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My main goal with Find a Grave is to get memorials online for family to find and to aid genealogists in finding information. Many memorials I've entered have bare bones information to be able to get it out there and "searchable" for others. My hope is to get back to them to link immediate family members and update biographies or pictures when possible. PLEASE don't request me - or other F.A.G. volunteers - to do your research for you. :) I work full-time and have two young boys at home that are my first priority - plus, I selfishly need to spend time working on my own family history so I have something to pass down to others when I'm gone. I try to help out within reason, but I find lately that people are messaging/emailing and wanting me to do their family research for them. I don't mind a little boost here and there to get someone going in the right direction, but keep in mind that this is a VOLUNTEER site. Thank you!

Pictures - I have taken pictures of several thousand headstones, I go for quantity over quality to get information online for others to find. If you are looking for a "prettier" or more professional picture, you may have to wait until I get can back to the cemetery or request one from another volunteer. If you use any of my photos, please credit them to me. After all, I battled skeeters, mud and weeds to get to them!

Transfers - If you are a direct family member to any of the memorials I have entered, and it is not someone in my own immediate family, I will be more than happy to transfer management over to you. Keep in mind that there may be many people related to someone in a memorial (cousins, aunt/uncles, in-laws, etc). Mass transfers of entire family lines won't be granted. If you are wanting to add them for genealogy purposes, please create a "virtual cemetery" to collect your memorials. Please use the edits tab to send a transfer request instead of posting a message to my wall with a name. It makes things MUCH quicker. From Find a Grave:

What if a member will not transfer my relative to me?
If the memorial in question is a direct relative within four generations (siblings, parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents) to you and the original submitter is not direct family, then they must transfer the memorial.
Please remember that there are thousands of contributors to Find A Grave, and it is highly likely that some of those contributors will actually be part of your family tree and share some of your ancestors.
Also, the goal is not to "own" every memorial of those to whom you are related. The ultimate goal is to have meaningful, accurate memorials that honor those who have passed away, regardless of who created the memorial or who maintains it.

Edits - I make typos here and there. Please send corrections or updates through the edits link and not as a message on my wall. It may be missed. If the information you provide conflicts with something I have researched or documented, I may turn down an edit request, but in most cases I process edits.

Duplicate memorials - They happen. I generally do a search of the cemetery to see if someone has been entered, but occasionally a name gets spelled incorrectly and duplicates happen, or sometimes someone has entered a memorial for an individual but not known where they are buried and then add them to a cemetery at a later date, resulting in a duplicate. Please let me know if you run across one. ALWAYS check the memorial added date first to see which one was the original and which one is the duplicate. The more recent memorial is the one that should be deleted per Find a Grave guidelines.

I am researching the following family lines: Hansen, Martin, Swenson/Svenson, Hamstad, Emery, Ellingson, Jacobson, Anderson, Bjerke/Thoreson, Iverson, Syvertson/Sivertson, Beal, Berry and several others.

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