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FINDAGRAVE is a COLLABORATIVE website; Collaboration is working with each other to do a task and to achieve shared goals. It is a recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together to realize shared goals.


All of the work on findagrave is done by volunteers. Keep in mind that info may not be correct, just as death certs, cemetery records, and tombstone info don't always match.

Please be a contributor; not just a memorial manager of someone else's work.

Checking out findagrave? Sending an edit? See a memorial with no grave photo? PLEASE click the "request photo" button if no marker photo and no notation that it is unmarked. THANK YOU!

I create memorials from cemetery records so family members can easily find their loved ones final resting place in the future. Cemetery records have the burials that have no marker, which are the ones that never get added.

If someone is using findagrave to find their family members and have no plot info, it doesn't help them. My goal is for them to be found, I always like to add the plot info or the GPS reading via the app or photo uploader.

I used to be a workaholic. Now that I can't work, I volunteer many hours per day on findagrave. I am NOT going to apologize for it.

Additions and corrections are always welcome. I have permission from the local newspaper to post obituaries.

I transfer memorials in accordance with Find A Grave's published guidelines. If you request a transfer, please include your relationship to the person who is the subject of the memorial; along with your member # using the send other correction link. Please send edits & corrections by clicking the "EDIT" tab on the memorial page, select the category of your edit and submit.

It is NOT about the #'s. It's about documenting final resting place so family members can be found easier in the future. Someday, the family member who has been in charge of research and family archives will die, and their “stuff” may—or may NOT—be special to the next generation. If that next generation decides to put those boxes on the curb for the garbage man—that’s it. It’s gone. Forever. But if you scan, share, post, and label, it will live on. Forever; It won’t matter who found it, who owned it, who had it first. It will matter that it was preserved.

Please feel free to copy pics I post on either findagrave or ancestry. I scan & post my family photos for family members can have pics that they might not have. I also buy portrait pics at antique stores, scan them and add to findagrave and ancestry; ask me if I still have the hard copy.

When I come across relevant info during my research I usually pass it on; but not so much anymore. Usually this is info from 1800 and 1900 newspapers that are not always online. Please do not remove the sourcing info, which is the publication info, including that it was transcribed by me. I'm the one that took the time to look it up, type it up, and send it. Why do you want to take credit for my work anyway ?

There are way too many un-cooperative memorial managers on findagrave; whether it is a within guidelines transfer, or you want to add a bio, these members refuse to transfer, add bios or obits. IF you run into one, please report them to; also send bios to admin asking them to add it.

If contributors are too busy to properly manage the memorials they created, transfer them to someone who has time. This BS of ignoring info that has been sent, and refusing to add it needs to end. Too much research is getting lost because contributors refuse to add the info. Another issue is someone entering the entire cemetery and then when locals are working on it, refuse to add info that is sent.

I would like to state that if a contributor refuses to accept sacs, edits, and bios submitted to memorials under their care, perhaps they should be transferring them, even if it is out of guidelines, instead of refusing to add the info. This simple little thing would go a long way in reducing duplicate entries, and some of the negativity that is on here. It is so very laughable, the stories I hear from family members that are frustrated that a contributor refuses transfer of their family member, or add info they send, without full documentation. When the family member requests admin adds the info, which they do, then the memorial creator goes back and deletes it?? WTH? just transfer it! It is not your family.

Please familiarize yourself with the findagrave FAQS by clicking the link in the left column, help with findagrave. Whether you agree or not, they are the rules for this website.

All un-kind messages get forwarded to findagrave admin.

For edits sent to me, if I have a question for you but you have disabled your message board, do not respond to messages sent via the Suggest A Correction method or do not provide an email address as a means to contact you, then I will decline your edit. Communication is a two-way street.

Recognize online nitpicking, unjustified criticism or faultfinding for what it is: harassment and bullying. Report it to FindAGrave. There is no reason anyone should hound or harass you. If you are threatened or harassed, take online screenshots or snips to document incidents and forward them to FindAGrave or your local authorities without haste.

Findagrave admin can see all messages that have been posted publicly or sent privately via the edit tab, even if they have been deleted.
I am no longer physically able to mow the rows. Feel free to copy any pic/info I have posted. You do not need to give me credit. If you have taken a picture of a headstone that is of better quality than the one I posted, please post it and let me know so I can remove the one I added.

Many believe that the marker transcription field needs to stay blank if you can read the marker. You may be able to read it today, but how about 20, 40, 60, 100 years from now? I always fill in all the blanks IF I can.

Use the Edit System, that is why it is there.

Those individuals who create hundreds of Burial Unknowns, must not understand the purpose of this site, as stated in the FAQs. Find a Grave's mission is to find, record and present final disposition information ... Memorial contributions to Find A Grave must fulfill that mission - registration of the final disposition.

Please do NOT add scanned obits to memorials under my care. Click edit and send other correction; send me a link to the obit and I will transcribe it.

Kerry Rae Smith Moser

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