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When I go to the Salt Lake City Cemetery, with a list of searches, I usually have Everyone on the Request Page, when the Request page is huge, I have a stop date, but I add my Own search list, sorted by a particular Area, I plan to hit. You Should See my books, Maps and Layout, I use.
When my plan is to hit different sections, I color code my lists, When I print the pages, so I can KNOW at a Glance. WHERE
My camera, she is falling a part but she is loyal. a spare set of batteries. If Cold day, a couple spare sets of batteries.
A couple pens. on a cold day a couple more pens, OR I carry them gripped in my hand, to keep the ink ready for me to scribble something.
I have adopted a few stones over the years. As I walk by, I stop by. IF needed, clear off the stone. When I do throw gopher dirt, I DO NOT Throw it, on a neighboring stone. [completely defeating the goal.} It does not take long, for a pile of dirt, to start growing grass and by spring; it just creeps across the stone and the stone disappears.

There are places, I KNOW Before Even stepping foot to the plot, it WILL Probably NOT Have a stone and in my planning, I make my own map and match it to names in on the ground, to narrow my goal.
If I cannot find a stone on the Ground, I create another map [my little shorthand/codes} get home and Match it to the Records.
I am Old School. The only technology I take up with me, is my camera.

Burials Without a stone. has almost become my specialty. Especially these days. Somebody has already picked up the photo of the stone.
PEAVE: BG site::: Snap, snap, snap, snap, download and Expect SOMEONE ELSE to Transcribe.
Those WITHOUT Stones; "OH WELL"
I come home, most days, with nearly Two Hundred photos. Because I Take FAMILY. I INDEX My OWN pics. Download and Post them to the Memorial AND TRY to explain WHERE they are that makes sense.
I understand how time and energy consuming it is, to take these searches from start to successful finish.

If I am cannot pin down the blade of grass, where the burial is, using surrounding stones, In the Photos I end up with, {Sometimes my search is on the Border of the pic I end up with. 99% of the time, That's Okay, because I got to go back..... for that stone that needs AM Sun. Or PM SUN or NO SUN. Or the rain birds soaked it. I am Sure anyone ever doing these requests, knows what I am talking about. I Call it Chasing the sun.

When I color code my searches, I hit hard. in large loops and/or zig-zag. Most times I pull in another small section as I check off the original attack. I am up there almost daily for a week.
I used to message the Requester, about other family surrounding their Request. A SWEET FEW will find, and create a memorial for EVERY SINGLE PERSON and Child I CAN FIND, message me back and I post photos on their memorials. I am Not Numbers. I am obsessed with Entire Family, with or without stones, being remembered and linked when the information is Right in front of us.
Those who do not want the spouse, of the person they requested, on the same stone, much less surrounding family, I Finally got Brave enough to create and maintain them.
That is where my memorial searches come into play. There is a HIGH Chance there will not be a stone. I volunteer search One. In the process, found surrounding family, with stones, and looking at the map, without stones.
If time, is short, I prioritize Volunteer searches, above mine.
Sadly sometimes me returning Back for their photos fall in the cracks, but I have a list and Good intentions.
---I STILL Have A LOT of files from early years, I am trying to work through but it is a work in progress.

I have Seen SOOOOOO MUCH by wandering the land.
**I have talked to some REALLY Nice-Interesting people.
-I saw the Eclipse from this place.
-I have seen a small owl, a couple of times.
-I have seen a Great Horned Owl, only Feet away from me. I stood AWESTRUCK. This is the second time, in my life I have been AWESTRUCK by a Great Horned Owl SOOOOO VERY close.
- I have seen different kinds of birds. Beautiful. Recently I saw a hawk swoop ten spaces away from me, to secure Some feathered meal in its talons and swoop into the tree above me. Left a feathered mess, as its' witness, I have pictures.
-Deer almost everywhere ALMOST, I have been followed by deer. I have watched them until I run the risk of losing daylight. [another good use of my putty knife. But Mt Olivet cemetery is far worse, for deer droppings on stones.
-I have prayed for storms to 'hold off JUST until..." and it works, more often then not.
-I have prayed for a cloud to cover, or reveal the sun; , 'just long enough for me to SEE this stone"
-I have been Hot, cold, windblown, or running out of time, and "if I am supposed to do this, I NEED help." Something/Someone Helps.
-I have stirred up bees nests, underground. [actually cool seeing it}
-The Mowers have stirred up Hornet's nests, and THAT one stung me six times under the sleeve of my blouse. {Honestly that one was a little frightening.}
-I have been scooting the ground digging out stones and been stung by something, in the seat of my pants. [never fun and once so bad, I have not talked myself into returning, to complete the job}
-I have been attacked by Thorn bushes. [sometimes fun. Especially IF I win}
-I have had chestnuts, fall on my head and roll down my nose. {there was a message there, I am not going to share here, but I learned it, and I am grateful for it.}
-Squirrels Every where. not as dangerous as gophers and
Oddly. I have NEVER SEEN an actual Gopher.
-Almost yearly, I see airshows.
**Sunsets and Storms AWE Inspiring.
-One closed the place for downed trees. The wind havoc. It looked like a war zone up there. It took around the calendar to recover.
When it has been raining but quit and my search is UNDER a tree. IT'S raining still.
That Owl was my 3rd or 4th trip, to the Same plot.
SO WOW. How can I complain?

I have finally Learned Stones are temporary.

Wandering one evening, a Gentleman asked me what I was doing and I told him. I Think he heard sort of my obsession, If I do not get these, before GOPHERS, it is devastating. HE told me, stones are not laid for the dead. They are beyond concern.
They are Laid for the Family. A place to Go.
By the time, the last of the family, remembering them and tending to them, the stones fall to the elements.
If you have visited Zion, or Bryce [I have been to both] you have seen what the Elements Wind and Rain, {I will add gophers] will do to Rock. and these stone are Rock.
We talked, We wandered. He was not visiting anyone, he was just wandering and wondering and I realized, I did not coin that term.
I did not find another person on my list that day; but the wisdom he shared with me, I carry with me.
.My Mom has been up there since i was 18. I do not have to be at her stone. She is my guild. She is my compass, She and her Dady. If I listen, I know their light.

My Wandering and Wondering.
I am in Cemetery Records and Map, ALL MOST Every Day. When I am Up there I Wish and at home, Often I Dream of starting from the Very First Burial, and Cemetery Records, to Find A Grave, Clear to the person buried Yesterday.
I am Old School and I am doing this solo, so this is not practical.
So how do you eat an Elephant?
One bite at a time.

Over my years on this site, I have several locations in the Salt Lake City Cemetery that have caught my attention and Held On. So One bite at a time. I have taken on these areas.
FROM BURIAL ONE, to the LAST Recorded, In The Cemetery Records, I have looked for a Find A Grave Memorial.
If they have a memorial, I save them to my Virtual Cemetery. Post a photo, with or without a stone.
IF NOT a Memorial I create A Memorial, post the photo and Record it to my virtual Cemetery.

So far, Areas I have COMPLETED.
and WHAT I have Learned, or suspect.

Y-2. Mostly Babies.
Burial years 1940's-1950's.
A LOT Of stones. NOT ENOUGH for the names in the Record.

L-42-------Y-1 and Y-3.
Military. MOST Have stones.
Y-3 in not complete With Stone photos. {This is where I was stung.}

T-1 and T-2 Pauper plot.
I found Death Records WITH PLOT location that matches Cemetery Record SO This is a Pauper Plot THAT HAS VALID BURIAL LOCATIONS.
{Note I have been told this is NOT the case. Me taking this from First burial to Last Burial, I COMPLETELY Disagree.}
About 1.200 burials. ONLY 25 Stones.
T-1 is average of 1900, to 1920's-1930's,.
I did this when I was First learning how to organize, sorting. I have cause of death for MOST of them, {I suspected an Epidemic when I started.
But foolishly records my birth and death by Year only. so sorting is limited. I HOPE to Fix this.
T-2 I suspect is a Fill In the space, from T-1.
A LOT of Stones, to match the names. LOCATION COUNT.
Maybe a hundred names. 1950's-1960's.

Not recognized as a Pauper, but I looks like one.
Two Very Distinct areas. Along the wall, traveling East/West is mostly Babies. A LOT Of stones. NOT enough for the Names in the Record.
Down traveling North/South Looks A LOT Like T-1.
On A Hill. MANY NAMES, a handful of stones.

.I use Familysearch all of the time. Not every detail is accurate but it gives you a jumping off point. I have just been playing around in the Familysearch Family Tree and I have notice that Stories and Documents; section have familysearch members Copy/Pasting; from Find A Grave Memorials. A few of them MINE. I like to think I am a story teller though my guys think I am just long winded.
. A LOT of time and energy goes into research and writing the stories on My Memorials. My Family and people who have gotten a hold of me and led me on the trail of their lives so I could tell their story, but they are no relation to me or mine or indirect connection. IF YOU are going to Copy/Paste; these stories, NOT just mine but Every contributor on this SITE, who puts in the energy and sometimes expense of creating these Memorial pages PLEASE give the Find A Grave MEMORIAL #'s at the very least:::OR SOURCE IT in the Source section.
Please Use the information, that is why I put it out there on Find A Grave, most of it is fully verified, but use at your risk. IF you Copy/Paste; please give my Memorial # credit so I can smile to my guys, 'some people appreciate my long winded; It is not like we get paid for this research. Please Do not steal our efforts and have it look like yours on Familysearch or Ancestry.
I would like to refuse permission to post on Ancestry but I know I will be ignored. SO I would Like to point out People on Familysearch and Find A Grave, are Diligently working for Free, to put this stuff onliine and Ancestry is going to make you PAY, for what we do from our hearts.
...Because You know I am so close to this particular cemetery, you may guess, I am real close to the Family History Library. When and ONLY IF, I Can pull away from my obsession on this site, and this cemetery, I Use the FHL. Like I do those searches. I take about two weeks of almost Daily visits. I NEVER Feel like I am Done.
In a conversation with an Employee of Ancestory, intentionally spelled wrong, so i do not end up doing MORE of their Advertising.
Two Ancestory employees were trying to Assist me with my access to Ancestory, [that had changed dramatically since I opened and account] , at the FHL they told me, the pay goes for them to index records. I Looked around the room. Pretty crowded at that time.
"Did they charge Your, to come in?" I asked.
"Are they charging you for this material?"
"I pay for Copies. And since they added Flash Drive access to their MANY FANTASTIC PRINTERS, I DO NOT EVEN Have to pay for Copies.
BUT I do. I flash drive All kinds of things, I want printed and pay a visit.
.05 cents a BW . .10 color and i THINk the larger paper. I can print TONS of stuff. They deal with wear and tear and Ink, paper and I get to READ what I print.
I COULD go on, but I may have already lost you. No Offence Intended. Just My wonderings.

. If you serve your country, in the Military, Police Force, Fire Departments or in the Schools. For what it is worth, you have my gratitude.
I was taught If someone does something for you you repay them.
This site those people who have helped me the most: Nancy K, Chantell, Shirleen, Kara and others there is nothing I CAN Do to help them in the way they have helped me. So I try to pay it forward. By finding these burials and everyone in them and trying to track down and link the entire family.
I cannot THANK YOU people enough. So I hope doing for someone I can help, shows how grateful I AM TO YOUR HELP.

History is my Passion. As a child, I wanted to time travel backward. Now there are people I want to meet.

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