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UPDATE March 2022.
Find a Grave, Is A VOLUNTEER SITE?????
I have been Waiting for 13 yrs for a dang paycheck.

Over my years on this site, I have several locations in the Salt Lake City Cemetery that have caught my attention and Held On.
So One bite at a time. I have taken on these areas.
FROM BURIAL ONE, to the LAST Recorded, In The Cemetery Records, I have looked for a Find A Grave Memorial.
If they have a memorial, I save them to my Virtual Cemetery. Post a photo, with or without a stone.
IF NOT a Memorial I create A Memorial, post the photo and Record it to my virtual Cemetery.

So far, Areas I have COMPLETED.
and WHAT I have Learned, or suspect.

Pauper Plots recognized by Cemetery office:
*Pauper Plot B-4
*Pauper Plot D-7 {In Progress}
*Pauper Plot T-1 and T-2
*Pauper Plots E-1 and E-16
Pauper Plots K-11 and K-12

*B-4-Pauper 667 burials in Cemetery Records.
There is NO Specific Burial Location for this Section. The Cemetery Records were Probably recorded On-Line Alphabetically.
There is a 'Stranger' area in Death Record
There is a 'Chinese cemetery' in Death Certificate,
so This area Was somehow sorted.
Oldest birth: 1774
Latest birth: 1899
Oldest Burial: 1850
Newest Burial: 1969

D-7-Pauper Plot 263 Burials in Cemetery Record
There is No Specifi,c Burial location, for this section, THOUGH Death Records Lists D-7 and often an area.
My Guess is who buried them, The Church---Ward or Emigrant-Poor
This One I am STILL Dissecting. The Cemetery Records, are matched to Find a Grave.
YET There are Still people, in the Death Records, I have to find and match, to Cemetery Records,
[Location with; 'uk' which Equals UNKNOWN in the cemetery.-
Death Record will show; D, or D Single.
Oldest birth: 1778
Latest birth: 1925
Oldest Burial: 1852 February 12
Newest Burial; 1925 December 7

T-1 and T-2 both Pauper Plot 1,099 Burials between both.
Only about 25 stones in T-1.
**There Is Death Records WITH a Burial Location On them; so I BELIEVE there is a Burial Location.
**T-2 DOES Have Location and A LOT of stones that match where they are in the Records, BUT it only about 100 burials, and started later then T-1. T-2 years 1950's-1960's.
Oldest Burial: 1892
Latest Burial:
Live and learn; this was my second section starting from Space ONE and recording Each person, to the End. I did not separate birth and Death record, so I could Sort Death Year.
I Do have Cause of death. I DO HOPE I can Fix that.

**UG Feb 2020 I began bringing in E platte burials, in records.
E has its own Eco System. It used to Terrify me. It STILL Intimidates me. When I do Cem. Searches; E Gets its OWN DAY.
One bite at a time. Who knows..I may be completely Crazy.
Especially when it comes to getting photos, With, OR WITHOUT a stone.
It looks like my sitting and scooting cleaning off stones, will be so random, I can MISS the STINGERS. I hope.

E-1 and E-16 have been recorded, with Cemetery records and Find A Grave Memorials. I need Photos.
Death Records recording E Single and K Single locations; will not have Exact Burial Locations. I will add them, to my Virtural E-1 and E-16 ;;K-11 and K-12 Official Pauper lots.

Y-2. Mostly Babies. 547 Burials.
Burial years 1940's-1950's.
A LOT Of stones. NOT ENOUGH for the names in the Record.

L-42-------Y-1 and Y-3. 2,269 Burials.
Military. MOST Have stones.
Y-3 in not complete With Stone photos.
{I was sung 3 times here by something, was sore for days; and have not been able to talk myself into returning, to sit and scoot cleaning off stones.}
I SEE Request coming up, and I feel guilty. If i cannot complete this ONE Row at a time, I cannot selective search, these Requests. Maybe I will TRY through winter. If no snow. Easier to dig out, maybe too cold for whatever stung me and lead underwear. I am a Solo Act. but this was overwhelming.
UPDATE::: The Mass Majority of the stones, are Now Posted. they are not the cleanest pics, because I had to Dig them out, But this is the Best I can do and my apologies.
I am betting there is a stone, under full on grass, because it fits the Cemetery Record. But the Day after I COMPLETED, the cemetery Cut the lawn really short and Sprayed for weeds and insects. I knew my window was short, because the WARNING SIGNS were All the way up to the Veteran section. I am sending this Mental PLEASE Prayer. No no no no no, NOT Y. give me Today, to Sit and Scoot. I COMPLETED. The next Day, I went up for my Rechecks and WA WA WA.

My Original goal was Memorial Day 2016. [Dig outs with ALL STONES completed 1 May 2019. Labeling and Posting pics, Completed 10 May 2019.} So I Met my Memorial Day Goal, just Three YEARS LATE, that's all.
AND THANK YOU to The Amazing Angels, who actually cleared off, the first Ten rows, top to bottom, from the west. 28 Feb 2019 I planned on doing maybe ten burials, better then nothing at all. Saw the edging around the stones, for a LARGE area, from a distance.
I landed, wandered for Only a Moment and TOOK OFF, sweeping, and clicking. Took me about four hours, and literally watched rain, fall on Y-1 below, While I took some Beautiful photos of the storm and the mountain, to Separate Sections, when I download and label.
WOW!!!! WOW!!!!
I STILL HAD A LOT TO Dig out, but My Overwhelming 'I will NEVER Complete this, was gone. I used our rainy and snowy early spring weather to my benefit and Overwhelming rolled over to TOTAL EXCITEMENT. This IS Not Only POSSIBLE, but PROBABLE and SOON.

L-43. MY GOODNESS. 620 burials.
Not recognized as a Pauper, but it looks like one.
Two Very Distinct areas. Along the wall, traveling East/West is mostly Babies. A LOT Of stones; on the ground, for dig out. NOT enough for the Names in the Record.
Down traveling North/South Looks A LOT Like T-1.
On A Hill. MANY NAMES, a handful of stones.

P.S. Any Stone Request on volunteer list; burial location in R, in this cemetery, will likely NOT have a stone. I RARELY okay never search R. Maybe 4 times in total.
R is HUGE.
Somebody had a Group, who started from First and Carried Through to the top for their Eagle badge or something. KUDOS and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your hard work.
NOBODY COMPARED what they were recording to Cemetery Record and REMEMBERED those, buried, who DO NOT have stones.
Maybe when everyone, with their easy record stone photos let someone Else index is done, Because REALITY is, Recording these stones is a FINITE process.
Even I WILL REACH the End of the platte; if i take one bite at at time.}
Maybe ANOTHER Group, could EARN another honor and return to R;
for those without stones.
IF I Live to 100 doing THIS Project, BECAUSE I am Obsessed. R will be my LAST project to take on, ONE BITE AT A TIME.
.I use Familysearch all of the time. Not every detail is accurate but it gives you a jumping off point. I have just been playing around in the Familysearch Family Tree and I have notice that Stories and Documents; section have familysearch members Copy/Pasting; from Find A Grave Memorials. A few of them MINE. I like to think I am a story teller though my guys think I am just long winded.
. A LOT of time and energy goes into research and writing the stories on My Memorials. My Family and people who have gotten a hold of me and led me on the trail of their lives so I could tell their story, but they are no relation to me or mine or indirect connection. IF YOU are going to Copy/Paste; these stories, NOT just mine but Every contributor on this SITE, who puts in the energy and sometimes expense of creating these Memorial pages PLEASE give the Find A Grave MEMORIAL #'s at the very least:::OR SOURCE IT in the Source section.
Please Use the information, that is why I put it out there on Find A Grave, most of it is fully verified, but use at your risk. IF you Copy/Paste; please give my Memorial # credit so I can smile to my guys, 'some people appreciate my long winded; It is not like we get paid for this research. Please Do not steal our efforts and have it look like yours on Familysearch or Ancestory. [spelled Wrong on purpose, they DO NOT Need me advertising for them.

Huge Peeve:: Ancestory copy/pasting material from this site, Pay People to INDEX .....Material Offered FREE from Family Search and CHARGING YOU for it. {Actual Conversations with Thier Employees, While I was at the Family History Library.
They were NOT CHARGED any more then I am, using that Amazing Resource.
I would like to refuse permission to post on Ancestry but I know I will be ignored. SO I would Like to point out People on Familysearch and Find A Grave, are Diligently working for Free, to put this stuff online and Ancestry is going to make you PAY, for what we do from our hearts.

. If you serve your country, in the Military, Police Force, Fire Departments or in the Schools. For what it is worth, you have my gratitude.

I was taught If someone does something for you you repay them.
This site those people who have helped me the most: Nancy K, Chantell, Shirleen, Kara and others there is nothing I CAN Do to help them in the way they have helped me. So I try to pay it forward. By finding these burials and everyone in them and trying to track down and link the entire family.
I cannot THANK YOU people enough. So I hope doing for someone I can help, shows how grateful I AM TO YOUR HELP.

But I am learning, not everyone, is a KIND as These Great people.
NOTE: I have Edited my Emails. I Appreciate Edits. Most of my memorials are Pauper, so I receive Few. THANK YOU to those taking time, to send me links, or information on ANY of my Memorials.
BUT my Human attempts, to be Kind and Pay it forward, and Try to HAVE FUN while I am at it..... is tested with Arrogance and Rude.
I have more Useful things, to do, then to Save myself, from Jumping In, because Kind and Respectful, is something, I have TO CHOSE, to Do, and having to Dig my way out, of that hole, to Try AGAIN, for Calm first so I can TRY for Kind, Respect..... Arrogance or Rude; is going right into my Edit's I IGNORE file.
I DO NOT EVEN CARE if the Edit Is Accurate.
The Good news, I am NOT DELETING them.
Sad news, Arrogance do not even Know Who they are.

The BETTER NEWS....I Receive VERY FEW of these, from the Vast MAJORITY of the KIND Hearts, working hard on this site.

History is my Passion. As a child, I wanted to time travel backward. Now there are people I want to meet.

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