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Please do not put informative notes (edits) in the flowers section; that's not what it's for, and those notes will not be seen by the page administrator. Changes should be submitted through the "Edit" tab.

KUDOS to all those who contribute edits and/or take photos!

I am not UNWILLING to transfer direct line relatives, but only to the four generations (your great-grandparents); because I have seen several serious mix-ups with identifying people of the same name and time period as one's ancestors. "Simply having someone in your family tree is not grounds for a management transfer request." [FindAGrave guidelines]
Friends, neighbors, third cousins, etc. simply do not qualify! Requests outside the guidelines will be ignored.

I know there are many contributors that do not hesitate to transfer any page requests; that is their choice; however there are just as many folks who spend much time, money and physical effort to research entries, trying to make honorable memorials.

Please have the courtesy to do a global search BEFORE you add a new listing. Some contributors, like myself, spend countless hours of our free time in researching the people for memorials we have made. Do not diss our efforts, just because you found a headstone. Many of the people in my care, were cremated initially, or donated to science, and buried sometimes years later.

Often the obituary either doesn't state the name of the cemetery, or it is unclear, such as "the Centerville cemetery", when the town of Centerville may have three or four cemeteries within its proximity. Furthermore, most of the "famous" pages held by Admin are unknown burials, so just stop.

I have found a number of graves, for which family have written to me and said they had no idea where this relative had ended up. I have also found many for which the cemetery itself had NO RECORD, yet there is the headstone, or some other evidence to indicate they are indeed buried there!

Another common problem is with women who were married more than once. The death certificate and/or obituary should be under the surname at time of death. However, more often than not, if she was married longer to a first husband and/or had children with him, she will have a headstone with that first married surname on it.

I am not going to pass up (and lose) an obit or other valuable historic information simply because I don't immediately have the cemetery name.

This should be a community effort; play nice, and you will be dealt with in kind. Give some respectable allowance (as I try to do) to spelling or dating errors as well. I have seen about every type of honest and inadvertent mistake over the years. My hope is that this site will help to eliminate those errors, once and for all; unlike other sites that simply replicate the errors into infinity.

I appreciate your kind understanding.

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