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I enjoy "meeting" new people at cemeteries, as well as elsewhere.

...Pedigree surnames on MOTHER's side of family:
Kyle / Kiles / Coil / Coile / Kiehl
Schultz / Shultz
Suverly / Suverley

...and on FATHER's side of family:
Böhm / Boehm
Dörr / Doerr
Toppe / Toeppe

Many of my father's ancestors immigrated from Odessa, Katharinental, Landau, & Speier of the Beresan District, Odessa & Cherson Oblasts of South Russia. Today, the land of our German-Russian ancestors, is called "Ukraine".


Germans From Russia:

"...Originally recruited and welcomed into Russia in the 18th century, when they were promised the practice of their own language and religions, and exemption from military service, the German people found increasing hardship. With changes in Russian politics, the government took back some of the privileges granted; economic conditions grew poor, and there were a series of famines. These conditions led to German mass migrations from Russia.
...After the 1917 Revolution and the rise of the Soviet Union, and particularly under the leadership of Joseph Stalin, conditions for the remaining Germans in Russia declined considerably. The rise of Nazi Germany, with its concern about ethnic Germans in other lands and proselytizing the German volk, led to suspicions of any German within Russia. In 1932-33, the Soviet authorities forced starvation among the Volga Germans, seized their food claiming famine in the rest of the Soviet Union and ordering the breakup of many German villages.
...After the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, Stalin ordered the deportation of Russian Germans to labor camps in Siberia, as he was suspicious of potential collaboration with the Germans. In some areas, his forces attempted to bulldoze the German churches, and reused their tombstones for paving blocks. Many Germans in the Americas sent donations back to their communities, but others permanently lost contact with their relatives during the social disruption of the famine and Stalin's Great Purge, followed by World War II."
Sources: Wikipedia, Germans from Russia
and Roll Intl, Germans from Russia


"The German is like a willow.
No matter which way you bend him,
he will always take root again."
~ Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn


Fellow Genealogists: Please FEEL FREE to utilize any of the tombstone photos I have photographed, as well as the info contained within the memorial.

...Few, if any, of them have any exclusive / artistic value which might be covered by the INTENT of the Copyright Clause of the U.S. Constitution.
...Most photos & memorials are ineligible for copyright & therefore in the public domain, because they are not a "literary work" or other protected type in sense of the local copyright law.
...Facts, data, & unoriginal information which is common property without sufficiently creative authorship in a general typeface or basic handwriting, are not protected by copyright.

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