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Memorial information is appreciated.
Biographies are welcomed.
Positive input is valued!

If I cannot verify your suggested edit on my own search, and you did not send your primary source that establishes that change, I will decline your update. I do carefully consider each submission.

Please do not request to add a child to a parent's memorial. This programming option is not available. The parent links have to be added via the child's memorial.

Please check and see who the contributor is on a photo before asking me to remove it. I can't remove other people's photos, so please contact the person who put the wrong or duplicate photo on the memorial.

If there is already a photo of the headstone, please do not post another. One photo is enough. Let's leave space for family photos.

The photos posted for some memorials will outlast the markers. Please crop your shoes out of the picture when you are standing over a flat headstone. Also take care when photographing upright stones, that your reflection is not staring back.

Many markers are deteriorating through damage, wear or sandstone materials. Your extra care in the composition and technique of the photograph does add historical value to these memorials. Thank you for your efforts.

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