogy many years ago. Some don't agree. I see it the same as others wanting copyright on the grave pics you took and posted.
It is true that too many trees on ancestry have many mistakes. However, if you have done genealogy for years, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to note the ones that are wrong. ie: when you come across a sloppy tree that info isn't even entered correctly, to begin with, there's your sign.

For some reason, new people to genealogy seem to not have a clue on how to list information.
I often find old photos at flea markets and antique shops for a dollar or two with information written on the back of them. I try to find a family researcher to give the photo to or I will look for their findagrave site to add the picture or add it on ancestry. If you see a photo and do not believe that it belongs where it is or is the wrong person, please let me know. I add the photos to be shared. I can only go by what someone has written on the back.

Find A Grave does not discourage the legitimate indexing of the deceased through obituaries or other 3rd party accounts. Newspapers represent a very good source of information as a public record. We ask that those who index and memorialize the deceased from newspapers and other 3rd party accounts do so with full respect of copyright, refrain from adding information about living people, and respond generously to the family of the deceased. Find A Grave takes no position on the appropriate timing of submitting such indexes.
The Colfax cemetery had a wildland fire in 1926. It burned all the wood markers and the records of the cemetery. At that time, the cemetery workers redrew the plot maps from memory. To document the cemetery correctly, the only option was to take a picture of every burial record at Bruning Funeral Home from 1873-1926. This is why you see the burial records posted. It is the first source of info that a person is buried there. We added them to findagrave. Then we started researching the people to document and connect them to their families. Colfax Monument (Blaire) is the official holder of the records of the cemetery. We both spend most of every day researching. It's an ongoing process.
Several of us are working together, along with the cemetery sextons in several of the counties in our area:
Whitman, Asotin, Garfield, Columbia & Walla Walla Counties in WA.
and Latah, Nez Perce, Clearwater, Idaho, and Lewis Counties in ID.

I entered the Lewis County cemetery records on behalf of The Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society. We have working copies of the official records for Lewis Clark Memorial Gardens, Vineland Cemetery, and many other cemetery records in our area, and made sure everyone was added. Many times, only the people with tombstones get added, while unmarked graves go undocumented.

Our research is focused on those with no markers, as they never get added, and researching the memorials we have created or taken over management of. Such fascinating life stories the old-timers have.
It's not about you! It's about the generations that came before us,
it's about the generations that will come after us.

They are not a number, many have names, while others do not...
They are loved ones, disliked ones, and some in-betweens,
Some were loners, some were fledglings, while others were gray-haired grandparents...
Some were sweethearts, some gave their lives so others could live theirs...
The one thing they all have in common?
They all have a story,
Whether it be told or untold...
~ CG

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